Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year Like A Boss: I Publish My Blog Stats

There comes a point in every blogger's life when they simply must quantify their value to the world.

While we've been waiting patiently to compile, calculate and release the results of awesomeness, it's also a huge stressor to think that all you are in life is a number...


Yes, I understand that numbers don't make or break me.

They can, however, catapult me into getting paid, yo. Drake just told me that this couldn't get any more free, Randy. I mean, that is what we're doing here, right? Building a digital advertising agency, no? Allow me to note that we totally started from the bottom. Let's not forget to mention that some bloggers blog as a hobby meanwhile others are straight pimping mediocre product recommendations. Anywho, this is me in 2016... where I am finally able to see some of my hard work paying off...

Now we here like dis...

Now mind you that these results are not finite.

There were a few years I wasn't even keeping count while some of these Twitter hashtags were going viral, sir. Nope, it wasn't even on my radar at that time. Those were the days when I was just rapping for the heck of it... before all the money, fame and hoes came into the picture.


First, you should know that I am unable to cyberstalk anything before Feb 2014 on Pinterest analytics. Second, Twitter must of had the IRS' Lois Lerner working for them before Sept 2014 as I just cannot get any stats to how boss status I was before then. Third and fourth, I cannot get views from my examiner.com articles since they did their update, nor do I keep track of Facebook. Fifth, there are monthly profile views on Twitter I'm not interested in tracking at the current time that could add to this below number.

2012 definitely marked the birth of some favorite, super cool hashtags. In a true content creator's fashion, I've been enjoying overseeing the public's love with these pop culture hashtag favorites.


This journey has been a total labor of love.

Relentless, unapologetic hours of my time have been spent on blogging. Some think I'm crazy. Some know me personally so they know I am in fact crazy as well as ambitious. Rightfully so.

Sometimes things really are all about timing. If I had worked full time in 1916 when #HorsesAndBayonets were their strongest, I might of had less time on my hands to write like 500 articles & make 700 vines. Seriously.


Lead your blog with intention.

Make plans before they happen. Envision the end before anyone else does. Also, have an angle. For every lame, similar beauty blog post, the more I am likely to gorge my eyeballs out with a wooden fork. Vow to this day to only take the stories that you're 100% into. Otherwise, your unexcitedness to cover that topic, brand or client will totally show. You know what I do on the days I'm not 100% into my writing vibe? I don't write. Social media, yes. Writing to impress? Absolutely not. One needs to understand their creative process to a T.

People to this day will say it's crazy that I have social media prowess.

You're all cool and I want you to know that. Each and every one of you is important. I enjoy the interactivity I have with my peoples on social media. If I'm ever having a bad day, all I have to do is check my notifications. Sure enough people actually like and respect me. Yay! You rock. While I do write for myself, I look forward to impressing you, too. Hopefully you all at least smile once while you're surfing my website.

Here's a little fact you might not know: I juggle another full time job, too.

For the past year and a half, I've been working outside of my house for about 50 hours a week when you also add drive time into the mix. Your social media is important to your online efforts because truth be told, there are some days I can't write. I can, however, be active on social media. At least I know I'm generating views in some way that day.

Social media alone on Twitter drives me about 20k views a month.

If you think this number sucks, I'll first ask you if you ever signed up to one of those fake social media followers /views apps that are so fake that I can see it from a mile away as a social marketer. There is no way you've only posted ten times and you've got thousands of followers or views. Consistency on social posting is key to real life, real customer interaction on social media. Period. Businesses I work with would rather me be a hashtag boss than have a fake following of robots that are not real people... that will never buy their product.

Let's start up this conversation by asking you how much you're paying Twitter, YouTube, Vine or Facebook a month for followers or views. I'll then follow up this conversation by asking you if you're aware of what's trended on social media over the past week. If you are not adept enough in any of the answering of these questions, I might say you stand a better chance of finding unicorns than running your own social. Totes for reals.

I've got the feels for helping your business.

Don't even get me started on Gen Z. There's a reason I'm on Vine, bro. I can jam like 10 photos of cool stuff into like six seconds of ad space. With the influx of content being thrown at you, advertising in this day and age tends to to happen more quickly. An advertiser now has a much shorter time period to capture their audience's attention. Ask someone born before 1985 if they remember the slow, sad tone of dial up Internet. Modems beeped, y'all. Britney Spears agrees. The options that advertisers have now is slim pickings if they're not advertising via social, blogs or content creation. If I were you, I'd be spending about 75% of my marketing budget online nowadays. There are these digital ads kind of like how the military now has these ships that go on water and planes land on them. What I'm trying to drive home to you is that print advertising is basically as extinct as horses and bayonets.

Your business's online exposure usually also leads to back links to your website, which will naturally and organically increase your search engine optimization efforts. The more people are talking about your website the better. And the better you look on Google. Please pass more awesome sauce...


Anywho, without further adieu...

Google + Total Views........................................... 873,985
Twitter Impressions Sept 2014 - Dec 2015........... 236,198  
Vine Loops / Views.............................................. 158,037
Blog Views........................................................... 103,154
Pinterest Impressions Feb 2014 - Dec 2015.......... 157,552

Total Views........................................................ 1,528,926


So is it possible without spending a dime to get your name out there? 

Yes, it is.

Mind you the 4 year blogiversary is March 2016. So cheers to setting up your blog with a five year success plan. If I can do it, you can do it. I believe in you. Feel free to shoot me any social media questions you might have about blogging. I'm always happy to help you if I know the answer! Thank you again for reading and following. You all mean the world to me. 

*drops mic*
*walks off stage*

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