Thursday, August 15, 2013

Battle of the Strands News

Ahhh! Can you believe our work is featured?!
Check out the newest video posted by Battle of the Strands.
This is truly a dream come true...

Did you see our work when they mentioned the Orlando qualifier? Woot. Woot. What. What.
[Fist bumps, then makes it explode.]

Other Battle of the Strands news is that they've added a ton of industry icons & experts to the mix. Click here to glance at the faces behind the battle. Quick! Someone pinch me. I think I'm dreaming! To be able to meet & learn from all of these industry gurus is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who even knows where all this could lead. Should any of them read this, I am also for hire, yo! I'm never one to turn down work as I am a free-lance professional makeup artist. In fact, all the members of our team are free-lance. Hint. Hint.  ;o)

Lovenia's Place
Friends, please vote for us here by clicking on the green check mark to cast your vote. With your help, we can make it to the Vegas finals.

Furthermore, since I really have no shame... like the video on YouTube here to cast yet another vote.

Then, just when you thought I wouldn't ask any more of you, like this team photo here on Facebook & BAM!

You've now completed the voting trifecta of awesomeness.

With that being said, you can also cast your votes on all of your devices, like your computer, iPad, cell phone & the whole entire nine yards. Just consider me forever indebted to you, mmmkay?!

Mama really wants a working Vegas vacation... I'm calling it a vacation because when you love what you do, it ain't considered work!

I could do it!
I could do it all night long!
I could even do it eating green eggs
& ham, Sam I am...

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