Friday, June 27, 2014

Work Harder With Ryka

Play hard and work harder with 
Ryka fitness shoes!

Made exclusively for women, I bet you didn't know this about Ryka...

Ryka knows that a woman’s foot shape, muscle movement and skeletal structure are all inherently different from a man’s. The “Q-angle”(quadricep angle) – the anatomical relationship between the hip and knee – measures 5–7 degrees greater for women than men. As a result, women tend to shift more weight to the outside of their feet which leads to over-pronation, instability at foot strike and higher risk of injury. All Ryka sneakers, including Ryka walking shoes, are designed and developed taking into account a woman’s unique fit needs.

Score one for womankind!

Women's Influence, $79.99
Get it here.

Women's Precision, $74.99
Get it here.

Women's Devotion, $79.99
Get it here.

Women's Flextra, $69.99
Get it here.

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