Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Do I Wanna Know What Day It Is

What day is it? What day is it?
Hump Daaaye! Jam out to these songs erstwhile riding a camel, horses and bayonets or sharks with laser beams. It's totes your choice as we like them all...

Giddy up...

PS- Do any of these videos remind you of Bates Motel or Heffalumps?!
One ponders...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Superman With A GoPro

I just can't even begin to wrap my head 
around how these guys made this video! 
We're not worthy to even be watching this. Seriously.


Find your inner Superman. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Limited Edition Fragrance News, Zombie Apocolypse Style

The Zombie Apocolypse is here, friends...

Shop Demeter here.

We recently tried Zombie for Her and it's more amazing than we ever could of imagined. To describe it, it's extremely earthy but with a floral undertone. It's a very elegant scent. Allow it to mix with your skin. You could totally rock it in the Spring or well into the summer. The floral is not sweet, but grounded. With a hint of Mother Nature to boot.

Demeter describes the Zombie fragrances like this:

Zombie for Her: "Think forest floor. Zombie for Her is a combination of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth with a touch of Dregs from the bottom of the wine barrel for that feminine touch."

Zombie for Him: "Death and Decay on the forest floor. Zombie for Him is a combination of dead and dying vegetation, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth."

Satchel Paige said "Ain’t no man can avoid being born average, but there ain’t no man got to be common." At Demeter, we say "No one can avoid being a Zombie, but no Zombie has to smell dead and decayed".

Enjoy, and start your zombie prepping 
like the Discovery Channel. 

At all costs, blend in if you're still human! 
Demeter Fragrance can help!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

YOLO: Blogger Vlogger Richness

People always wonder this stuff. How does one make money to blog or vlog? Some question my motivation to blog, either directly to my face or behind Mister Ed's back. The simple answer is that in America, if you're really, really good at something, you'll get rewarded for your efforts. The plan with this blog is not to be mediocre. Obviously. I'm not boarding the crazy town bus to suck at life. Where some people go wrong, though, is by not being patient enough. I'm coming to terms nowadays that maybe my daughter could get handed down a really cool business, if that career path is the route she so desires. My son loves him some EvanTube as well and is quite the cute character even without cameras being pointed in his general direction. Everything on the net is written by someone meanwhile print advertising is suffering a slow, painful death. So, why not cash in on it?

Make it rain!

The first problem I had about working for myself, such as in a business owner status, is that I had no one to market to. I learned that through a fist-full of failures. Now I'm smarter. Huge thank you for following shout outs to my Twitter peoples, as well as to my other readers to whom I credit my success this far to. Without you, I'd just be a huge weirdo with no one to talk to! I appreciate the heck out of every single one of you. Any who... For my business in particular, there are sites you can advertise on, only to have to shell out a good couple hundred dollars a month for second and third page ad placements. The advertising contracts also make you sell your soul to the Devil on a yearly basis. Meanwhile, the results are not guaranteed. Honestly, do you ever flip through to pages 2 & 3? It's real nonsense & since these companies keep allowing the first page businesses to renew their contract every stinking year, it's also pointless. I don't live in a fashion capital of the world, either. So, I fill in my gaps of booked business by working retail. I am not ashamed and know about all the newest makeup releases before the general public does. Yay! I also get to help women by the hundreds almost every day I work. This in itself is super rewarding. But you know what is also fantastically rewarding? Helping people online through my writing. I can reach way more people within a couple of key strokes and don't even have to spend money on fossil fuels. Furthermore, do you want to know what else is relatably rewarding? Not having to spend money on marketing since I've learned the skills to do it myself.


Anyway, the point is that I'd much rather sit at home making residuals than anything else. There is a high amount of stress that comes with cosmetic sales and needing to make your goal for the day. Some days I really have to psych myself up to get into that mindset, as well as drink a Rockstar, as well as make pigs fly. Then, right after that, I kiss my kids goodbye knowing I'm missing fabulous weekend time with them as they grow up.

If I can master the tech or computer skills needed to be an online success in this stinky economy, I'd welcome even an extra $100 a month. Now, if I can also have a $50k salary a year, not even $1 million a year, I'd be a happy camper. Please divulge if you know of any $50k a year jobs that are actually hiring because I'd seriously apply to them.

The bottom line is I'm helping my family try to get ahead however I can meanwhile keeping my toddler out of daycare for the time being. While there's a good possibility that I might not become successful myself (it's simple statistics), at least I can pass on these digital marketing skills to my kids for whatever they want to do with their lives. Kids are really up on their tech, but just imagine if their parent had madder skills than them. Surely Evan from EvanTube isn't editing his own videos yet. His parents have got to be helping him as well as slowly teaching him. Now, back to the point. If my kids are fish, I am bursting their fishbowl open to an endless ocean of Internet possibilities. Learning from Mommy is the name of the game we're currently playing. Trust me when I tell you that if you think there are a ton of Internetty jobs available now, there will be quadruple that by the time my kids graduate. Ain't no one holding my babies back from their dreams. They want a website? Fine. I can now make it. They want some cool graphics? Done and dunnerer. They want awesome video editing? Please go ask EvanTube's dad! One day I'll hopefully have that down, too. The bottom line is I want my kids to have a better life than I did. By the way, mine wasn't even bad. I'm just trying to make some young money in order to make it to old money status. Tune Chi. And YOLO.

The Internet party, that is...

I might not have money yet, but I have heart. I believe in optimism, the power of dreams, and the ability to be able to make it in America. It's actually all I have. Sorry about that. Not.


You can't hate the player if you're not even in the game, and winning. 
Tech and Internet masters unite!

Have a fab day, friends.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Bright Music Playlist

Obviously we're fans of color.

For that, we compiled a playlist on YouTube containing every brightly colored music video that we could think of. Please feel free to comment if you have another video you think we should add. The more, the merrier. Furthermore, feel free to subscribe to my channel, even though there's barely anything on it yet! Lol. Rock on. Jam out!

Mad Love,

Celebrity Mommies, Earth Day Style

Happy Earth Day, friends!

Want to know about three celebrity moms making an eco-friendly difference?

They are none other than Jessica Alba, Alicia Silverstone & Gisele Bundchen. Click here to read a pretty amazing article which details their efforts in full.

“Involving children in gardening and cooking is another great way to inspire eco-friendly living," says Alba. "Caring for the plants in our herb wall garden helps Honor understand the steps to growing food (including patience!), how it ultimately lands on her plate, and about being a good steward of the planet.”
“The Kind Life is an interactive extension of my book, “The Kind Diet”, which is about living your healthiest and happiest life to the fullest, while taking care of mama Earth at the same time!,” Alicia writes on her eco-friendly blog.

"Look, when I was growing up my sisters and I wore hand-me-downs and am now doing the same thing," Gisele shared. "This all goes back to my motto: Reduce, recycle and reuse. The more we buy the more we encourage the manufacturers to produce more stuff.” is one of the most popular blogs on the topic and the foremost provider of everything celebrity-baby, featuring baby fashion, baby names, baby trends and up-to-the-minute celebrity baby gossip and pics. Get all the latest news, updates, and photos about Hollywood’s most beloved celebrity moms, dads and their babies. Give this blog a read! You won't regret it. We promise.

Enjoy Earth Day, friends!
Don't forget to be kind to our planet. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Who's so excited for this?!

Hopefully these videos can hold you over until the US premiere...


Monday, April 14, 2014

Kid Perfect Picnics

Dotty Cool Denim Outfit, $29.95
NOW $15
Shop FabKids here.
The sun is out and parents everywhere feel like playing about as much as their little ones do! How about a nice picnic to enjoy some fun in the sun? Whether you're playgrounding or beaching it up, these cute picks have you covered in the cool parenting department. Enjoy!

Pineapple Sweet Outfit, $29.95
NOW $15
Shop FabKids here.

FabKids makes an array of playground perfect, comfy clothes for sizes 2T & up. While you're at it, pick the above outfits so your kids can match. You'll never lose sight of these coordinated wonders when your kids are on the playground. Smart indeed, and very fab. Of course.

Fruit Filled Waffle Cones

These waffle cones are a super healthy alternative to ice cream and you don't even have to go throw anything away. To master this crispy parenting coolness, pack the cones and the fruit separately until you've reached your destination. Then serve and enjoy. Top that with some awesome sauce, baby. Yeah.

Reusable food pouches are Einstein-type genius. Pack them with smoothies, yogurts, puddings or even homemade baby food. Cheers to not making messes. Yay!

Squeez'Ems by BooginHead, 2 pk, $9.50
Get them here.

Let's Lasso the Moon Blog
Get the recipe here.

I've not encountered a kid who doesn't like watermelon or slushies. 

Make this recipe out of simple honey and watermelon. The article also mentions about how you can keep them cubed and frozen until you get where you're going. Cubed watermelon = Instant ice packs in your cooler. 

That's awesome, might I add.

The Everywhere PlayMAT by Prince Lionheart, $23.99
Reversible City / Farm Scene Featured
Get it here.

Ants in your pants? Not a chance. 

Pack up a few hot wheels and you've got yourself a picnic toy you can sit on. The Everywhere PlayMAT by Prince Lionheart folds and comes in a cute tote for easy carrying. It's also double sided for double the playing fun.

Spinach Sticks
Get the recipe here.

Kids love crispy phyllo.

We love that these spinach sticks take a fraction of the time to make compared to their Greek Spanakopita counterparts.

Plus, you don't need silverware of any kind. What does the fox say about your picnic? Pa pow pow pow pow pow pow.

More coordinated cuteness awaits below! These are the FabKids outfits we picked for the month. The material is sooo soft and the kids love the colors. Bubby girl consistently tries to wear her jumpsuit on a daily basis. Yup, she's in the stage of trying on different clothes all day long. Wish me and the washing machine luck. We totally need it...

Electric Jungle Outfit, $29.95
NOW $15
Shop FabKids here.
Jungle Fashionista Outfit, $29.95
NOW $15
Shop FabKids here.

Quinoa Salad with Apples & Almonds
Get the recipe here.

Now take a gander at this Quinoa Salad.

We're digitally eating it all right now, baby. Yeah. Quinoa is super rich in protein, by the way. It also has a crunchy texture that kids and parents alike are sure to enjoy eating. Publix Greenwise stores have a variation of this salad in the deli that comes pre-made and is also delicious. Time savers unite!

Crescent Dogs on a Stick
Get the recipe here.

Another kid fave that could be perfect for picnics involves hot dogs wrapped in Pillsbury croissant rolls.

You could put them on a stick, add cheese or even use Lil' Smokies to make smaller ones.

Enjoy kid perfect picnicking, friends!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cosplaying Captain America

I am such a dork. Let's just start right there. I could watch anything comics related over, and over, and over again. The kids have all the shields and helmets (and mjolnirs) from basically every Marvel character known to man and every once in a while I'm tempted to put one on and go about my day as a regular crazy individual. Could you imagine it?!

The Captain America Shot
Sasaki Time
Anyway, the point is that my fangirl ways never stop. Look at this cool layered shot recipe that you could drink every time you think Scarlett Johansson looks hot. Grab a seat because in this new movie you're sure to get hammered like Thor. Put your mjolnirs in the air if you're pickin' up what Odin is throwin' down to Earth.

For this recipe, you need to slowly pour the liquid in the shot glass. Start with grenadine, then creme de cacao & then blue curacao. Serve just like that, without shaking it all around.

Oh, wait! You don't drink? No problem! Check out this recipe here that would be perfect for just about any occasion. It involves Sprite, cranberry juice & blue Gatorade. Yummo.

May 2014 Issue
Craig McDean exclusively for Vanity Fair

Finally, read this article where Scarlett explains that if you want something, you have to go get it. We can dig it. 

We don't just dig it, Scarlett... we totes heart it. Drake just told me that's my motto as well. Oh, yeah. That and Y.O.L.O....


Get it, girl! Congrats on the pregnancy, by the way. Welcome to the club.


Jazz hands & Captain America helmets,
~ J ~

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rita Ora Never Lets Me Down

There is something ahh-mazing about this video. Either it's the beat, Rita Ora's totes natural gorgeyness or the lyrics. Do some examining yourself and drop a comment if you can pinpoint it!

Thomas Whiteside / Elle UK

Also, check out Rita in Elle UK's May issue. Get the inside deets about her shoot here, straight from her stylist. Your fangirling ways begin now. Yay!

Friday, April 4, 2014

FabKids To Crown The Queen Of Twirl

This is so exciting! 

FabKids is having a video contest to crown the Queen of Twirl! Simply film your FabGirl with your smart phone twirling in a FabKid dress or her favorite skirt to win. More details can be found on the FabKids Facebook page. Contest ends April 11th.

Work it, girls! Let your inner princess shine.

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