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Social Media, Blogging And Vlogging Questions I Ask Myself

Guys and gals! 
I interview myself in third person... 
which is totes hilar. 

Welcome to the social media, blogging and vlogging 
edition of getting to know me better.


In a quest for knowledge, J. has worked as a professional makeup artist in the beauty industry for over fifteen years at some of the top cosmetics lines in the retail market. Her battle to find the best mascara ever made still rages on. She also publishes a beauty blog meant for the pure enjoyment of all things light-hearted, including but not limited to, unicorns. #horsesandbayonets

As of lately, she's been expanding her vlogging horizons and sits down to talk about her experience creating well over a million total views as well as all of those funny Twitter accounts that tie into her blog. In addition, she contributes to other blogs and covers beauty, style, wedding and celebrity topics for, all CBS local channels online and for the JustFab companies which include FabKids by Christina Applegate, Fabletics by Kate Hudson and JustFab by Kimora Lee Simmons. To shop these amazing companies, simply look around her website and their ads to click on shall be revealed.

Marketo Blog

Read this amazing article where she introduces her newest adventure being a guest blogger for digital marketing powerhouse Marketo. She'll be guest blogging for Marketo on the topics of social media, content creation, blogging, vlogging and overall general online awesomeness. This blog receives roughly a million views a day.

Can somebody give her a Yassss, bae?!

Here is the exclusive parts of the interview J. had with Marketo that were not published, yet she felt uber important to share with her bestie followers. Enjoy.

Why did you start vlogging and what keeps you going?
As a blogger and contributing writer to the online world, vlogging was a secondary opportunity for me to grow my readership and online presence. Video in general tends to receive quicker views and followers than other non-video social media accounts. There's something about people liking to know what you're like in real life as opposed to just being a brand on social media. While most vlogs are for my digital advertising business, followers do enjoy more personal interaction from time to time. My followers give me the will to move forward actually. We have a great time and they're a fun, lively bunch that constantly keep me interested in interacting with them.


Were there any obstacles you faced right off the start?
Driving traffic can be difficult if you haven't cultivated a list of followers to engage with your content. Social media accounts are all places that you can post links to your online work. Writing or vlogging on a consistent basis in my opinion is completely defeated if you have nowhere to post the link to that wonderful article you just wrote or engaging multimedia content you created. This is where I completely differ from other vloggers. I chose to dominate social feeds before I started vlogging. In my opinion, it's made the transition to vlogging much easier and better received. Judge me on my content creation and words I have to say first and foremost.

You want to see J's face before her brains?

What was the tipping point when people first started engaging with you?
I learned that engaging first hand with your followers and also contributing to popular hashtags is super important to make yourself visible all over the web. Yasss, bae, yasssssss. Have I finally made it? You decide. Did I mention how gorgeous and important I think you are?! Every single one of you is special and I truly mean that.


Retweets, revines, likes and favorites are a good indication that your content is awesome. I find mixed media keeps your followers attention for longer than just a few boring paragraphs of in-depth text. Also never forget that your followers are your friends. They are a total blessing and I find that thanking them or engaging with them every once in a while not only makes you a real person but also a winner in life in general. Also always remember that you've got to be nice online in order for other people to be nice back to you online. That means you must revine, like, shout out or comment basically every day. Kevin Costner is waiting for you to build the field of marketing dreams. They (the followers) will come as long as you never forget who helped contribute to your online success.


How do you maintain and grow 
engagement with your audience?
I predict and watch social media trends. Of course it still all has to meet the needs of my business and marketing plans, but figuring out what is trendy with millennials is your golden social media ticket to the Willy Wonka of Chocolate Follower Factories. Let's face it. Every girl I meet that is college age can fully operate about fifty apps without even missing a text message. Millennials are the future and exactly who your online business needs to be targeting for engagement.


What do you use to measure success? 
What metrics do you look for?
Vine and YouTube publicly show your video views. Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook also have amazing analytics trackers. I track impressions all the way up to profile views. One tip I do have about all of the metrics is to start tracking them from the very beginning. I am currently unable to find out stats from when some of these social media accounts went viral on Twitter simply because I didn't sign up for the analytics right when I started the accounts. There's about two to three years worth of views that are unaccounted for. Could of, would of, should of. Lesson learned.


There are many reasons people use videos to reach an audience. What tips do you think are universal when it comes to engaging with people and sustaining a substantial following?
Know your craft well. Who are your competitors? What do you hate about them? What do you like about them? What's your unique angle on this topic or viewpoint? Can you entertain me? Product knowledge sells. With time and experience comes your voice. Humor helps, too. If all else absolutely fails, you can still have fun with Twitter hashtag gems like #Thorsday, #HorsesAndBayonets, #MichelleObamaArms and #bbloggers.


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have to say about marketing?
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Always remember that no one can make or break you.

You've got to have the will to keep on going regardless of whatever negativity you're receiving. The universe will ultimately reward you for being the better person.

Drops mic, walks off stage...

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  1. Great post! Knowing one's craft is key to expanding their knowledge base and techniques and even crossing over into related categories that could attract new followers. It was great meeting you the other day! Keep up the good work!


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