Friday, June 27, 2014

Work Harder With Ryka

Play hard and work harder with 
Ryka fitness shoes!

Made exclusively for women, I bet you didn't know this about Ryka...

Ryka knows that a woman’s foot shape, muscle movement and skeletal structure are all inherently different from a man’s. The “Q-angle”(quadricep angle) – the anatomical relationship between the hip and knee – measures 5–7 degrees greater for women than men. As a result, women tend to shift more weight to the outside of their feet which leads to over-pronation, instability at foot strike and higher risk of injury. All Ryka sneakers, including Ryka walking shoes, are designed and developed taking into account a woman’s unique fit needs.

Score one for womankind!

Women's Influence, $79.99
Get it here.

Women's Precision, $74.99
Get it here.

Women's Devotion, $79.99
Get it here.

Women's Flextra, $69.99
Get it here.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dancing In Heels

As a girl, can you even dance like that in heels?!
Mind = Blown

UrbanHalos Are Super Comfy

Are you growing out your bangs? Or exercising? Or maybe just trying to look totally cute while sporting your long hair who simply looks like it doesn't care? You, too, can rock a headband in style with UrbanHalo. Please allow me to tell you, friends, that these are the only headbands that don't make my head hurt. They also don't slip off constantly and can offer different widths all with the exact same headband. Basically stated, UrbanHalos are my jam du jour. Take a look at all the different combinations they come in and then snag a few for yourself. The colors alone make them a staple in my hair drawer at all times. If you're the exercising type, you'll also love that they're washable. Enjoy!

UrbanHalo Headbands, $15
Shop them here.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Too Faced's Smitten Kitten Launch

Who's so excited for this?!

On June 17th, Too Faced Cosmetics will launch Smitten Kitten, a ferociously feminine Fall collection.

Shop Too Faced here.

Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette, $36
Shadow & Liner Collection

Traveling With Kids

What? No googling park times, ehh?!
Traveling with kids in tow can be a seriously daunting task, so much so that you might need a vacation from your vacation when you finally get back home.

Between remembering to pack everything you'd need for the trip right down to planning how to save money while booking the hotel lies the not-so-glamorous parts of vacationing that parents would rather not remember.

With all that being said, us parents find our vacations worth it once we've got a little sand between our toes. Heck, we'd do anything to make our kids smile. It's priceless. Fear not, friends. We've compiled a list of travel things you might like to try to make for easier excursions. Dare we say this list is priceless? We think so...

Daddy Diaper Pack by Daddy & Co. / $69.95
Get it here.
This Daddy Diaper Pack is super cool.

First off, its simple black color is perfect for dads and matches everything. Next, it's got an insulated cooler pocket as well as a fleece lined pocket perfect for sunglasses and such. This backpack also comes equipped with mesh side pockets for those thousands of sippy cups, bottles and Capri Suns you're sure to be traveling with. It's even got a skater strap across the bottom which comes in handy for hanging sand pails, flip flops, wet clothes & hats.

Parents can never have enough hands, y'all...

Quick, Daddy! Check your backpack for dry clothes!

Back Seat Organizer by Prince Lionheart / $24.99
Available in Black & Brown at Babies R Us
Get it here.

This back seat organizer can keep your kids happy and maintain your sanity during long car trips.


Complete with pockets galore for storing everything from bottles to books, we also love that it will protect your back seat from dirty feet marks.

Aaaahh! Hopefully this won't happen to you!

Bottle Warmer by Prince Lionheart / $17
Get it here from Babies R Us.

Bottle warmers without the use of electricity or batteries?

Get out of town! Seriously, get out of town and travel for hours erstwhile keeping your bottles or baby food warm.

Not so despicable vacations...

Bubble Bum Booster Seat / $29.99
Available In-Store at Walmart & Target
Get it here.

Long gone are the days where you had to worry about strapping your kids correctly into rental cars, taxis, or even a small back seat.

Today we introduce you to the coolest invention ever, Bubble Bum.

Bubble Bum is an inflatable car booster seat that comes in a bag for easy, space saving travel. It's even got straps which ensure your little ones a comfortable yet correctly positioned seat belt. Also, if you've got a small back seat or traveling with multiple kids, you'll notice its slim design knocks off multiple inches in width for accommodating some comfortable wiggle room.

Fishing really sounded like a great idea at the time...

Portable Easy Seat by Cozy Cover / $18.99
Get it here.
Check out this genius here, too!

Are you staying in a hotel anytime soon? Most times they don't offer high chairs. Put your mind at ease with this portable high chair.

Genius a.k.a. letting your dog help...

Headed to the beach or park? Cozy Cover your baby for ultimate fun-in-the-sun good times. Now available in a combo pack at Walmart, Cozy Cover comes in four different colors that protect baby from the sun, bugs, and rain. Cozy Cover also fits all makes of infant carriers.

Cozy Cover Combo Pack / $24.95
Get it here.

Difrax Pacifier 2-pk / $5.99
Available at Babies R Us Nationwide
Get them here.
Finally, don't forget the pacifiers! 

Be sure to bring reinforcements as well! Difrax makes amazing classic and orthodontic pacifiers that come in two-packs perfect for traveling. Not only do these pacifiers not block the nose airways, but they also come in really cool patterns. 

Take a gander...

Enjoy your travels, friends.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Shades Of Blue With JustFab

Want to know more about the styles featured in this Vine?

Enchanted in Teal
Endeavor in Mint

Clarabelle in Cobalt
Mindie in Blue

Hey, girl. Let me love you in those shoes. We already know you love yourself in them. Don't be afraid because I can help you out with all of that. I just want to be the one to remind you what it is to smile...

wearing just fabulous shoes, of course...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Join The 5-Free Nail Polish Movement

Maybe you've heard the term 5-Free or 3-Free with regards to nail polishes and quite possibly you were too scared to ask someone to define what it actually means. Congratulations because you've come to the right place, without having to face an intimidating beauty counter to get an accurate answer. We took it upon ourselves to go straight to an awesome source for direct yet correct information on the topic. Today our friends at Londontown USA divulge! Score one for nail polish lovers everywhere. Enjoy!

The Spring 2014 Collection by Londontown USA
Shop them here.

Why is everyone joining in the 5-Free nail polish movement? What could happen to us from using normal polish that is not 5-Free?

Nail polish is generally considered to be one of the most toxic beauty products; the fumes alone give away how hazardous some polishes can be. Research has found that Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor harm health, are linked to cancer, asthma and a host of other dangerous conditions. In fact the known carcinogen (formaldehyde) and the two reproductive toxins (dibutyl phthalate or DBP and toluene) have been banned for use in cosmetics by the European Union since 2004. It's time US brands caught up.

Camden Chic

Research shows that chemicals like DBP and toluene can act as endocrine disruptors and impact healthy prenatal development and because girls are now exposed to them from many sources they may play a role in the increasing rate of early puberty. To make a long story short, we now have a chance to reduce our exposure to these dangerous ingredients by using 5-Free nail polish. As you know Londontown is 5-Free.

Portobello Plum

However, we didn't stop there. Besides removing the big 5 carcinogenic ingredients, our team of chemists have also removed all other harmful toxic chemicals that are typically found in nail polish. What most people don’t realize is that toxins not only affect health but they also strip nails of their natural nutrients causing them to weaken, dry and break. In addition to stripping the toxins, we infused lakur with our uniquely formulated family remedy, containing a blend of vitamins, minerals and vegetable protein, basically adding nourishment and hydration to nails while wearing polish. Our chemists have also done away with wheat and animal protein but preserved strength by enhancing with vegetable protein, keeping Londontown vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. Londontown hopes our twofold approach of removing toxins and infusing polish with healing ingredients will make everyone think twice about their health and head straight for Londontown when they are in need of a hot color!

Secret Garden Posh

What's in store for Londontown USA this upcoming year? Anything exciting readers should know about? 

Londontown has a lot of exciting things coming out this year. Fans should look out for our metallics and glitters launching Fall of 2014 and a huge surprise that we can't reveal just yet launching Winter of 2015!

This news excites us!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Just Spotted Fashion: Vanessa Hudgens In Chinese Laundry

Vanessa Hudgens on May 23, 2014
Fame Flynet Pictures

This is Sparta!

Recently Vanessa Hudgens was spotted sporting a tall, block heeled gladiator sandal while running errands in Studio City, California. This gladiator is timeless, edgy, neutral, shows off some skin and we love it.

Thankfully, we've tracked this shoe down and we're happy to report that you can get yourself the exact same pair from Chinese Laundry. This shoe below, pictured in Nut, also comes in colors Gold and Black. Enjoy! This is Spaaaaarrrrrtaaaa....

Clarity by Chinese Laundry, $119.95
Get it here.

Beautifully Voiced Man Problems

Guys! Guys have love problems, too. Some of these dudes want you to sing with them, heal their broken heart by staying with them or some will even go as far as to ask you to wear their American Apparel underwear. I don't know, but you can gander at these videos and see in full swing what emotions they're dealing with. Enjoy, friends. Don't forget to fangirl. I know you won't. Now I'm going to close my eyes and imagine Edward Cullen, the most caring man of all time, belt these babies out to me. Ugh. No need to remind me he's a fictional character. Dreams can happen and are possible...

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