Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hear me roar

I know you saw it! Katy Perry makes a bayonet of fury with the heel of her shoe! Mister Ed totes loves it. Then, to top it all off, she names the tiger Kitty Purry. This video is totally awesome. Let's not even get into the fact that I think I'm pretty good at shower singing the chorus. My neighbors can hear me ro-oh- oh- oh- ar...

Any who, let's talk Halloween.

All the tiger-ness inspires the J-ness. There I was a couple of Friday nights ago and someone came in looking for makeup to do a tiger look for Halloween. Coincidence? I think not, y'all. The lovely ladies showed me this here picture & we went to town recreating it. The final result was nothing short of ahhh-mazing!

Radiant Makeup
No, I can't say I did the steps exactly like what Radiant Beauty depicts here. I'm an artist and we all differ on steps and techniques. I can't even say I used the same colors or products.

But, what I will say is this: I'm in love with how pretty this tiger look still makes you look. It's got the right amount of highlighting and contouring, meanwhile still looking like a beautifully recognizable female human. Don't get me wrong. Becoming a full-on tiger is really cool, too. Let's just say that this look is more wearable and sexier than others.

Happy Early Halloween, y'all!

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