Thursday, January 31, 2013

Limited edition makeup news

OOOhhhh Laaaaa Laaaa!

Jonathan Adler for bareMinerals, $60
Get it Here.
Bare Escentuals teamed up with Jonathan Adler for a pre-filled, refillable, acrylic, limited edition foundation jar and matching kabuki brush!

Someone stop me from falling for all the limited edition makeup brushes. To me they are like my personal Picasso's and Andy Warhol's in a collection of which I'd value at priceless.

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette, $45
Available here.

This Technicolor palette from Make Up For Ever is perfect for spring and is available exclusively at Sephora. One could easily get sooo many looks out of just this one palette. Pack this on your vacation or spring break adventure. What happens with this palette, stays with this palette.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A response to Michelle Obama's bangs being purely democratic

When one spends any amount of time on looking up the definitions of Democratic, Republican or Diplomatic, the definitions oddly sound similar. In response to this article from Huffington Post saying that Michelle Obama's bangs are "purely democratic" in a political sense, I would beg to differ. They are actually inanimate, attached to a scalp. But, if I had to guess, we'd peg them as purely diplomatic.(I will explain later. I promise.) 

Michelle Obama looks gorgeous in Jason Wu!
AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin
Isn't it enough that our government makes a mockery of itself on a public stage? Can't we all just get along? Can't we all do something to fix this depressed economy? This recession could only be compared by the younger voters as something similar to the Great Depression where horses and bayonets once ruled. Well, I am among the young vote. I am not alone. One could consider me a swing vote based on the candidate at hand. Though my voter card might have only one political party attached to it, let's just say that both parties do things I don't agree with. "Swinger" was an unavailable choice to pick from when registering and to some it reminds them of sausage parties and other things that involve a lot of participants. I am a force to be reckoned with and I know how to Twitter. The government can only blame themselves for not banning Twitter from existing. More and more, real people's views are being heard and recognized. Over and over, the younger generation is leading more towards facts and real time opinions than biased media mogul's propaganda.

Soldiers using bayonets
This article will probably end up being pretty long-winded. I owe it to anyone who has risked themselves or their family for this great America. My grandfather fought in World War II and received a purple heart. Let's just say "Thank you" to all of them right this second. For it is only from their courage that I am able to sit behind this computer du jour and write about well... our rights. Thank you, Constitution. I'm sure that when any war was being fought, our soldiers didn't want to only save 1/2 of America. Whether you are Democrat or Republican I really don't think that was the first thing on their mind. Probably the first thing on their minds was "Send more horses and bayonets. Drones, zeppelins, muskets and militias could be really useful right about now." 

(Follow Horses and Bayonets, the Twitter account @fewerhorsesnbay here.)

I find it hilarious that media outlets pick and choose, so to speak, who exactly to promote. Read this article where media outlets credit @FirstLadysBangs for being the first Twitter account as well as @MichellesBangs. Well, as curator of the Original (meaning first) Michelle Obama's Bangs Twitter account @MObamasBangs, I promise to remain unbiased and let both side's views through. Bang lovers unite, man! It's all in good fun for the love of bangs. Several are allowed to exist, however I am a little jealous how many followers these accounts got. One could look up creation-date and time stamps on Hoot Suite. Just sayin'. Now, if we want to get technical, Cattt changed her handle to @mrsobamasbangs around the same time I created mine, but because it wasn't a new account, we actually don't have a time stamp available. Any who, she told me she changed her Twitter handle due to adoration of First Lady Obama and her haircut. I am all about giving credit where credit is due. Cattt is a cutie and you all should go follow her. I told her she needs a job in social media.

Believe it or not, some people do not know how to Twitter. Hash tags are mysterious. Do you use it? Do you not? Can you search Twitter's search bar with using spaces in between the words? Yes, yes you can. Michelle Obama's Bangs vow to re-tweet anything with the hash tag #MichelleObamasBangs attached, and several variations of these keywords.

In the end, let's all peg Michelle Obama's Bangs as "purely diplomatic" unrelated to one political party. Again, they're inanimate but attached to one very classy lady. Whether you agree with her political agenda or not, she did not rise to this power without doing something great for herself and her country. She is highly educated. Has every one forgotten her credentials? For the love of this great country, respect her. Her bangs have not forgotten 1/2 of the country because they vote Republican. They know that to be a great woman or force of power, one must remain diplomatic. Plain and simple. 

Now, let's move!

Michelle Obama's Bangs on Facebook >>> click here to like.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Catchy Twitter Disease

Are you a constant Twitterer? Have you not contracted carpal tunnel yet? Today we're talking all things Twittery. 

Long gone are the days of actual, factual media reporting. 

The media puts their own spin on things. I mean, why shouldn't they? This is America and whoever owns whatever media company we're dissecting here, they put their own blood, sweat, money and tears into their companies (much like the rest of business-owning America). Simply put, they know that if you don't like what they have to say, you don't have to tune in! (Or read it, tweet it, whatever your social media style.) Anyway, you catch my drift. Although personally I'd like to attract everyone to read my blog, I know it's not every one's cup of tea. My blog is my opinion and I have a right to express myself per our Constitution in whichever creative outlet I choose.

So, why aren't more of my friends on Twitter then? When I want to know what America thinks about something, let's bypass the media and go straight to the source... actual people. Twitter allows you to do that in a real time feed. 

On Facebook, people are less likely to say what they want on there for fear of rejection. Some are actually friends with their bosses on it and most have family members they try to not offend. Also, people find it annoying if you post all the time updating like a psycho. Furthermore, I try to keep this one account somewhat sheltered and private. I'm probably not alone on how I feel about this.

Well, that's the beauty of Twitter. People expect you to tweet whenever you feel like it and people don't get offended when you tweet a lot. Sure, maybe they think you're a marketer, but whatever! Statistics show that the average person spends around 20 minutes on Twitter. Which means to marketers that they've got 3 opportunities an hour to update their status and reach you. Keep in mind that there's also 24 hours in a day. People live internationally and some work night shifts. Shocker. So, people tweet at different hours. Duh, says the Founder and Owner at the Department of Redundancy Department. But that's neither here nor there. 

Read this article from which drives my point home further. Yes, I've got some major carpal tunnel kicking, but it's a small price to pay to hear what mainstream America has to say in real time. Where else can you find the best talk regarding political memes? No where. 

All I know is #MichelleObamasBangs rock. #BigBird likes weaponry. #MichelleObamasArms are shoulder-pressing Mittens. #CabinetsFullOfMen are much roomier than #BindersFullOfMen, and #HorsesandBayonets dig #BarackObamasBangs. Wait! You mean you haven't seen Obama's bangs? Click here.

Enjoy your day, but enjoy it much more when you follow all the above political meme accounts.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun With Translucent Loose Powder

There you are. 

You've got a huge jar of translucent loose powder and you're wondering:

a) Why did the cosmetic company make the jar so big,


b) What ever can I do with all this powder?

Instead of opting for a Ben Franklin in a wig look and short of becoming a circus clown, here are some ideas on how to use it.

Dark Eye Shadows: It's super simple to mess up when applying dark shadows. Sometimes I recommend novices do their shadow first, then apply foundation. That way you can remove the eye shadow falloff that's sure to go under your eye. There is nothing worse than getting dark under eye looking circles, especially when God himself didn't create them. Should you still choose to do your foundation first (like I do), lightly lay some loose translucent powder under the eye so when you go to brush the shadow crumbs off it will actually come off. Voila! Time wasters eliminated.

Lipstick: Very lightly dust translucent loose powder over your lipstick to increase it's staying power.

Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil, $20
Get bareMinerals here.

Foundationed Skin: Translucent loose powder will set your foundation and make it more long-wearing. Why translucent? We don't want to deposit extra color on top of your already made up face's work of art.

Hair: If you're out of baby powder, a little of this loose powder magic will curb your hair's oiliness. Simply dust sparingly into your hand, then apply to roots and rub it in. (Or you will look like Ben Franklin.) Giving your hair some powder, a really quick blow dry and flip upside down will make you look like you just took the best shower of your life. (Just remember the perfume spray, too... or people will be in on our little secret.)

Plain Skin: Translucent loose powder takes away your shininess.

Unwearable Colors: We all have strange colors of loose powders laying around that we aren't exactly sold on. Try adding a little translucent powder to lighten the shade to make it wearable. Furthermore, if you hate sparkling like Ke$ha, add a little powder to the color to mattify it. Who's the circus clown now? Not you.


Friday, January 11, 2013

2013- The Year of Sweet Somethings

Happy New Year, friends! 

I hope that you had a very blessed holiday season and that your kids didn't put up too much of a fight to go back to the daily grind of school. Man O Man. Adults everywhere wish they could have just a couple weeks off! Oh, to be a kid again, especially in this day and age. The succubus literally took the money out of my pocket and rightfully distributed into the hands of Nintendo shareholders.

Any who... I'm happy to be back writing, even though we haven't totally updated my status of transient computer borrower. One day I plan to re-enact the Office Space movie printer scene. Man, it would feel good to be a gangster. Watch this closely around the 4:00 mark and I make a cameo I swear. Or at least in my dreams I did. So, what's the point to this? The point is that today I will stalk my post office lady because she's carrying with her Smeagol's ring... or my disk I had to order from Dell, that is. Hey! Whatever happened to that Dell commercial guy? Last I knew or remember of him is that he really liked the time 4:20. Heh. Heh. I'm here all night. Adamantly trying to fix my computer, that is!

If you don't love the above Calvin Harris Sweet Nothing remix I've been jamming out to lately, try out this Sweet Nothing Cover by SUNN. She is waaayyyy talented in my opinion. Why has she not become a superstar yet? Or has she been signed and I didn't receive the memo? If you've got answers, comment! Inquiring minds want to know.

Let's turn 2013 into a sweet something. 

I am so sick of sweet nothings. Always remember nothing will turn into something if you don't will it to. Sometimes it's hard to ignore the sweet nothings. This group includes the bullies, haters, bad boyfriends and general nay-sayers who simply choose to disregard your awesomeness. Ignore them as they should have no relevance in your world of you. What do you think about yourself? This is truly what's important and remains the driving force behind all your accomplishments. 

If you can't seem to compliment yourself, leave some encouraging words or pictures on your bathroom mirror to remind you. Visualizing yourself as how you'd want to be in the future is ideal. No one cares about the past but yourself. Plus, it's your past and doesn't define who you are today or what you are to become tomorrow. Visualization leads to thoughts, which lead to inspired thoughts. Inspired thoughts lead you into action. 

So, dream. Believe. Then, achieve. Happy New Year! Let's make 2013 fabulous and EXACTLY how we want it.

#youcandoit    #youcandoitallnightlong
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