Wednesday, November 13, 2019

I Publish My Blog Stats Part Three

Hello, my beautifuls! 

This post is waaayyy late, y'all. Cheers to life and my pro artistry career keeping me super busy. In addition, must be awoken the creative spark within states Yoda. Anyway, here's to the rest of this year being super successful for all of us. If this is your first time reading my SOTU (state of the union) blog address, then go ahead and click here then here before you proceed. It might make more sense to read them first to see the progression. Otherwise, you're a grown adult and can make your own decisions. 

We write this yearly post because I love me some reading about the industry.

Either way I'm comfortable with the fact that 99% of you wonderful people might be confused about blogging in general. In fact, I'm still confused about all of it. Yet, at the end of my day I conclude that there still needs to be more transparency. Other bloggers should take this SOTU blog address clue and speak of their personal experience, then back it up with honest stats. Put it out there. What do you have to lose honestly? Let's all strive to live in a statistical blogging Utopia. Just don't sign yourself up to migrate to Mars. That's just cray cray. Plus, doesn't Thanos live somewhere up there? #Thorsday

One could spend hours analyzing even one of my social media accounts. My multiple Internet personality weirdness is admittedly strange but each of them has a purpose. What is the purpose? To actually provide value related to a particular topic or content. As a blogger, I'd rather take a backseat and provide my readers/viewers with things that they themselves are interested in. Let's be honest. Could I plaster my face all over? The answer is yes. But what my hands do on a face is way cooler than I'll ever be. I make women happy, y'all. I'm not self absorbed and I realize that I'd be nothing without my readership and fans. We're in this together. We're a team. You rock way more than I do. I genuinely want to know what you enjoy. Apparently based off of my Twitter demographics, you all really like beauty, fashion and Thor accounts.

Matthew McConaughey just said, "Alright, alright, alright."


In a world of "look at my face daily" YouTube makeup tutorials which most of me and my pro makeup artist friends actually wholeheartedly despise because they undermine everything we stand for, this blogger right here vows to serve the realness. Let's all as a whole industry of bloggers take a pact that includes showcasing our talent and not our looks. Beauty is temporary and subjective anyway. Stop showing me the same stupid smoky eye look with a different color scheme everyday. I can't. I just. Can't.

Don't be a yes, sir.

If there's anything I could reiterate about my entire Internetty experience, it's that you are a divine creation my friend. No one thinks like you. You've always been lightning before the thunder. I love stumbling onto one of my followers accounts and it screams uniqueness.

You're going to go much further if you wholeheartedly believe in your purpose. No one understands the what or why behind my writing and social media. They probably never will. I can still wake up in the morning and tell myself I'm a bad B while I'm glamming up for work. No regerts. Oops, I mean no regrets. I just totally regretted that sentence but not my God given talent.

Some wonder what I'm up to lately. A lot of things, actually. At this point I earn my living representing several brands as a pro makeup artist. Shout outs to Smashbox Cosmetics, GlamGlow, Estee Lauder & It Cosmetics!

As cool as that seems, I'd be lying if I told you I didn't focus much on my Internet career. It consumes me. Give me five minutes of quiet time. 99% of that time you'll find me creating some type of content. Another title I take seriously is consultant. Really soon you'll find me telling you my media company's website is almost live. Everything I've done to this point has been organic and not paid for. Maybe you'll want to hire my company to run your social media accounts, help allocate your online marketing budget or even ghost write for you.

I can honestly say that after years of my friends and family wondering what the hell I'm doing with my life and how I'd be combining my interests, I finally am. Cue in Chris Brown because when there's a will, there's a way. Look at me now.


When you need someone to cling to, call on me love. Answers are not fair. I'm a firm believer that if you have a good heart, you will find a way to cheer.

#2017 #progress! Since I've been keeping track of my #stats. Some accounts we've been tracking for a while, where other accounts we weren't. Google+ & Vine remain a stagnant number for several years since they've closed. I still have my work cut out for me, lol. #bbloggers #fbloggers #writersofinstagram #blogger #vlogger #beautyblogger #affiliate #contentcreator #contentmarketing #socialmediamarketing #smm #blogstats #makeupbyj #makeupthebay #socialmediareach #twitter #instagram

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