Monday, December 7, 2015

Something Better Than These Beauty Products

So there we were. 

We were waiting for something better in the beauty product world, but honestly there is nothing better than these newly found loves. Stop waiting around because YOLO. Totes for reals, we've got the feels.

Twinmedix Pro:Essentials A15, $90
Shop Twinmedix here.

There are several reasons why we're obsessed with this .15% overnight retinol serum. 

First off, it makes your skin feel soooo smooth. It also addresses hyperpigmentation and acne. Within just a few days of starting this regimen, old skin is removed and a new, poreless skin is revealed. While you can use it nightly, people with sensitve skin can still use it about two to three times a week. On the nights we use this, we simply apply this and then go to sleep. Remember to wear sunscreen during the day when you're using retinols. 

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion, $30
Shop Vita Liberata here.

Wow. Just wow. 

While Vita Liberata's Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion is something you can use daily, we get a rich tan from simply one use. It won't dye your fingers if you don't have a mitt, too. Just remember to wash your hands after applying. We're loving this right after a fresh shave. This non-toxic brand does an effective job at hydrating as well.

L'Oreal OleoTherapy Shampoo & Conditioner, $5.99 ea.
Shop Target here.

And we're back to playing with red dyes in the hair department, friends. 

Everyone knows that reds fade quick, so we've been playing with a ton of sulfate-free shampoos and cleansing conditioners as well. We can honestly say that this shampoo is ahhhmazing, yo. This conditioner also leaves the hair super shiny. For the twelve dollars for both, it's worth every penny. We're obsessed.

Art. Love. Color. Lips Holiday Set, $20
Shop Smashbox here.

Bring on the limited edition holiday sets where everything is value priced. 

Seriously. Buying makeup in the wintertime is the best time of year to get a price break. These colors are sooo pretty and I needed them on these parched lips like yesterday. We'd totally use every single shade of these. Don't act like you don't have an exuberant lip gloss collection, too. Beauty hoarders unite.

Borghese Beauty Deep Hydration Gift Set, $32.50
Shop Kohl's here.

Ahh, Borghese. You never disappoint.

You know that SPF you're going to need after using the Twinmedix retinol? Guess what?! This kit has a day lotion with SPF 15 and an overnight moisture cream to use on your sensitive skin days in between treatments. Borghese's Hydrology line was exclusively developed to help maintain skin's proper moisture level and support it's healthy, normal function. This line is also suitable for all ages and skin types.

Ancient Essence Fragrance Oils, $15.85 ea.
Dharma & Frankinsense and Myrrh
Shop Ancient Essence here.

What had happened was... I met the most amazing smelling lady shopping in an undisclosed beauty department. 

I had to know more about this scent that she was wearing. The customer then tells me that she's actually wearing a fragrance oil that she picks up at her local health food store. Anywho, the brand with the amazing oils is none other than Ancient Essence. Dharma is the exact scent the customer was wearing, which is a blend of violet, myrrh and light amber. The rollerball to the right is Frankincense & Myrrh, which is unisex. It's deeply fragrant and also does a great job of calming congestion and coughing when my kids are sick. We've also been told it's been used for centuries to reduce fevers. Anywho, try out all the blends Ancient Essence makes because they all give me the feels...



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