Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vlogging And Marketing: Meet Generation Z

Generation Z Marketings Next Big Audience

For up-to-date digital & social marketing posts, 
check out Marketo's amazing blog here.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hello From The Dark Side

First off, please stop confusing parodies with parrots. They are in fact two totally different things. One mimics the humor seen in life and the other you can actually teach to mimic the humor seen in life. Someone send me a video real quick of a parrot singing Adele. It would make my entire day about as much as this Star Wars light saber popsicle maker I found...

Star Wars Glowing Light Saber Ice Pop Maker, $34.99
Shop Think Geek here.

Star Wars R2-D2 8-pc Measuring Cup Set, $29.99
Shop Kohl's here.

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens
Stainless Steel Stormtrooper Stud Earrings, $100
Shop Kohl's here.

Star Wars Yoda Bath Wrap, $35.99
Shop Kohl's here.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Something Better Than These Beauty Products

So there we were. 

We were waiting for something better in the beauty product world, but honestly there is nothing better than these newly found loves. Stop waiting around because YOLO. Totes for reals, we've got the feels.

Twinmedix Pro:Essentials A15, $90
Shop Twinmedix here.

There are several reasons why we're obsessed with this .15% overnight retinol serum. 

First off, it makes your skin feel soooo smooth. It also addresses hyperpigmentation and acne. Within just a few days of starting this regimen, old skin is removed and a new, poreless skin is revealed. While you can use it nightly, people with sensitve skin can still use it about two to three times a week. On the nights we use this, we simply apply this and then go to sleep. Remember to wear sunscreen during the day when you're using retinols. 

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion, $30
Shop Vita Liberata here.

Wow. Just wow. 

While Vita Liberata's Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion is something you can use daily, we get a rich tan from simply one use. It won't dye your fingers if you don't have a mitt, too. Just remember to wash your hands after applying. We're loving this right after a fresh shave. This non-toxic brand does an effective job at hydrating as well.

L'Oreal OleoTherapy Shampoo & Conditioner, $5.99 ea.
Shop Target here.

And we're back to playing with red dyes in the hair department, friends. 

Everyone knows that reds fade quick, so we've been playing with a ton of sulfate-free shampoos and cleansing conditioners as well. We can honestly say that this shampoo is ahhhmazing, yo. This conditioner also leaves the hair super shiny. For the twelve dollars for both, it's worth every penny. We're obsessed.

Art. Love. Color. Lips Holiday Set, $20
Shop Smashbox here.

Bring on the limited edition holiday sets where everything is value priced. 

Seriously. Buying makeup in the wintertime is the best time of year to get a price break. These colors are sooo pretty and I needed them on these parched lips like yesterday. We'd totally use every single shade of these. Don't act like you don't have an exuberant lip gloss collection, too. Beauty hoarders unite.

Borghese Beauty Deep Hydration Gift Set, $32.50
Shop Kohl's here.

Ahh, Borghese. You never disappoint.

You know that SPF you're going to need after using the Twinmedix retinol? Guess what?! This kit has a day lotion with SPF 15 and an overnight moisture cream to use on your sensitive skin days in between treatments. Borghese's Hydrology line was exclusively developed to help maintain skin's proper moisture level and support it's healthy, normal function. This line is also suitable for all ages and skin types.

Ancient Essence Fragrance Oils, $15.85 ea.
Dharma & Frankinsense and Myrrh
Shop Ancient Essence here.

What had happened was... I met the most amazing smelling lady shopping in an undisclosed beauty department. 

I had to know more about this scent that she was wearing. The customer then tells me that she's actually wearing a fragrance oil that she picks up at her local health food store. Anywho, the brand with the amazing oils is none other than Ancient Essence. Dharma is the exact scent the customer was wearing, which is a blend of violet, myrrh and light amber. The rollerball to the right is Frankincense & Myrrh, which is unisex. It's deeply fragrant and also does a great job of calming congestion and coughing when my kids are sick. We've also been told it's been used for centuries to reduce fevers. Anywho, try out all the blends Ancient Essence makes because they all give me the feels...



Hold These Makeup Palettes Up

Hold these makeup palettes up.
Then wave them like you just don't care because they're about to 
appear on your holiday shopping list...

We've needed something like them around!

Cargo Cosmetics Venice Enchantment Palette, $34
Shop Kohl's here.

LORAC PRO Contour Palette & Exclusive Brush, $45
Shop Kohl's here.

Too Faced Cosmetics Natural Matte Palette, $36
Shop Too Faced here.

The Balm Cosmetics theManizer Sisters Palette, $28
Shop Kohl's here.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Fab Five: Kids Halloween Fashions You Need Now

Halloween is so much fun with kids.

Between picking out costumes, noshing on candy and going to spooky events, there are so many cool fashions your kids can wear. But what to choose?

They're all so cute!


Check out these super cute pieces that your kids can use longer than just one day. Practical and adorable, you can't go wrong with these kid-friendly pajamas, hoodies and shirts. Wear them this Halloween or even after.

Stella McCartney Glow In The Dark Pajama, $130
Available in sizes 4 yrs - 8 yrs
Shop Petit Maison Chic here.

Little Boy Mummy Hoodie, $32.95
Available in sizes 6 mos - 3T
Shop Gymboree here.

Stella McCartney Glow In The Dark Pajama, $129
Available in sizes 4 yrs - 8 yrs
Shop Petit Maison Chic here.

Fendi Striped Monster Jersey, $184
Available in sizes 4 yrs - 10 yrs
Shop Petit Maison Chic here.

Girls Cat Sherpa Hoodie, $39.95
Available in sizes 6 mos - 10 yrs
Shop Gymboree here.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Light Up The World This Fall With Sally Beauty Products

It's that time to light up the world this season with shopping some Sally Beauty deals on the latest and greatest on-trend beauty products. Whether it's adding a new tint to your hair or refusing to stop until your eyebrows are on fleek this Fall, Sally Beauty has you covered. 

Check out some of our favorites below...

Body Drench Tahitian Monoi Oil Body Lotion, $7.49

The smell of this is like a tropical Summer's day. Plus, it's very moisturizing. Monoi oil is a combination of a French Polynesian flower soaked in coconut oil which also contributes to this fantastic scent.

Ardell Brow Pomades, $8.49

Stop telling me my eyebrows are not on fleek. I simply must go seek out this Ardell Brow Pomade for a defined, on-trend brow. This pomade comes in three shades: blonde, medium brown and dark brown. It also comes with the on fleek angle brush / brow spoolie. Yay!

Palladio Natural Rice Loose Finishing Powder, $5.49

This rice powder by Palladio does a nice job setting both foundation and concealer. You can also apply this thickly under the eye before eyeshadow application. If any eyeshadow falloff occurs during application, all you have to do is sweep it off with a fluffy brush. Voila!

Surgi-Wax Assorted Honey Wax Strips, $6.79

Trim these wax strips to fit anywhere and wax away! To activate the wax strips, rub them in your hands. We've been told the heat activates their on fleek properties...

OPI Carry On Treatment Set, $7.99

Fear not, nails. OPI makes travel size nail treatments which are great for purses and carry-ons alike. This set is a perfect stocking stuffer and comes with the nail strengthener, rapid dry top coat and cuticle oil.

OPI GelShine Gel Starter Kit, $99.99

Replicate your salon quality gel manicure at home. Yasss. Also, from what we've been told by nail professionals is that the LED lights last way longer and work quicker to cure the gel polishes.

Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Dyes, $5.49

Featured on Project Runway, the semi-permanent Ion Brights dyes give darker hair a nice tint and bleached areas become uber vibrant. All you need is the tube. It doesn't require developer. Cheers to not-so-damaged hair!

Ion After-Color Sealer 6 oz, $7.29

This Ion Color Sealer works perfect after both semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes. We recommend the 6 oz. tube so you can apply it a few times a week in place of regular conditioner.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, $3.99

Who doesn't love an affordable face mask? This one feels invigorating and sucks yuckiness out of the pores. It also helps with acne and oily complexions. We recommend using it about once a week or for spot treating new acne bumps.
Shop Sally Beauty here.

Rilastil: Skincare That Doesn't Drag You Down

Oh, baby. 
Board this skincare boat because it's my only reason for loving my skin lately! 

Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, this Italian skincare line is winning our hearts over with every product we've tried from the line. Rilastil, whose origins date back from 1910, received international and academic awards for its pharmaceutical skin products. The grandfather of the Ganassini family was a chemist and the first to synthesize Niacin (vitamin PP). So it's safe to say that their luxury cosmeceutical line ranks high on our list for both quality and effectiveness.

Check out our faves below...

Rilastil's Progression HD Skin Line
Brightness Activator Serum, $110
Brightness Intensifier Moisturizer, $110
Illuminating Eye Contour Cream, $70
Shop Rilastil here.

Daily Care Cleansing Gel, $29
This Progression HD line is a three piece skincare regimen.

It includes the serum, cream and finally the eye cream. The serum's key ingredients include retinol, Vitamin E, ceramides and sodium hyaluronate. Next is the activator cream which is supposed to be used after the serum. The cream's key ingredients include retinol, resveratrol, shea butter and ceramides. Third in the line is the eye contour cream which is a beautiful peach color that instantly helps to neutralize any dark circles. The key ingredients in this cream are retinol, resveratrol, haloxyl, peptides, ceramides, olive oil , shea butter and jojoba oil.

We're also in love with this soap-free cleansing and purifying gel by Rilastil. Even though it thoroughly cleans my face, it doesn't make my skin feel stripped or tight.

We're also happy to report that over a twelve week trial, the Progression HD line outperformed prescription retinol in clinical trials.

So, seriously. Don't drag me down. Board this skincare boat. 

If I didn't have you, there would be nothing left. All my life I'd be confined to an ugly, hyperpigmented, dull skin tone with huge pores.

Thanks, Rilastil! We're huge fans.

Monday, August 10, 2015

August Beauty Loves

pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse in Medium, $54
Shop Vita Liberata here.

Who doesn't love a beautiful tan in the Summer? 

This self tanning mousse makes the August love list because of the gorgeous brown color it provides. pHenomenal is also non-toxic and lasts a super long time without fading or washing off. It also comes with a mitt to protect your manis and we find that it's super easy to rub in. This mousse also absorbs and dries into the skin very quickly, eliminating the worry that your self tanner will undoubtedly ruin your day by rubbing off onto your clothes. For an optimal Summer tan that lasts, Vita Liberata recommends using this product 2 to 3 times in a row in the beginning. It will then last you 2 to 3 whole weeks without fading. It's genius. The night before you embark on your Self Tan Palooza 2015, be sure to sleep with Vita Liberata's overnight face tan moisture mask. Obsession is not even the right word to describe how I feel about Vita Liberata's products!

Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Lip Liner in Oahu, $18
Shop Kohl's here.

I love me some lipstick, but not 
usually in the Summer. 

Particularly because lipstick can easily melt when left in a hot bag at the beach. Want to know my solution? This waterproof pencil, y'all. It's only slightly darker than my lips, looks gorgeous at the beach and stays in place. For a totally beach worthy pout, pencil in your entire lips with this and then let it set for about 30 seconds. Next, top with a lip balm containing SPF and only throw the balm in your beach bag. This lip liner will last your whole day without having to touch up. I promise. For darker skin tones, try this liner in shade Jaipur.

Orly Color Blast Art Scene Set, $12
Shop Kohl's here.

Aahh, Orly! Stop killing me with your awesome 
2-pack sets this Summer! 

This peach would be beautiful on it's own and there's not a person living on this planet who wouldn't love to have this pop art inspired top coat in their nail polish collection. Check out the side of the box- the two colors layered is just so, so cute. Let's also touch on Orly's individual limited edition Summer shades. They range from deep purple to hot pink to electric lime. We need them all.

Vera Wang Embrace Eau de Toilette, $34.99
Periwinkle & Iris
Shop Kohl's here.

Vera Wang gang! 

This scent makes it into the August love list because it's as if babies riding unicorns on clouds created it. It's the softest most elegant Summer scent. It's clean, yet powdery and every single person you come in contact with will ask you what you're wearing. I've not smelled anything like it which makes it very unique. Vera chose bergamot, mandarin, violet petals, iris, blue jasmine, periwinkle, vanilla, benzoin and whipped sugar fragrance notes to make this scent. Her end result is nothing short of an effervescent, heavenly bliss. Really.

Palmer's Raw Shea Balm, $5.50
Shop Walmart here.

Ok, fine. We can admit it. 

Between the chlorine, sea salt and sun, our skin might be feeling a little bit dry this Summer. This shea balm by Palmer's absolutely makes the list because we're enjoying applying this before bed and sleeping in it. We use it for moisture, sunburn, minor skin irritations, on the face every once in a while and occasionally we'll even put a bit on the ends of the hair as an overnight moisture mask. This particular balm is basically all natural with zero parabens and is blended with African shea butter, cocoa butter, Vitamin E and soybean oil. Sheas are known for helping with eczema as well as hyperpigmentation. Cocoa butter is very well known for increasing skin's elasticity and also helps with fading stretch marks. Now someone tell me where I can buy this stuff by the gallon.

Altchek MD Anti-Aging Starter Kit, $25
Shop Kohl's here.

Last but certainly not least, check out this 
anti-aging skincare kit by Dr. Altchek. 

Dr. Altchek, just in case you don't know him, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology and a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He also has a private practice where he sees patients of all ages and his patients can prove that his products work. This kit makes our August beauty love list not only because of the price, but also because he includes some chemical exfoliators in his products. Chemical exfoliators gently slough off any dead skin cells on the surface of your face. They also help prevent fine lines and acne. Dr. Altchek recommends using the glycolic acid pads two to three times a week, so you can expect to get at least a five week supply of them included in this kit. His cleanser is awesome, too. It takes off my makeup, exfoliates my skin a little and even leaves my skin feeling soft. You've just gotta' try it!

PS- These products don't have to be just a Summer thing...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Purrassic World: Dinosaurs And Kittens Are So Hot Right Now

Khan & Kittens

Khan & Kittens

Someone named Khan & Kittens on Tumblr took Jurassic World movie stills and basically created the Internet's best series of images known to man. 


Easy Breezy Beautiful Velociraptor, $29
Shop Look Human Here.

Khan & Kittens

Purrassic Park, $28
Shop Look Human Here.

Khan & Kittens

Check Yourself Before You Rex Yourself, $28
Shop Look Human Here.

Khan & Kittens

Run Like Velociraptors Are Behind You, $29
Shop Look Human Here.

Khan & Kittens

I Dig It - Dinosaurs, $35
Shop Look Human Here.

Khan & Kittens

T-Rex Loves Leg Day, $29
Shop Look Human Here.

Khan & Kittens

Raptor Squad Goals, $30
Shop Look Human Here.

Khan & Kittens


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