Friday, September 6, 2013

How To Go Viral

What does the fox say?
He says, "I'm going viral, baby!"

How will you speak to that ho-ho-ho-horse?!
In a unicorn mask. Duh.

People may or may not be interested in how things go viral on social media. Allow Mister Ed sans his bayonet to break it down twerk style for you.

  • #YoureADork. Observe trends and hashtags. Then, do something with them as to incorporate them into your marketing mix. If you've got nothing to say, give your input by commenting to a hashtag with including a hashtag in your tweet or Google+ post or whatever. Be a good sport and play along. Furthermore, one can also start pages and accounts based on these hashtags, but beware. Fear my bayonet the next time presidential debates come along. Even more so, don't just start something and then do nothing with it. Persistence is key and honest to God I lose followers erryday I don't tweet or post.

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  • In order to be shared, you yourself have to share. Play nice! People still enjoy personalization, even if it's from your computer. Retweet, share, comment or whatever. Doing this will also help you gain followers. Should a person decide to share your content, you are now being exposed to their followers, who of which you didn't have to market to before this sharey awesomeness happened.

  • "Stay interesting, my friends" -just stated the General from Dos Equis. This doesn't mean you need to negate from what you stand for as a business. One does not have to start being all vulgar and stuff just to go viral. Just understand most would rather be drinking a Dos Equis than read something so boring that it sucks the life force out of their intellectual mind saber.

  • You stand one heck of a chance to go viral if you observe when exactly the best times to post on various social media platforms are. It's sort of a new science & depending on who you talk to or what you read the answers differ. I did, however, read this awesomely generalized article here that sheds some light on a possible answer. It's also a fairly easy read. Me likey graphs, charts & pictures.

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  • Last night at work, I slapped on some amazing Donna Karan Cashmere Mist and was suddenly in heaven. Rocking good fall scents and doing makeovers puts me totally in my element. I could seriously talk beauty products until the cows come home or pigs fly. Don't get me started! Any who, that's neither here nor there. The point is that once I put on this scent, I was reminded of another reference to show you all. Look below and then read the deliciousness where DKNY PR Girl explains the evolution of DKNY's social media Twitter account.

  • Virality is ninja mastered by someone with basic hyperlinking, photo editing and/or video making skills. Hyperlinking basically means your ability to copy and paste a correct link. A few programs or websites I like for photo editing are Picasa 3.9MemeGenerator. Both are free, peeps. The most recent video making & editing program I'm using is by Movavi. It will, however, put you back about say $60 bucks. Windows Movie Maker is also always a classic which comes on most computers. Better yet, heed this advice. Walk into an Office Depot or Best Buy and buy a physical program with a disc and user's manual. If you opt to purchase something online for download, there is really no one to contact that will get back to you in a moment's time. Let alone the fact that their customer service may be outsourced to other countries. I'm just keeping it real, peeps. You know this, man!

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PS- Is it just me or does the Fox video kind of sound like The Jonas Brothers "First Time" video? I'm not actually comparing them to foxes or horses, but they're both equally catchy! Lol.

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