Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year: I Publish My Blog Stats Part Two

Hey, world! Happy New Year!

New year, new number. Another day, another dollar. 

Welcome to part deux of me publishing my blog stats. We're hoping to not stop the feeling and do this yearly since we've put that time in and went through the grueling first four years. We're making an extra effort to show you yearly growth since now we're at a point that it's getting exponential year versus year. We'll go into detail later. We promise. We're super excited and I truly appreciate all of you- friends, followers and readers alike.

Anyway, craziness in 2016 ensued and I kind of sort of took a very long sabbatical on writing regularly. But this is why your social presence is important. Writing amazing? Hashtag no. Again, everyone has a different creative process. I refuse to write when I'm not supercalifragilistic feeling expialidocious. However, it's a new year and I'm back. Please accept my writing hiatus apology. I love yous guys!

Scars make you beautiful and sometimes life happens. Sometimes the poopy emoji happens. But your circumstances will never define you, friends. Anyone that knows me personally knows that 2016 absolutely sucked. Major life events happened meanwhile it seemed like Mercury was in retrograde the whole friggin' year. At least that's what I'm continuing to name adverse circumstances. Feel free to do the same. Lols. Cover up the pain and cut her woes away because cover girls don't cry after their face is made.

In that same breath, pain has made me stronger. It's forced me to become more focused. I'm also getting to know what I'm capable of regardless of any given situation. In that same breath of suckiness, I've deepened friendships and advanced my career. I'm very thankful for that.

JK. I've always had one.

It's weird because most of you only know me as an online presence. But I'm proud to say that I'm continuing to work in-store doing what I love... makeup. I'm busy not thinking about me and my suckiness. I'm teaching women to feel confident and beautiful through the power of makeup. We're all special, friends. I'd be such a dim light if I didn't get to meet so many amazing women by doing their makeup as a pro artist. There's an inherent reason why I meet women. I feel like there's a greater purpose here than just making myself happy. Yes, there are days I'm not happy. But I leave that in the parking lot and look forward to meeting women in droves. One cried in my chair. One said I made her day. Another told me about her divorce, another about the loss of her baby, another about the loss of her job. It's society's job I believe to throw some positivity into their life. In a way, these women are healing me. Women need to group together, man. I thoroughly thank my girlfriends and family who were there for me to remind me who I am. I'm forever indebted to their kindness during a time when I was so fragile a gentle wind could of blown me away.

Now... onto the disclaimers, disclaimers, disclaimers before the numbers, numbers, numbers.


- I'm still not tracking Facebook. It's not you, Facebook. It's Twitter. We're in a serious relationship and sometimes you've got to make choices with regards to what your favorite marketing channel actually is. Focus on one, especially if you have limited time. Truth. Be ruthless. Heck, be limitless to how much you focus on that one thing.

- Remember when I said that 2016 absolutely sucked? Well, I focused for a while on Vine and racked those views up to almost a quarter million before Vine announced its impending death. Here is where it's good to have several social accounts so that you're not putting all your eggs in one basket. Anyway, Vine is not dead and from what I'm hearing is that the site will still be up so that they don't erase everyone's hard work. You will soon just not be able to make new videos. Sucky news. Totes blaming this on what? Mercury being in retrograde. Of course. I've also been told, which sounds worse, is that they will let people have time to download their videos before it becomes inoperable. What am I going to do? Put those downloaded babies on Instagram or Twitter itself... or both just to be safe. Most of you know I've been cautious with starting YouTube. I'm already a partner which means I get paid per thousand views. Vine was an easy transition because it's only six seconds of video. How badly can one really screw that up? Oh well. Onto another thought process. I might just go gangster and try that whole several minutes of video thing. 

- Thanks, 2016, for absorbing all of my articles. Not to mention, Mercury was in a hurry to give us loyal contributors time to save or transfer our articles. While I have digitally saved some of the texts, I should of really started from the beginning to print them all so you could see the images as well and then insert them into a binder. A binder full of men binder? Maybe. Shame on you for relying on digital and what you think is a completely unbreakable techy system. So basically... what had happened was (lol) is that if you click on one of my previous links, they auto-forward to homepage with none of my articles present anymore. Bring on the poopy emoji. It's totally relevant here.


- I started Instagram this year. Cue in the slow clap because you're all thinking I was roaming around with Chris Pratt in the Jurassic period of dinosaurs. I honestly started it while at The Makeup Show in the end of January. I just knew it would be another social account that I would have to keep up with. Lols. Anyway, I do like it and it's actually shorter for me to post a pic of a makeup look rather than make a lengthy YouTube video. My only advice is to hashtag the poopy emoji out of your posts if you have a public account. Kind of like Twitter. Yasss.

- Any stats before 2014 are still unavailable on Twitter and Pinterest. Could of, should of, would of kept track. Wa. Waa. Waaa.

- 2016 was an election year. Say hello to my little friend, @BiglyYOLO! You guys thought #bigly might go away. Heh. Heh. You only live once...


Again, this blogging experience has been and always will be done in the name of love. In the end, not everyone is going to understand your mission or end game and I'm here to tell you that's okay. Suck it up, honey. You're fabulous and that's all you need to know or care about. This goes for every person on the planet in every career choice known to man. You, my friend, might just be going through something. Those that are not here for a reason or a season will continue to be there throughout your lifetime.

As always and to date, I've not spent a dime on promoting any of my posts, blog or social-wise. Part of what's super cool about what I'm trying to show you is that if you have a will, there's a way. Develop your skills and give yourself some time to become the web superhero I knew you were meant to be. Any person or business with a little time and motivation can do this. Trust me. You got this, bro.

Anywho, without further adieu...

Google + Total Views........................................ 1,172,495
Twitter Impressions Sept 2014 - Dec 2016........... 469,007  
Vine Loops / Views.............................................. 193,112
Blog Views........................................................... 136,504
Pinterest Impressions Feb 2014 - Dec 2016.......... 188,584
Instagram Likes Since Jan 2016............................... 11,116

Total Views........................................................ 2,170,818


*drops mic*
*walks off stage*

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