Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Amazing Makeup Removers

If there's nothing you hate more than taking off your makeup, then this is for you. Surely you've tried a makeup remover before that made your eyes sting like crazy. Fret not, friends. You don't need to be punished anymore for your makeup wearing ways. Below are a few favorite makeup removers that we absolutely love. We're also happy to report that they're fantastic for sensitive skin or eyes. Enjoy!

Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense, $34
Gentle Biphase Eye Makeup Remover
Get it here.
Chanel's amazing makeup remover can even take off waterproof makeup and that's really saying a lot. You'll enjoy the price point and that it contains soothing rose water extract.

Don't forget to gently shake before applying to your cotton pads.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil, $30
Get it here.
MAC Cosmetics makes a mean cleansing oil that is not only a makeup remover, but also a facial wash for sensitive and dry skin types. MAC also makes it in a travel size which is available through their online website for $10. To properly use the product, apply the oil to your made up face, and start rubbing it in. Next, splash some water on it to take it off. Voila! No more oil. The second this product mixes with water, it becomes a milk.

Also, if you live in a snowy area of the world, you should really try this product as your face wash. It's amazing. Furthermore, if you happen to wear theater stage makeup, longwear lipsticks or even face paint quite regularly, this product can take off anything in its path.

It's quite common in the beauty industry to hear this one, too...

"Oh, it's an oil. I don't want an oil on my face!" 
"Where's the oil-free stuff?!"

Hold on a second right there. In order for something to be waterproof, it needs to fear water. What does that better than something that contains an oil? Oils also do an effective job of breaking down other oils. Period.

You are an avenging Marvel comic meanwhile your waterproof makeup is clearly forming a Justice League on your face. Your epic beauty battle rages on.

Sometimes if you strip your skin of the oil it needs to stay healthy and function, it can have a reaction and produce more oil than there was in the first place. Again, a lot of this depends on your skin type and most times figuring out your skin care still takes several trials and errors. Skin also changes as the seasons change. Wah. Wah. Wah.

Napoleon Perdis Marshmallow Foaming Makeup Remover, $25
Get it here.
Napoleon Perdis makes a foaming makeup remover that is really gentle. You also have the option to either rinse or just tissue it off. It smells like marshmallows and contains allantoin, which leaves the skin really soft.

This foam is also a vendor favorite among myself and my makeup artist counter friends. It doesn't matter what line we're all working for that day. We all love it.

Bertolli EVOO, $9.55
Get it here.
Olive oil! 
Who would of thunk it, right?

Surely you even have some on hand this very second. Try it! I do like to wash my face afterward, though.

Furthermore, you can use olive oil all over your body and hair and helps several skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins as well. The more you can slather yourself with this natural product, the better.

Vincent Longo Olive Oil Fix Tips, $20
Includes 12 Disposable Wands
Get it here.
Speaking of olive oil...

Let's say you accidentally got some dark eyeshadow falloff under your eye right after you did your foundation. Or, maybe you completely missed your eyeball only for your mascara wand to attack you like a crazy raccoon. Avoid raccoons at all costs. That's advice number one. Advice number two is to fix your minor makeup flubs with Vincent Longo's Olive Oil Fix Tips.

Infused with Vitamin E, there is no need to rinse the skin in order to reapply particular makeup products. Yay!

It's not your best makeup look to resemble this miraculous mammal.
Avoid the makeup raccoon at all costs, friends.

Make mistakes! Play! Try different things. In the end, experimenting is the only way to perfect how you like your makeup to look.

No one was ever born a makeup artist yielding a professional tool belt. It's a learned art. Most makeup artists have simply had the opportunity to touch more faces on a consistent basis to perfect their art.

You can do it and I have faith in you.
Can I get a holler for gentle makeup removers?
I think so.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Questions I Ask Myself

Bwa! Ha! Ha! I just said that in my witchy voice...
Don't 'cha know, bae?

Bae, by the way, we think means girlfriend or baby. We're at this point not really sure. Where's Justin Bieber when we need him to learn something significant? Seriously. Swag.

Welcome to another strange edition of me interviewing myself...


If there was one thing you could tell everyone regarding your blog, what exactly would it be?

First off, I'm on a roll like Cottonelle...
I don't know a ninja that could cover for me.
I'm not trying to find nobody else to beat.
Can I be exfoliated?
You decide.


Second would be that my writer hat is something I put on figuratively from time to time, but not literally. Can a reporter report these days without getting cast judgment? I'm simply bringing you an interesting view to a story that I may or may not agree with. There are a hundred cookie cutter beauty blogs out there that you could read. Why read mine? What I have is an angle never really seen before. Geez. Doing everything everyone else does doesn't bring the page hits or organic search engine optimization (seo) results to my blog kitchen table. It's super important to think out of the box. Do you want to know how many people are reporting on the same stinking stories? Tons. Will it be you or a media mogul who surfaces to the 1st page of Google search results? Let that idea marinate, friends. Like teriyaki awesome sauce. Just because I do understand that my blog could possibly not be your cup of tea, doesn't mean I'll ever close up the blogging shop. I appeal to some and that's all I really care about. Am I a strange bird? Do some of you not like the numerous pop culture references or not even know what a hashtag is? Of course. I do, however, completely understand that my target demographic I'm trying to appeal to are female humans aged 18 to 35. What, what? Holler...

Are you the same meeting you in person versus your writing style? 

Absolutely not. Most would probably say I'm extremely boring yet professional in real life. I also show up at Walmart dressed like a role model for occasionally. But that's neither here nor there.

What over-the-counter beauty products are you just dying inside to try?

L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga in Blackest Black, Waterproof. Also, these two bad boys that I happened to shoot while I was Walmartyr-ing...

What do you value in life?
My kids. Family. God. Bettering society through making people laugh and feel better about their uniqueness. The same things that you do. Everyone has a gift. People are so serious and the news channels are depressing. I also value beauty and/or makeup because it makes me feel better about myself personally. I'm not too crazy. Beauty can't make you have a pretty inside unless you eat the makeup anyway. A wise man bird said that once... I swear.

Why all the weird Twitter accounts?

You know what? I love America and trust me when I tell you that all hashtags are relevant. They're stand alone money makers. Some sell their tweets or entire accounts. Not saying that I'll ever do the same. However, they do have value and I feel like managing people's comments is not only awesome, but is also my declaration as to why I love America in the first place. It's my own personal social experiment that will show the world why exactly social media is important. Quick. Someone give me a blog reality show & I'll broadcast the coolness based on something actually intellectual and the viewers might learn something awesomely valuable as a result. I'm also here to show other genius people that they can do eet, Waterboy. Don't read me if you have a problem with me expressing my Constitutional Amendment to free speech. That's the beauty of the USA & the very least thing I can do to express my love for our country & military. If it wasn't for them supporting a democratic system, I couldn't sit here typing on my computer to tell you how I feel. While I might not be curing cancer, I am spreading tons of love. You never know what your one Twitter interaction could mean to someone. That, my friend, is awesome sauce topped with awesome sauce, just stated the founder and owner at the Department of Redundancy Department.

The past two years summed up by a girl:

Word It Out
Don't forget Israel & Russia, my boos...

Have you ever wished your life would change?
Obviously, my Iggy.

What do you want your readers to do this exact very second?

Live long and prosper, Party Spock. Work hard so one day you can play hard. Make it rain eventually. The economy still stinks and don't let someone else's ignorance dictate who you're destined to be one day. Whoa-man and don't marry an axe murderer. Work on yourself. Don't forget that we have less horses and bayonets than we did in 1916. Now get this work, my Iggy. These are fab rules to live by, friends. 

Hustle Gang.

Binders full of women who actually bindered men first
A.K.A. Ima Change Yo Life

Beauty Has No Expiration Date

Not only are booties timeless, but they also work around the entire year. For on-point fashion, pair your booties with skirts, dresses, skinny or boot leg jeans and leggings.

Shop the booties above by clicking here and don't forget to look at more than just the shoes! JustFab has some great transitional items in stock right now as well. Versatile dresses, jeans, handbags and jewelry can help you plan your style for Fall without having to spend a fortune on updating your look.

Go get it, bae...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Darth Vader For President on Lady Thorsday

This is sooo, sooo funny. Several news reports like this one and this one below are voicing the people's desire to be ruled by someone who uses the force... Darth Vader for President!

I mean, personally I'd rather see horses 
and bayonets in the running because:

a) you can attach light sabers to their heads like sharks with laser beams

b) there are significantly less left in the world when compared to 1917

c) muskets and militias don't sound too ideal to rule

d) a talking horse is so cute and very dog with a bloggish


e) don't tell me you don't have a secret unicorn obsession.

For real, let's get honest.

Our vote is for Yoda for President. Clearly he's diplomatic, peaceful yet can fight using the good force and would spawn a ton of cuteness with that whole people trying to talk all backwards-like thing.

Typed This Using The Force I Did...

Let's also add this important fact to this Darth Vader round table discussion. It's really sad that I know this, but there was a guy in Ukraine already who actually showed up on ballots...

Next up this Thorsday...
In more binders full of women who have binders full of men news, Marvel introduces Lady Thor. Apparently she's the only one worthy of possessing the power of the mjolnir. Us female humans already knew this, but don't forget that...

Glass ceilings have got to be breaking by a cosplay woman throwing a mjolnir who can also steal your cat. If you had your choice, we want to now know whether or not you prefer Lady Thor or Yoda for Whoa-Man President. Comment! Comment! Comment!


Finally, Comic-Con is this weekend. 

Yay! Be sure to watch the Twitter search feeds for some sure-to-be-cool cosplayer pics.

Public service announcement one is that a cosplayer can be defined as a person who dresses up in costumes, enjoys doing so and occasionally but not always role plays.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Introducing The Seventeen Fashion Collection

Sears introduces the Seventeen Fashion Collection! 
There's so many cute items and they're classified by your personal style. 

Are you... 

Sporty Cool
Pretty Sweet
Girly Prep

Flirty Boho

Abbot + Main Womens Label Now Available Online

Fangirls, this is the moment 
we've all been waiting for! 

Kellan Lutz just made his ultra-comfortable women's clothing line available online. This is in addition to his already existing men's line. I don't know about you, but I want all of it. Heck, I'd live in it and never take it off. Then, I'd sport it erstwhile watching The Expendables 3 this August. Known for its beachy feel and buttery soft fabrics, Abbot + Main is perfect attire for a cool, Summer night.

So, what are you waiting for? 
Here's your invitation to attend this fashion awesomeness...

Want to know more about Abbot + Main's men's line?

#bindersfullofmen #fashion 
#swag #yolo #fbloggers #abbotmain

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend Style: Kristin Cavallari's Concert Fashion

Kristin Cavallari on Instagram

This past weekend was all about concerts and obviously looking casually glamorous!

Kristin Cavallari enjoyed a girls night out at a Blake Shelton concert with friends over the weekend. That's when we spied her booties with peep toes that also rock a slouchy, country flair.

Well, my life has forever been changed as I needed these in my wardrobe like yesterday. I foresee them paired with skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, sweaters and oversized tunics alike. They're seriously adorable, right?!

The star looked effortlessly cool as she wore a simple top, distressed jeans and a pair of suede booties from her line, Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry.

These Laurel booties come in three colors:
Black, Dark Camel & Grey.

Here they are below:

Laurel in Dark Camel, $149.95
Shop them here.

Laurel in Grey, $149.95
Shop them here.

Laurel in Black, $149.95
Shop them here.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Chrissy Teigen On Date Night Fashion: Get Her Look For Less

Chrissy Teigen goes on a date night with John Legend in West Hollywood.
Style on point, but of course...

AX Paris Plain Long Sleeve Denim Shirt, $35.99
Get it here.

AX Paris Plain Button Front Top, $25.19
Get it here.

YNQ Destructed Boyfriend Jeans, $16.80
Get it here.

Levi's Boyfriend Skinny Jeans by Levi's, $34.90
Get it here.

Cora by Relic, $58
Get it here.

Love by Chinese Laundry, $129.95
Get it here.

Style Alert: Brooke Burke-Charvet Spotted In Caelum

Brooke Burke-Charvet and friend chat
it up post workout in LA.
Photo: Michael Simon
Fitness Style Alert!

First off, if looking at Brooke's abs doesn't make you want to run to your closest gym to replicate her envied rock-hard body, then none of us even know what's wrong with you. Let's just start this conversation, then end it with calling in a psychiatrist who specializes in the abnormal.

Brooke Burke-Charvet was spotted out in Los Angeles with a gal pal. The television personality and designer sported the “Andrea” leggings from her Caelum collection after a strenuous workout.

Our verdict is that they're way cute! 
Imagine how many sports bras and tops these leggings could match.

Ab envy, anyone?
Photo: Michael Simon

Grab Brooke’s sporty look with these floral print leggings for $64.

Shop them here... 

These Caelum leggings (as well as the sports bra in the same print) 
will be available at Nordstrom in stores September 2014.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Red Lips Voted The Most Iconic Trend Ever

Red lips are hot. Red lips are classic. Red lips were also recently voted the most iconic beauty trend ever. 

Some red lipsticks have blue undertones which can make your teeth look whiter, while orange undertoned red lipsticks look great on yellow undertoned skin types. Then you've got the perfect neutral red lipstick, which is not really either and imitates natural human colors that we all have. To describe the perfect red that looks flattering on everyone is one that resembles human blood. Vampires unite...

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips, $35
Featured in "Ellis Red", L101
Get it here.
Any who, when shopping for your perfect red lipstick, shop no further than Ellis Faas Cosmetics. Ellis has a philosophy that regardless of your gender or race, we all have the same human colors which exist. Her red lipsticks are highly coveted, celebrity-worn, cult obsessions which support her makeup theories. From the very second you put these colors on, you come to realize that this makeup artist knows what's up in the flattering department. 

Vogue Paris cited Ellis Faas as "one of the most influential make-up artists of her time". And indeed, she has worked with the world's most pre-eminent fashion designers, photographers, stylists, hairdressers and models. Ellis’ work has been published on the covers of the world’s best-known fashion magazines. Additionally, Ellis has worked for make-up brands, such as Clinique, Lancôme and MAC Cosmetics – and she was asked by L'Oréal to create a make-up line for their skin care brand, Biotherm. After the contract with L’Oréal ended in 2007, the way was paved for her to create her own brand: ELLIS FAAS.

The one and only Cate Blanchett explained the Ellis color theory well:

"In order to be striking, a lipstick must take your skin tone into account. The line of Ellis Faas is based on the colours that the body produces naturally. The important thing is finding the balance between the tone of your skin and the shades of makeup you choose." (InStyle, April 2010)

Ellis reds retail at a comfortable $35 and she makes a lip texture for your every mood. Once you try one on, you'll become a huge fan as well. We promise!

Swatches featured in the Vine above are:
Creamy Lips L101, "Ellis Red"
Milky Lips L201, "Ellis Red"
Glazed Lips L301, "Ellis Red"

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Style Alert: Kourtney & Kim In Kardashian Kollection

Kourtney in "Vintage Lily" Jumpsuit
by Kardashian Kollection for Sears
As much as we love Summer in New York, we also love the Kardashians! 

Who got a chance to see the mudding and helipads in the last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? I call this deliciousness for my eyeballs and they should know that I aspire to be at a level where I can decide whether or not I want a helicopter in my back yard. Lol. 

Kim in Kardashian Kollection for Sears
Kim's Instagram

Any who, Kourtney and Kim stepped out in sunny New York City in a Kardashian Kollection for Sears jumpsuit and a two-piece dress this afternoon while heading to a press event with sister, Khloe. 

Showcasing her tiny baby bump, reality star Kourtney rocked the floral trend in this Summertime look that flatters any body type while sister Kim embraced the two-piece trend flashing her post baby tight stomach.

You can get Kourtney's look right now at Sears and Kim's look will be at Sears shortly. Keep and eye out for it and be sure to follow @searsStyle on Twitter.

Vintage Lily Jumpsuit, Kardashian Kollection, $109
Get it here.

Healthy Skin Is In

Guess what?! 
It's Summer and more than ever you need this product 
I call awesome sauce below...

Extrashade has to be one of my 
favorite sunscreens of all time. 

Speaking first hand about it, I just want to tell you that I have sensitive skin and this bad boy never stings my face. It also dries clear and leaves the skin looking so moisturized that it actually gleams, almost as if you just applied an oil. The formulation has tons of good-for-you ingredients that can be found by clicking here.

While Extrashade does cater to rich complexions, it's perfectly fine to use if you're a Casper the Ghost as well. Tired of looking chalky after applying sunscreen to his complexion, Extrashade's owner Anthony went on a mission to create a product that suits every single complexion known to man. Cancer, as you all know, does not discriminate and several misconceptions still exist in the beauty world.

Furthermore, a common complaint that I'm constantly hearing about at beauty counters is women trying to fix their hyperpigmentation. While I do my best to address their concerns, the plain and simple fact of the matter is that they could avoid buying all these costly products if they just wore sunscreen in the first place.

There's also uproar with a common skin lightener hydroquinone that you should research here, here and here. My point is that doctors are still prescribing even the more potent doses (4%) and they could be contributing to cancer. Walk down any skin care beauty aisle and you can find 2% readily available for purchase. The entire situation amazes me with non-amazement. Europe banned it long ago, by the way. If you actually have hyperpigmentation, check out kojic acid, licorice extract or Vitamin C instead. Kojic acid can be found in the Pur Minerals Get Bright Serum as well as the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask. Vitamin C can be found in this sunscreen as well. It's okay. You can thank me later for my rant, once you've seen your spots lighten without causing you chemotherapy. Holler. Anyway, my point is avoidance and sunscreen is key to maintaining a completely envious complexion.

Quotes Anthony himself:

" Everyone should wear sunscreen especially people with darker skin tones because of the inherited uniqueness of melanin that give naturally tan and radiant skin. The very thing that makes darker skin tones unique – melanin, is the primary challenge of maintaining non-hyperpigmented skin cause by UV exposure. Sunscreen is the simplest and the most cost effective way to maintain healthy and great looking skin. To keep your skin looking great, use your broad spectrum sunscreen daily.

Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF30, supported by hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidant of pomegranate, moisturizes and softens as it forms a protective layer over your skin. Thanks to that layer and its high vitamin C content, improves your skin’s texture as it provides broad spectrum protection and repairs discoloration."

There you have it, friends! Enjoy the sun, but enjoy it in some sunscreen. Healthy skin is smart, stylish, fashionable and most importantly beautiful.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Romper Power

Kardashian Kollection Tribal Wrap Front Romper, $75
Get it here.

Kardashian Kollection Lace Back Romper, $89
Get it here.

Kardashian Kollection Lace Side Romper, $89
Get it here.

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