Thursday, June 30, 2016

Send My Love To Lipsticks

You told me you're ready...
If you're ready, I'm ready to show you some of my new fave lipsticks!
I'm not giving you up but I've forgiven all of my bad 
beauty buying decisions in the process.

Lipstick Queen in Let Them Eat Cake, $50
Shop Ulta here.

Ugh, we cannot get enough of this rose gold color. It's also great to put in the center of darker colors for a pop of ombre brilliance to any cool tone lipstick.

Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Publicist, $21
Shop Ulta here.

Hello, color. There you are and you are in fact a fab statement lip on basically any skin tone. Berries + matte = fantastic Summer staying power. Michelle Obama arms.

Cargo Cosmetics Lipstick in Kyoto, $22
Shop Kohl's here.

Kyoto, you're my girl. You not only stay on a super long time as a satin lipstick, but you also look gorgeous as a statement lip on light skin tones.

Balm Cosmetics Meet Matte Hughes
Liquid Lipstick in Trustworthy, $17
Shop Kohl's here.

Hey, Trustworthy. I see you over there eyeballing me down to have a 1990's dark nude lip renaissance festival. If this product gets too drying throughout the day as it is a long wear formula, tote around some lip balm to top it off for moisture. Zoolander says that moisture is the essence of wetness anyway... And during these Summer months, we totes agree....
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