Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Horses and Bayonets

Follow the Official Horses and Bayonets on Twitter.

Is Nicki Minaj a social media Genius? 

Or is LL Cool J a ratchet-toting social media Samurai? 

Personally, I think they had Romney and Obama on speed dial. They knew exactly when #horsesandbayonets would trend. 

It just happens to be that Nicki's dressed up as a horse in her new video and we can't ignore the galloping white horses in the beginning of the video. 

Click here for all things ratchety.
Please note this pic was inserted into the Binders Full Of Men.

Nicki Minaj and LL Cool J clearly are friends. The proof is this pudding right here.

LL Cool J released "Ratchet" on YouTube, "the official lyric video behind the trend". 

Click here to watch. It's delicious! 

Click here for all things Twittery regarding #ratchethalloweencostumes.

Click here for the feed on #horsesandbayonets 

* or *

here for Horses and Bayonets, the Rap Video.

Screenshot via NBC4

Click here for all things Horse Mask Face Guy.

Twitter Instagram Picture by @TheAdamRead
's first punkin! @ Adam and Rachel's house "
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Nails, Done Awesome

It's Friday, that's why. 

Photo by Illamasqua
Click for article.

Some women in America like to go to the nail salons on Friday so their nails look fab for their fun weekend nights out. 

Shocker, I know...

                    * lovin' the fangs and lips nail art *

Dexter Blood Spatter Tutorial,
Click for YouTube Tutorial

Since it's only five days before Halloween, I think it's safe to assume your manicure will last until Halloween. 

So, you can either print out these designs to take along with you, or you could read the blog links attached as some of them have D-I-Y tutorials. Enjoy. 

Check out Nail Art at
There's TONS of ideas!

Only five more days until we get to sneak-eat our kids' trick-or-treat bags. 


Furthermore, if you don't want to break the bank on the way to your path of D-I-Y nail art genius...
hands down go to your local Dollar Tree for a wide selection of LA Colors Nail Art Deco for only $1.00 each! Let's also not forget that Christmas is right around the corner, and these little beauties would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

Click here for an awesome YouTube video about these polishes.

Click here if you don't have a store local. Available online for $2.10 us dollars. Make sure when surfing this website you change the currency option for where in the world you are located. Where in the world, ha ha ha. I sound like Carmen San Diego...

Have a great Friday.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Binders Full of Men

Who watched the presidential debate last week?

Who knew debates could be so exciting?! 

In corner one we've got leading contender Mr. President Barack Obama who spoke of #gangbangers. In corner two we've got Mitt Romney who created a national frenzy with his #bindersfullofwomen comments. Of course both of them strayed off topic several times when asked point blank questions which deserved a direct response, so we can give them a tie in this area of the competition. We all could use a little coaching sometimes in the "how to sugarcoat things" department, so thanks guys for the public showing of how to do that. Furthermore, we all get asked questions we really don't want to answer directly or honestly, so again thanks for the coaching. Diversion and bringing up other unrelated topics clearly work. I thought tutorials were only on YouTube these days.

Click here and READ THIS ARTICLE, which accurately explains the birth of Binders Full of Women relating to how Romney was involved, and verbatim what he said at the debate. (It also gives Binders Full of Men a Shout Out... YAY!)

Since both candidates want you to know they care about women and their issues at stake, let's lay them out for you again:
  1. Women vs. Men Pay Inequality for Equal Work a.k.a. "The Glass Ceiling"
  2. The right of Choice to have an Abortion or not
  3. Making Gay Marriage Legal- you mean some women are those people called "lesbians"?! Ya' don't say...
  4. Health Care- private or government-provided, the access to obtain health care, insurance rates, & the ability to pay the premiums.
  5. Businesses & government creating more jobs for America, in America. Women work, too... believe it or not... crazy, I know...
  6. The Right to Bear Breasts- breastfeeding in public places and/or at work
  7. Women's Equality in general, man...
Hence, the birth of "Binders Full Of Men". 

Someone had to say it. 

If men can have their #bindersfullofwomen, then we can have our #bindersfullofmen, too. Women everywhere are screaming "equal rights"!

@BindersFulloMen wants you to follow them on Twitter. 

Mr. Acqua Di Gio Guy is in the #bindersfullofmen...
While some would think it's a place where male humans can find gainful employment, it's not. You will be sadly mistaken. Unfortunately, Binders Full of Men's mission is to tweet hot guy pics and wants every male on Twitter to tweet at them their pic for submission into the clearly neat and organized binder. After all, women manage it. Expect it to smell good when placed inside and some of you will be color coordinated. If you're a favorite because you're either really cute or really useful at something a woman can't do, you may be starred, highlighted, glittered or rhinestoned for easy access. At least you're forewarned. Like Taylor Lautner or Mike the Situation, shirts are optional (to be worn in said binder). Paul Ryan, did you hear that? The world is dying to see what P90X can do for a body.

Could the Binders Full of Men Twitter account serve as a way to promote you getting hired or getting a date? That remains to be seen. Who knows. The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, here is what's trending as far as #bindersfullofmen goes on Twitter. Enjoy.

Or, follow Binders Full of Women here on Tumblr.

Furthermore, you've gotta' read the binder reviews on Amazon > Click here.
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I need these eloquent reviewers to write for me. Seriously. 

Enjoy your day (more when you follow @bindersfullomen).

#bindersfullofmen #bindersfullofwomen #romneysbinders #election2012 #debates #hashtagsareredundant

Friday, October 5, 2012

Limited Edition Makeup News

Shop your hearts out & get your limited edition makeup fix, courtesy of NARS & MAC Cosmetics...
Holiday Time is definitely the best time of the year to buy makeup. If you don't believe me, cruise around your local mall. What do you see? Other than makeup in your near future? Limited edition colors, special packaging, collectors items, multi-tasking palettes, gifts with purchase & other rare occurring makeup & fragrance swag. Enjoy! Leave a comment if you are offering any happy holiday promotions or gift sets you'd like our readers to know about. Inquiring minds wanna' know, ya' know?!

Below are my favorites from the collection:

MAC's Marilyn "Phiff!" Dazzleglass,

Sparkly honey lip love...
just because.
MAC's "Scarlet Ibis" Matte Lipstick,

It's hard to find and orange/red matte
 lipstick these days!
MAC's "Pure Zen" Cremesheen Lipstick,

Never go wrong with frosty nude.
Great for everyday!

In fact, you may want two :o)
MAC's "Preferred Blonde" Large Shadow,

These vanilla pearl colors create instant eye lifts. Just apply under brow bone & inner
corner of the eyes.

Use a fluffy, big brush for highlighting cheek bones.
 All are sold out online. Use this MAC Store locator here to contact your local store or counter directly on availability. 

Can they hold it for you if they have it? Ask! 

Now for the must haves from NARS...

NARS Kiss Mini Larger than Life Lip Gloss Coffret, $55.00
Get it Online here.

Perfectly little for small purses & pockets.
One can never have enough lip gloss.

NARS Debbie Harry Eye & Cheek Palette, $65.00
Available here.

4 Shadows & 2 Blushes, pretty please. With whip cream on top!
Use the lighter blush as an eyeshadow, too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Epic Beauty Sins- Brow Edition

Allow me to begin our epic beauty sins discussion with a very special confession of a makeup artist.

So, let me paint you an ugly picture:
There I was a couple of years ago working in what will remain an un-named makeup boutique standing in the middle of the store so I could be more accessible to the customers. Smiling and being approachable increases sales, people. It’s Beauty Sales 101. Anyway, a cute, little platinum blonde (say about 19 years old) walks in with her boyfriend. Of course, I greet them & let them know I am here to help her find what she was looking for. But, boy was I in for a surprise. After explaining to me that she ran out of her eyebrow color, she simply wanted to find a match to what she was using. I explained the difference between eyebrow pencil vs. shadow applied with a brow brush. For me, shadow smudged in your brows looks most natural, in my opinion. (Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.) This conclusion has come after witnessing several bad matching attempts by women using the wrong shade of brow pencil. 

Using a brow brush with shadow on it to do your brows can be accomplished in a couple different ways depending on what type brushes you have handy. There are actual dedicated brow brushes, which have firmer bristles for working into and in between your eyebrow hairs. Or, you could also use an angled eyeliner brush in a pinch. Basically, any brush little enough works. I even used a concealer brush once. However, who really wants to worry about cleaning their brushes daily when going from shadows to concealers consistently? If you pride yourself on your perfect eyebrows, opt for purchasing a separate brush and save yourself some time and aggravation.

MAC's Shadow in "Orb", $15
When in doubt, go Orb...
Get it Here.

Anyway, I showed this little blonde what could be acceptable matches with her hair color and skin color taken into consideration. She then asked to borrow my brow brush off my brush belt. You could tell she felt naked without her staple beauty product on. Typically, I do the artistry for you and have you look in a mirror. You watch me so you can replicate what I do at home. Or, I will do one side and you do the other so I can be assured you’ve got the hang of it. Anyway, I was enlightened by her excitedness to do it herself. But the next thing I know, she’s digging into the black shadow & smudging it in her brows. Here’s the confession part: I really wanted to tell her that what she was doing was no mas bueno. But as in all makeup stores, we want our customers leaving happy. Girl, this is 2012 and dog-gone it if you want to rock out with weird makeup you can. Why is it that all this time this poor girl has been committing an epic beauty sin & no one even told her?
Not even close friends, her boyfriend, or past makeup artists!

Sonia Kashuk Brow Kit- Arch Alert, $9.99
Available at Target, or dare I say Tar-zhayyyyy?!
Get it here.

Rule #1 – Never, ever under any circumstances think that it is okay to rock black brow pencil or black shadow in your brows unless you’ve got a really, really dark skin tone. 

If you’ve got a dark skin tone, maybe try a neutral brown or dark brown. Black in some cases is even whack. There is no reason why everyone can’t use taupe or a variation of taupe in their eyebrows… taupe, warm taupe, cool taupe & light taupe pretty much sum it up. You’re blonde? Pick light taupe. You’re a Hispanic? Pick dark taupe. You’re a redhead? Pick a warm or orangey taupe. You’re Asian? I see taupe in your future. Albino? Maybe a bronzer could benefit you more?! Let’s have a talk about what you value on your face and what you’d like to accomplish. For each woman it’s totally different. Trust me. Any skin tone & hair color you’ve got can pretty much go with taupe in their eyebrows. 

I totally “get” why you’d maybe pick black- to match your eyebrow hairs, of course. But unless you’re going for the “I’ve got two huge black caterpillars attached to my face” look, don’t ever commit this epic beauty sin. When in doubt, always go for the lighter shade if debating between shades at the beauty counter. Remember that the skin is fairly light beneath your brow hairs and putting any little bit of color underneath them really, really darkens them. Remember, it’s always easier to add pigment than to take away pigment, friends!

I think what we can take away from this is:
Let’s all vow to be honest to our friends with their makeup choices. Real friends don’t need to sugarcoat things like makeup counters do. Good friends offer advice. Real friends tell you like it is. Real friends also show up unannounced with masks, wigs, glitter, duct tape and a plan.

Gotta’ love the friends who know how crazy you are, yet still decide to show up in public places with you. Hopefully for everyone’s sake and sanity… without black eyebrows.

If I haven’t told you lately, I love my friends, readers and followers. I thank my lucky stars every day for you.
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