Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Feel Glorious About Starting Your Social Media Strategy

We're planting a flag. They don't understand.
The world is up for grabs.


Fortunately or unfortunately, computers are here. Phones are even computers. I can honestly tell you I might even utilize at least once a week. The world is advancing, man. So let me ask you a direct question, my friends. What are you doing to proactively secure your space on this world wide web? If this social world is not your cup of tea, that's fine. Go back to blaring that vinyl record player while not ordering uber eats while looking up LOL cats on that foreign technology we call a computer.

You might have a business. You might be using your social accounts to help promote you in your career or catapult you into working in your passion field. Whatever your goal is, your dedication to the Internet and social media accounts can really advance you into whatever you want to do.

Do you want to know how much I've spent on online marketing, growing my follower lists or getting more likes on my posts? Zero, y'all. Ever. All I simply did was take my time to get a clear understanding of each social platform. School of hard knocks is how I roll and it's true I could of hired people or firms to help. But I take joy in knowing all aspects of my business and I have zero qualms about being able to tell people if they're BS-ing me or not doing the best that they can for me. 

Can I now tell my friends objectively if their online marketing plans are working for them? Absolutely. But don't freaking ask me if you're not willing to accept advice or have the want to understand. At the end of the day, this is your business! The one piece of advice I have for you is this: Grab your business life by the horns. Ride that bull until the knowledge seeps into your brain and continue riding that bull until you appreciate it. One can teach the willing. Yet, ignorance is bliss. 

So, how do you create a perfect social media strategy? To answer that correctly, it depends on what your goals are. Do you want branding? Do you want to sell stuff? Do you want your followers to remember you? Do you want to be considered an expert in your field? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place. Now that's a start. Good for you...


So, yeah. I'm no genius but my persistence continues to pay off. I was pleasantly surprised to calculate my mid-year total Twitter views (which is 564,843 as of yesterday). Yes, there are several factors that have affected this number which I explain here and here.

For your reference:
Total Views Across All Platforms
1,528,926  Dec 2015
2,170,818  Dec 2016

While I'm great talking out of my butt on several topics (since ignorance is bliss), here are some pointers that I've learned throughout my time blogging on how you can develop a solid social media strategy. Enjoy. Let me know if you find them helpful or if you'd like to give me the talking out of your butt on social strategy 2017 award of the year. Heh. Heh.

#1- Think about what your goals are for your business. For example, if you're selling stuff online, you might want to opt for social sites that have "Buy Now" button options for advertising. Think click-thrus to your website. 


#2- Which sites do you enjoy? Also, what are a few you really enjoy after trying them out for a few days consecutively? You're going to need more than one so you spread the risk of it dissolving evenly over all your social platforms. 'Tis not good to have all of your followers in one place. At least then you won't want to curl up in a ball and die if someone buys that social channel out, something bigger comes along or the social site simply can't stay afloat with either the money needed or the technology to take out the next best thing. RIP my Vine channel. At its prime and before Vine announced it was closing, I had close to 9,000 followers in a little over two years. None of which I paid a cent for. Never thought I'd be learning valuable lessons from something I never dated. Lols. But man did it feel like a marriage. Heh. Heh.

#3- Make a plan and write it down. You've got to be able to measure and track your efforts.

#4- If you're a business, you better turn them into business accounts ASAP so you can gain access to the analytics and stats. Some of mine I didn't turn into business accounts until late 2014. What was I thinking?! My numbers would be way bigger if I could of kept track since 2012. Another lesson learned from something I never dated. Heh. Heh.


#5- Set yourself a monthly budget to spend on social efforts and growth since you're not a weirdo like me. Seriously. Running all this stuff myself and growing my follower lists organically consumes a very large portion of my time. At this point, there is no turning back for me. I'm not a quitter and because I am an insanely dedicated person, I simply cannot stop until I prove to myself and all of the doubters that I'm not crazy. I told people long ago (probably dating back to 2009) I was going to figure out this digital advertising and social media marketing space we call the Internet. Furthermore, if you're going to pay to play with your socials, pay the companies directly (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) to help you advertise. Never pay $20 for several thousand followers! First off, you're cheating. Second, your likes, shares, click thrus and views are still going to suck. Trust me when I tell you that most people in digital marketing can smell an account with a fake liking app or fake follower app. I don't even want to know you or associate myself online with you. Shake. My. Head. In your general direction.

#6- Use HootSuite. HootSuite allows you to look at several of your social media accounts all at once and in one place. For a mere $19 a month, you can manage up to ten social profiles. Scheduling posts? Yes. Posting to a few or all at once? Yes. Tracking trending or your personal business hashtags that you'd like to interact and play along with? Yes. HootSuite will not disappoint you, my fine friend.

#7- Ahh, lucky number 7 is going to tell you to stay active and fresh with content. Also, followers remember consistency. You've got to stay memorable since all of your competitors are trying to inundate them with dark forces. The next thing you know is you've lost your sale and customer to Darth Vader. We've also been told Darth Vader wakes up early and eats worms.

#8- Be yourself. Boring posts excite no one except maybe my robot Roomba. Authenticity mixed with occasional vulnerability makes you real and followers will be more empathetic to your cause.


#9- Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Every month or two, schedule yourself a meeting to analyze your growth. Reassess what's happening. Also, a monthly spreadsheet couldn't hurt for comparisons. You'll want columns for follower counts, impressions or views, click thrus, profile views and amount of posts per month.

#10- There are a ton of valuable YouTube videos that you can watch to help you with social sites. Chill on the netflix and chill and dork out with a fellow business friend who might enjoy watching these videos as well. Also, Marketo Blog is a valuable source for all things digital marketing. We may or may not know them very well. Click here. Or here.

Feel glorious about starting your social strategy.
Now's the time and today is the day. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions and interact with me on your social media accounts! I promise I play nice and will do my best to help increase your likes, shares and online exposure.

Much love, my friends.

Friday, July 7, 2017

I Hope You're Somewhere Praying

In life, you're going to get what you give. 
Hopefully your soul is changing.

Karma knows and so does God.

Enjoy life.
You only have one.

Friday, June 30, 2017

No Beauty Bad Liars Here

Oooh, these beauty products are taking up a fraction of my mind. 

I'm trying not to give them to you because I want them all to myself! 
Read on, beautifuls.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Foundation, $42
Shop it here.

Oil-free and SPF 30, this Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude foundation feels really light on the skin. It also sets itself for 24 hr wear and requires no setting powder to be transfer resistant. While the coverage can be light to medium, we like to think that after playing with it that it's more medium coverage. This foundation also protects the skin from pollution and contains valuable, skin-loving antioxidants. While some of you might be obsessed with Lauder's original Double Wear season round, this sister foundation with SPF is an excellent Summer choice. 

Or, since I am a Lauder regional artist and Estee beauty influencer... Lay the Double Wear Nude down as step one. Then, use the Original Double Wear you already have as a concealer right on top. You can thank me later. You're welcome.

Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Dots, $30
Shop them here.

Norman, be gone. I'm not trying to think about you. Norman was this huge pimple I had on my forehead last week. My forehead was in some major pain, y'all. Anyway, for two days straight I slept with these invisible acne patches on Norman. The result was that after his invasion, he was forced to retreat to who knows where. We don't even care where he went to. He's dead to me. 

Moving on, PTR recommends you wear these for at least eight hours. The dots come in two sizes. Salicylic acid will help to chemically exfoliate the area while the tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial toner. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful hydrator while the volcanic ash in this will help to draw the bump out. We really like these and we know you will, too.

Smashbox Primerizer, $42
Shop it here.

Oooh, moisturizer plus primer! What a genius, time saving combo. The question always comes up everyday in my real life with women wanting to know if they need a moisturizer and if they need a primer. To answer that question correctly, it really depends on how well you're exfoliating your skin. Dull, dry skin obviously needs to be moisturized. Without moisturizing, a primer will more than likely cling to those dry areas and possibly make the makeup look cakey. Anyway, what I'm saying is for the love of God please exfoliate regardless. Primers are traditionally used to fill in enlarged pores and fine lines as the silica / dimethicone sits in the pore or crevice so the makeup glides on with an airbrush finish.

So, since I'm also on Team Smashbox I can 100% tell you that Smashbox makes every kind of primer specific to your skin type and skin concerns. Their whole lineup is truly top notch amazing. While I am perfectly happy talking skin all day, let's get back to Primerizer. Containing over 762 sextillion molecules of water in each bottle, one use increases skin moisture levels by 127%. The primer portion of the formula feels lightweight, absorbs nicely and helps to lock foundation in place. 

Butter London Glazen "Mermaid" Eye Gloss, $24
Shop it here.

Butter London keeps winning beauty award after beauty award for their Glazen Eye Gloss line. Who doesn't like opalescent color anyway? Described by Butter London as a sparkling grey eye gloss with blue shimmer, we actually see much more color tones in the sparkle than described. It's truly something you have to swatch on your own to believe me. Also, it dries down and doesn't move after you apply it! It's awesome!

Here's how you're going to use it. Apply it all over your face so your highlight can be seen from Space. Just kidding. We prefer to do the entire eye look, crease and under brow bone first. Then when you're done, apply this to the lid with either your finger, flat concealer brush or a silicone concealer brush. What's crazy about it is that these eye glosses still look wet after drying.

We're not lying. 
Let these products consume your thoughts and makeup bags.
Enjoy and let's make reality actuality.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I Got You: Exfoliant Style

See. Look, guys. Bebe's got you in the middle of this barren desert and she's got a Jeep. With some water to boot. 

Sometimes this is what cool people do. They get your back and make you not feel alone in this world. Praise to our daily Bebe's in our life. 

It was the wise Robin Williams that said...


He's also right on point about how some of the most hurt, sad people are also the nicest because they no longer want another human being feeling so worthless ever again. True dat. Well said.

The Labyrinth Movie

At the end of the day, I challenge all my friends and readers to overcome their adversities. Unfortunately life is like those Labyrinth staircases. A few steps upward, several downward then horizontal and then at the end of the day you don't know what friggin' door to choose. This too shall pass. Let's all...


Then, right after that I'd love for Martin Lawrence to tell us about that nice looking fish with big friggin' eyes...

Bad Boys II

Baby, let me in. I want to be your friend as well as give you some awesome skincare and beauty recommendations. The cracks in that barren desert are reminding me to tell you that I'd really like for you to exfoliate that earth as well as hydrate it. The same goes for your Summer skincare routine.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant, $58
Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel, $48
Shop them here.

Peter Thomas Roth's Peeling Gel is meant to be rubbed on clean, dry skin. You'll need about a nickel size. In a circular motion, this bad boy will roll off dead skin cells and is powered with enzymes. Once you've had a field day with how much dead skin rolls off, you can leave it on an additional five minutes for the enzymes to really make your skin exfoliated.

Dermalogica's Daily Superfoliant is also an exfoliating bad boy. A bad boy II? Hehe. After you cleanse, you'll take a half-teaspoon sized amount, add some water to make a paste and rub in for roughly a minute. This exfoliator is powered with charcoal, enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids.

Next up is an amazing hyaluronic acid infused moisturizer that is safe for all skin types...

Vichy Mineral 89 Moisturizer, $29.50
Shop it here.

Oil-free and packed with a fifteen mineral infused thermal water, this hyaluronic acid serum blend is awesome for Summer. Lightweight with a quick absorption rate, slather this on right after you cleanse your face. We're obsessed and we would never steer you wrong. Remember, Bebe and I got you.

Enjoy. And wooosaaahhh...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Never Forget These Truths

In my heart, I will always be sure 
of a few things in life. 
Do you care to know what they are?


I will never apologize for being all or nothing. The answers to life are pretty simple and if you can't reply to a question with a heck yes, then the answer is heck no.


Read this bad boy here.


This advice has also done me well with regards to my career. Do you think I've let people in my job walk all over me? If I have, I've made them deeply regret it throughout the years. One needs to understand that no one has ever wholeheartedly understood or accepted my career path. Cue in...

You've got you, boo. I'm too old for this crap of needing anyone's acceptance or approval. Sometimes the only thing holding you back is yourself. So stinkin' what if your circle reeks of suckiness?! Stop your whining and grab your big girl panties. You can do it. I'm sooo exhausted from drowning in your self pity. There are kids starving in third world countries. Let's get real about the fact that you're not really a victim. Furthermore, maybe God is giving you a lesson to show you how thick your skin really is.


Do good and good will come back to you. It's the law of the universe, bro. One cannot argue with the laws of attraction. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, correct? Then if that's what we're seriously debating, we all better be transferring around some good energy because again, I'm too old for this mediocre, crappy crap these small-minded individuals be transferring around my universe.


Say what you want, within reason.
Not saying what you want will only leave you feeling mildly dissatisfied. I don't know about you, but I for sure don't want to be knocking on the pearly gates wishing I could of done or said something.


Enjoy life, especially if it involves things that make you happy, such as but not limited to, bacon.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shout Out To These Surprising Beauties

This is a shout out not to my ex, 
but to these surprising beauty wonders. 

They've kinda made me who I am as of lately. Let's all live legit together erstwhile slathering these below recommendations all over our faces.

Shall we?

Milani Conceal & Perfect Foundation, $8.99
Shop Target here.

If you've got some skin issues such as hyperpigmentation or acne, you may want to conceal it about as bad as your last break up. Delete those pics, block those numbers and rejoice in this Milani water resistant concealer and foundation in one easy to use pump. Not that we particularly want you crying over spilt milk, but tears happen people. Now that you've got a foundation on that won't budge, you can grab that kleenex with the lotion inside, dab those tears away and rock out to the best break up playlist known to man. Hallelujah moment. This foundation is soooo smooth, by the way. Probably waaayyy smoother than your ex.

Juice Beauty Organic Lip Moisturizer, $15
Shop Juice Beauty here.

Stop your sniffling and get your smackers in check. Make your lips who they were meant to be, okay? Your new man is going to love the orange vanilla flavor of Juice Beauty's organic lip moisturizer. This is truly the only thing I recommend to clients who come to Ulta in desperate need to fix their parched lippies. It's also a staff favorite. Those in the know use it and these are the very same people that have confidence you'll get your groove back.

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Floralixir Dew, $120
Shop Dillard's here.

If the word regenerating in the name of Estee Lauder's floralixir dew water isn't an omen for recovery, then I don't know what is. You're dehydrated, honey. Mentally and physically. Nourishing, strengthening and uplifting, this dew water is the polar opposite of your ex. After washing your face, we enjoy pouring a bit of this into our hand and pressing it into the skin to not only hydrate, but to also boost radiance. 


Never let your ex or your skin ever bring you down again.
Ya heard me?


Monday, April 24, 2017

Feel It Coming: Your Perfect Summer Body

I know what your poor body has been through. 

Maybe you were born with it. Maybe you burned one too many times in the frying sun. Or, maybe you got into an accident. Heck, maybe your tattoo artist couldn't spell. No worries. No regerts. Humans deserve to feel good about themselves and these beautiful body products can set you totally free just in time for Summer season. Read on because these beautiful babies will be appearing in a bathroom near you. We can feel it coming. 

Dermablend Leg & Body Cover,  $33
Get it here.

Dermablend Leg & Body Cover
What it does:
Ideal for all occasions, Leg and Body Cover provides medium coverage for up to 16 hours of no-worry wear that is smudge- and transfer-resistant—especially when used with Dermablend Setting Powder. Never cakey or masky, the lightweight liquid texture provides all-day hydration and broad-spectrum SPF 15 for ultimate protection. Featuring camo-pigments® technology, it contains a high level of pigments in ultra-blendable formulas for natural yet flawlessly camouflaged skin. It conceals skin concerns such as tattoos, stretch marks, spider veins, bruises, scars, and burns, gliding on evenly to leave skin comfortable with a natural-looking finish.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Tanning Mousse Duo, $54
Get it here.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Tanning Mousse
What it is formulated to do:
pHenomenal mousse leaves skin beautifully tanned, amazingly nourished, and healthy-looking for up to two to three weeks. The fast-absorbing mousse formula gives instant natural bronzing and develops to a deep, natural-looking tan. pHenO2 technology encourages a tan that lasts up to four times longer than regular tans with a patch-free, perfect fade. Certified organic botanicals and moisture locking technology give 72-hour hydration while Odour Remove™ technology ensures no smell whatsoever. The tan mitt included ensures a fast and easy, streak-free application and natural-looking result. Regardless of your natural skin tone, choose Fair for a subtle glow, Medium for a golden bronze, and Dark for a deep tan.

Bio-Oil, $19.99
Get it here.

What it can do for your skin:
Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It is also effective for aging and dehydrated skin. Bio-Oil has won 332 skincare awards and has become the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 24 countries since its global launch in 2002. The Bio-Oil formulation is a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, which ensures that the vitamins and plant extracts in the oil are easily absorbed.
You've been scared of your body before. But fear not. 
You don't have to rush when you're alone with these body beauties. Here's to enjoying the Summer months.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Premiering At The Makeup Show: The Way I Feel For Smashbox's New 2017 Launches

Spring / Summer makeup launches bring the life back to a chilly Winter and honestly they invigorate a makeup lover's soul. 

Whether you're a professional in the cosmetic industry or a beauty client simply looking to update your makeup and skincare wardrobe, we totally got you for 2017 and beyond.

Actually, Smashbox Cosmetics has entirely what you're looking for. If you're lucky enough to attend The Makeup Show Orlando this upcoming weekend March 18th thru 19th, beauty professionals will be able to feast their eyes on some never before seen 2017 awesomeness. We divulge below. Expect to be stunned and delighted. Nothing's gonna' change the way we feel for these new product launches...

Glow just a little or let those cheekbones be seen from space. The option is yours now. Two easy to use highlighting palettes put you in control of the spotlight. Fearlessly add dimension and depth to your face with three tonal finishes that layer to create your ultimate glow. Fair skin does great in the pearl palette while darker skin tones look amazing in the gold palette. Never did I ever think I'd find one palette with such varying highlight textures. Did we mention they're only $35 for three highlights?!

Watch Casey on YouTube here.

Co-created with highlighting guru and YouTube star Casey Holmes, each tonal palette was inspired by Casey’s ideal lighting. Includes three exclusive get-the-looks and quick tips for optimal placement to keep you always well lit in any light & every pic.

Everyone looks amazing in golden-hour lighting, but it’s gone in a flash! Smashbox developed this primer cream to recreate that glow 24/7 in photo shoots and in your real life. This satin-smooth formula illuminates, perfects and enhances radiance while hydrating for better makeup application.

Shop Smashbox here.

This new primer is packed with hyaluronic acid & shea butter for instant & all-day moisture. Delivering a 4K experience, the high-definition spheres blur imperfections. You're going to love the micro-fine amber & bronze pearls that create a warm glow suitabe for any skin tone.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hand Claps For The Makeup Show Orlando: Where To Go And Who To See

We can't stop! Turn it up...

The Makeup Show is about to touch down in sunny Orlando this weekend, March 18th and 19th. Filled with amazing exhibitors, keynote speeches and hands-on workshops, come partake in every professional makeup artists' dream weekend. The Makeup Show truly brings together an incredible range of pro-driven brands, services, celebrity artists, educators and beauty insiders.

With all these new product launches it's easy to get way too inspired and lose track of time. Plan your course of action by taking a look at the updated floorplans.

The Makeup Show Orlando
Get tickets here.

For a large and in charge printable floor plan, 
click here.

See you there!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Beauty Products To Take With You Anywhere

"They don't know you like I know you. 
I know they don't."

~ your makeup bag ~


We all have those beauty items we can't live without. I totally get it. They're a part of you. For me, staples would include an eyeliner, mascara and a few lippies. You never know when you'll find yourself in desperate need of a classic red and a classic nude lip. Some women bring their whole makeup counter to the gym erstwhile others enjoy the minimalist approach. Whatever category you fall into, you deserve to feel happy and confident in your beauty toting decisions. If you're looking for a few small updates for your to-go bag, look no further than these little beauties.

Smashbox Try It Kit, $24
Get it here.

Not only does this bad boy come with a mini smudgeproof, water resistant cream fiber infused Full Exposure mascara, it also comes with a full size waterproof, as black as your soul Always Sharp eyeliner. The self sharpener is awesome, by the way. One can easily make a cat eye without having to be a makeup Jedi. The mini lipstick also easily fits in your pocket and this soft mauve color is universally flattering. One can also multitask by using the Photo Finish primer to tame hair frizzies. It works. We swear. And you're welcome. Heh. Heh.

Dermablend Compact Setting Powder, $27
Get it here.

Ahhh, Dermablend. You're my boy, blue! Dermablend's loose, translucent setting powder is one of the best selling setting powders in the world. Now it comes pressed for all your beauty toting, touching up needs. Allow me to point out that no one, and I mean no one, ever wants to cake on makeup. This powder is a great option for simple oil-absorbing. You can also rub a little on your finger and press it into your lipstick and lipgloss for longer wearability. Who's multitasking now?

Tarteist Pro Glow To Go Palette, $23
Get it here.

What is this? A center for ants? Nope. But it is a center for anyone who wants to tote around some bronzer, highlight and a neutral eyeshadow palette. The contour color is fab for selfies and depending on your hair color, you could hypothetically use it in the brow as well. The two shimmers are also very luxe and look great under the brow and inner eyelid.

Juice Beauty Age Defy Solutions Kit, $40
Get it here.

First things first, this kit is the realest. Perfect for airplane travel or the gym bag, this kit contains minis of the Green Apple line which helps address initial signs of aging and helps to correct dark spots. I've also been guilty of pressing this serum on over my made up face for a quick boost of hydration and radiance. This line is organic, contains malic acid from organic green apples and a potent age-defying cocktail of Peptides, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and CoQ10. We simply can't get enough!

Batiste Cherry Travel Size Dry Shampoo, $2.99
Get it here.

Dry shampoos will help combat a sweaty gym hair situation as well as add volume. Spray your roots, then blow dry and brush your hair upside down. The hidden bonus here is that you'll smell like cherries. Not the pits. At all.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, $26
Get it here.

Comforting your cracked lips has never been easier. This nourishing lip oil also comes in three semi-transparent, non-sticky shades. You never know when your lips will need a little love while you're out and about. You'll also fall in love with the size of this lip oil. It's pocket perfect.

Take these little guys anywhere and you're
sure to have a rockin' beauty day.
Enjoy, friends.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Style Sighting: Chrissy Teigen Rocks DSquared2 At SAG Awards

The stars came out in full force on Sunday, January 29th for the annual SAG Awards. 

Among some of the nicest red carpet fashions was Chrissy Teigen's black, front-slit dress by DSQUARED2. The black stretch-crepe Alicia gown takes a glamourous spin on classic DSQUARED2 suiting, which is channeled through a long, belted gown with side slit and blazer details.

Chrissy Teigen strikes a pose on the red carpet.

Chrissy rocks a vibrant statement lip.

In addition to Chrissy keeping the dress elegant, she opted for a pair of sleek, strappy sandals. She finished off her look by pairing drop earrings with a long necklace that complemented her plunging neckline.

To replicate her beauty look from the SAG Awards, opt for a pop of color on the cheek with understated eyeshadow. The focus is all about the statement lip. A red lipstick with an orange undertone adds a modern twist on the classic red lip. See below for some of our favorites. Also, check out this amazing article that will show you step-by-step how to recreate her soft curls. 

Ellis Faas Hot Lips in L402, $35.
Get it here.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick, $20.
In Shade Spicy
Get it here.

Chrissy Teigen smiles at the SAG Awards with
Ryan Gosling and husband John Legend.

The cutest couple ever!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year: I Publish My Blog Stats Part Two

Hey, world! Happy New Year!

New year, new number. Another day, another dollar. 

Welcome to part deux of me publishing my blog stats. We're hoping to not stop the feeling and do this yearly since we've put that time in and went through the grueling first four years. We're making an extra effort to show you yearly growth since now we're at a point that it's getting exponential year versus year. We'll go into detail later. We promise. We're super excited and I truly appreciate all of you- friends, followers and readers alike.

Anyway, craziness in 2016 ensued and I kind of sort of took a very long sabbatical on writing regularly. But this is why your social presence is important. Writing amazing? Hashtag no. Again, everyone has a different creative process. I refuse to write when I'm not supercalifragilistic feeling expialidocious. However, it's a new year and I'm back. Please accept my writing hiatus apology. I love yous guys!

Scars make you beautiful and sometimes life happens. Sometimes the poopy emoji happens. But your circumstances will never define you, friends. Anyone that knows me personally knows that 2016 absolutely sucked. Major life events happened meanwhile it seemed like Mercury was in retrograde the whole friggin' year. At least that's what I'm continuing to name adverse circumstances. Feel free to do the same. Lols. Cover up the pain and cut her woes away because cover girls don't cry after their face is made.

In that same breath, pain has made me stronger. It's forced me to become more focused. I'm also getting to know what I'm capable of regardless of any given situation. In that same breath of suckiness, I've deepened friendships and advanced my career. I'm very thankful for that.

JK. I've always had one.

It's weird because most of you only know me as an online presence. But I'm proud to say that I'm continuing to work in-store doing what I love... makeup. I'm busy not thinking about me and my suckiness. I'm teaching women to feel confident and beautiful through the power of makeup. We're all special, friends. I'd be such a dim light if I didn't get to meet so many amazing women by doing their makeup as a pro artist. There's an inherent reason why I meet women. I feel like there's a greater purpose here than just making myself happy. Yes, there are days I'm not happy. But I leave that in the parking lot and look forward to meeting women in droves. One cried in my chair. One said I made her day. Another told me about her divorce, another about the loss of her baby, another about the loss of her job. It's society's job I believe to throw some positivity into their life. In a way, these women are healing me. Women need to group together, man. I thoroughly thank my girlfriends and family who were there for me to remind me who I am. I'm forever indebted to their kindness during a time when I was so fragile a gentle wind could of blown me away.

Now... onto the disclaimers, disclaimers, disclaimers before the numbers, numbers, numbers.


- I'm still not tracking Facebook. It's not you, Facebook. It's Twitter. We're in a serious relationship and sometimes you've got to make choices with regards to what your favorite marketing channel actually is. Focus on one, especially if you have limited time. Truth. Be ruthless. Heck, be limitless to how much you focus on that one thing.

- Remember when I said that 2016 absolutely sucked? Well, I focused for a while on Vine and racked those views up to almost a quarter million before Vine announced its impending death. Here is where it's good to have several social accounts so that you're not putting all your eggs in one basket. Anyway, Vine is not dead and from what I'm hearing is that the site will still be up so that they don't erase everyone's hard work. You will soon just not be able to make new videos. Sucky news. Totes blaming this on what? Mercury being in retrograde. Of course. I've also been told, which sounds worse, is that they will let people have time to download their videos before it becomes inoperable. What am I going to do? Put those downloaded babies on Instagram or Twitter itself... or both just to be safe. Most of you know I've been cautious with starting YouTube. I'm already a partner which means I get paid per thousand views. Vine was an easy transition because it's only six seconds of video. How badly can one really screw that up? Oh well. Onto another thought process. I might just go gangster and try that whole several minutes of video thing. 

- Thanks, 2016, for absorbing all of my articles. Not to mention, Mercury was in a hurry to give us loyal contributors time to save or transfer our articles. While I have digitally saved some of the texts, I should of really started from the beginning to print them all so you could see the images as well and then insert them into a binder. A binder full of men binder? Maybe. Shame on you for relying on digital and what you think is a completely unbreakable techy system. So basically... what had happened was (lol) is that if you click on one of my previous links, they auto-forward to homepage with none of my articles present anymore. Bring on the poopy emoji. It's totally relevant here.


- I started Instagram this year. Cue in the slow clap because you're all thinking I was roaming around with Chris Pratt in the Jurassic period of dinosaurs. I honestly started it while at The Makeup Show in the end of January. I just knew it would be another social account that I would have to keep up with. Lols. Anyway, I do like it and it's actually shorter for me to post a pic of a makeup look rather than make a lengthy YouTube video. My only advice is to hashtag the poopy emoji out of your posts if you have a public account. Kind of like Twitter. Yasss.

- Any stats before 2014 are still unavailable on Twitter and Pinterest. Could of, should of, would of kept track. Wa. Waa. Waaa.

- 2016 was an election year. Say hello to my little friend, @BiglyYOLO! You guys thought #bigly might go away. Heh. Heh. You only live once...


Again, this blogging experience has been and always will be done in the name of love. In the end, not everyone is going to understand your mission or end game and I'm here to tell you that's okay. Suck it up, honey. You're fabulous and that's all you need to know or care about. This goes for every person on the planet in every career choice known to man. You, my friend, might just be going through something. Those that are not here for a reason or a season will continue to be there throughout your lifetime.

As always and to date, I've not spent a dime on promoting any of my posts, blog or social-wise. Part of what's super cool about what I'm trying to show you is that if you have a will, there's a way. Develop your skills and give yourself some time to become the web superhero I knew you were meant to be. Any person or business with a little time and motivation can do this. Trust me. You got this, bro.

Anywho, without further adieu...

Google + Total Views........................................ 1,172,495
Twitter Impressions Sept 2014 - Dec 2016........... 469,007  
Vine Loops / Views.............................................. 193,112
Blog Views........................................................... 136,504
Pinterest Impressions Feb 2014 - Dec 2016.......... 188,584
Instagram Likes Since Jan 2016............................... 11,116

Total Views........................................................ 2,170,818


*drops mic*
*walks off stage*

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