Monday, April 14, 2014

Kid Perfect Picnics

Dotty Cool Denim Outfit, $29.95
NOW $15
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The sun is out and parents everywhere feel like playing about as much as their little ones do! How about a nice picnic to enjoy some fun in the sun? Whether you're playgrounding or beaching it up, these cute picks have you covered in the cool parenting department. Enjoy!

Pineapple Sweet Outfit, $29.95
NOW $15
Shop FabKids here.

FabKids makes an array of playground perfect, comfy clothes for sizes 2T & up. While you're at it, pick the above outfits so your kids can match. You'll never lose sight of these coordinated wonders when your kids are on the playground. Smart indeed, and very fab. Of course.

Fruit Filled Waffle Cones

These waffle cones are a super healthy alternative to ice cream and you don't even have to go throw anything away. To master this crispy parenting coolness, pack the cones and the fruit separately until you've reached your destination. Then serve and enjoy. Top that with some awesome sauce, baby. Yeah.

Reusable food pouches are Einstein-type genius. Pack them with smoothies, yogurts, puddings or even homemade baby food. Cheers to not making messes. Yay!

Squeez'Ems by BooginHead, 2 pk, $9.50
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Let's Lasso the Moon Blog
Get the recipe here.

I've not encountered a kid who doesn't like watermelon or slushies. 

Make this recipe out of simple honey and watermelon. The article also mentions about how you can keep them cubed and frozen until you get where you're going. Cubed watermelon = Instant ice packs in your cooler. 

That's awesome, might I add.

The Everywhere PlayMAT by Prince Lionheart, $23.99
Reversible City / Farm Scene Featured
Get it here.

Ants in your pants? Not a chance. 

Pack up a few hot wheels and you've got yourself a picnic toy you can sit on. The Everywhere PlayMAT by Prince Lionheart folds and comes in a cute tote for easy carrying. It's also double sided for double the playing fun.

Spinach Sticks
Get the recipe here.

Kids love crispy phyllo.

We love that these spinach sticks take a fraction of the time to make compared to their Greek Spanakopita counterparts.

Plus, you don't need silverware of any kind. What does the fox say about your picnic? Pa pow pow pow pow pow pow.

More coordinated cuteness awaits below! These are the FabKids outfits we picked for the month. The material is sooo soft and the kids love the colors. Bubby girl consistently tries to wear her jumpsuit on a daily basis. Yup, she's in the stage of trying on different clothes all day long. Wish me and the washing machine luck. We totally need it...

Electric Jungle Outfit, $29.95
NOW $15
Shop FabKids here.
Jungle Fashionista Outfit, $29.95
NOW $15
Shop FabKids here.

Quinoa Salad with Apples & Almonds
Get the recipe here.

Now take a gander at this Quinoa Salad.

We're digitally eating it all right now, baby. Yeah. Quinoa is super rich in protein, by the way. It also has a crunchy texture that kids and parents alike are sure to enjoy eating. Publix Greenwise stores have a variation of this salad in the deli that comes pre-made and is also delicious. Time savers unite!

Crescent Dogs on a Stick
Get the recipe here.

Another kid fave that could be perfect for picnics involves hot dogs wrapped in Pillsbury croissant rolls.

You could put them on a stick, add cheese or even use Lil' Smokies to make smaller ones.

Enjoy kid perfect picnicking, friends!

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