Thursday, August 22, 2013

You go, Zendaya!

Sh sh sh shake it up, Zendaya! You go girl.
Can you believe she's only 16?!

If you're the type that believes in reincarnation or extraterrestrial cloning or something like that, then you'd definitely agree with me that Janet Jackson & Aaliyah morphed together & are living in Zendaya's soul! Any who, here is "Replay"... one of many songs that are sure to be good on her new album. Zendaya's album is to be released in September 2013. Start lining up now because it's going to be a hot seller. We can feel it.

We just love Zendaya and wish her the best in her bright future.

PS- Vote for my team in this epic reality TV beauty battle I'm in! Maybe you've heard of it. It's called Battle of the Strands, loves. 

Hair, makeup & fashion lovers unite by clicking on the green check mark here to cast your vote! 

But we're not limiting you to just that. From the above link, also feel free to like the Facebook link that's posted on our page & like our video on YouTube. The more the merrier... it all counts! I see you, baby, in cyber space.
I appreciate the heck out of you!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Maroon 5 really wants to love & paint somebody

Model: Angelica
Photo by: Justin Ross Ward
The above Maroon 5 video reminds me of this really awesome photo shoot I was able to take part in via amazing photog Justin Ward.

He's amazing & you can check out his portfolio below the picture posted. He's not only fab at taking photos, but making videos as well. I've known him for quite some time. He's good peoples.

Is it just me or do you kind of feel somewhat kinky/dirty after watching the "Love Somebody" video?! In a way, it's kind of like looking at something that should really be left in the bedroom, between two people. Does anyone know if Mr. Clean makes magic mind erasers yet? Until then, I'll just say some prayers because I can't help but push the replay button. The tune is catchy, y'all!

All I can say is I'm sure Adam Levine loved recording the video, given the whole having to slather paint all over that hot girl bod and all!

Ya' know, come to think of it...
Dirty Girl makes some awesome soaps that will not only leave you feeling cleansed, but naturally aromatherapeutic & non-carbon footprintish as well. Check out the natural loveliness here.

So, do you want the glossy eye shadow look? MAC Cosmetics used to make a gloss with an iridescent sheen to it specially made for all over the face. However, you can achieve the same look using good old Vaseline. Keep in mind though that when rocking a glossy eye, stay near a mirror or bathroom where you can touch it up to beautifully looking perfection like... all the time & constantly. Don't even think about doing your makeup, then heading out the the hottest, sweatiest club known to man only to never ever touch up your makeup all night long. You can do it, but not all night long friends. Rob Schneider would totes disapprove of your whole "I never touch up my makeup once I put it on" schtick.

Too Faced's Glitter Glaze, $21
Get it here.
A really cool product  I came across while free-lancing at Ulta Beauty would be Too Faced's Glitter Glaze, which is meant to be put on top of your rockin' eye shadow deliciousness. It will make even the most boring eye shadow look appear like a mini disco ball on your eyes and is more long wearing than the glossy eye shadow look.

One tip, however, would be to stipple it or "spot it" over your existing eye shadow look with your finger rather than using its doe foot applicator to smear it on. No one wants a smeared shadow look, peeps.

Personally, I recommend stippling with your ring finger since its widely known that your ring finger is the gentlest of them all to your delicate eye skin. No one wants wrinkles as well as damaged product because you blended like 500 shadows together with the doe foot, y'all.

Any who, enjoy your day friends. Thanks for your love & I enjoy that you enjoy reading this Bloggy Bloggerson. You are like my life line. Should you feel the need to spread your love for my love, vote for me here where I'm competing for the most epic beauty reality TV show battle of all time!

Props to Fabulous Hair by Egla, Wylder Flett, model Karina Nett & Battle of the Strands.

We combined = makes it happen!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Battle of the Strands News

Ahhh! Can you believe our work is featured?!
Check out the newest video posted by Battle of the Strands.
This is truly a dream come true...

Did you see our work when they mentioned the Orlando qualifier? Woot. Woot. What. What.
[Fist bumps, then makes it explode.]

Other Battle of the Strands news is that they've added a ton of industry icons & experts to the mix. Click here to glance at the faces behind the battle. Quick! Someone pinch me. I think I'm dreaming! To be able to meet & learn from all of these industry gurus is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who even knows where all this could lead. Should any of them read this, I am also for hire, yo! I'm never one to turn down work as I am a free-lance professional makeup artist. In fact, all the members of our team are free-lance. Hint. Hint.  ;o)

Lovenia's Place
Friends, please vote for us here by clicking on the green check mark to cast your vote. With your help, we can make it to the Vegas finals.

Furthermore, since I really have no shame... like the video on YouTube here to cast yet another vote.

Then, just when you thought I wouldn't ask any more of you, like this team photo here on Facebook & BAM!

You've now completed the voting trifecta of awesomeness.

With that being said, you can also cast your votes on all of your devices, like your computer, iPad, cell phone & the whole entire nine yards. Just consider me forever indebted to you, mmmkay?!

Mama really wants a working Vegas vacation... I'm calling it a vacation because when you love what you do, it ain't considered work!

I could do it!
I could do it all night long!
I could even do it eating green eggs
& ham, Sam I am...
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