Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Horses and Bayonets

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Is Nicki Minaj a social media Genius? 

Or is LL Cool J a ratchet-toting social media Samurai? 

Personally, I think they had Romney and Obama on speed dial. They knew exactly when #horsesandbayonets would trend. 

It just happens to be that Nicki's dressed up as a horse in her new video and we can't ignore the galloping white horses in the beginning of the video. 

Click here for all things ratchety.
Please note this pic was inserted into the Binders Full Of Men.

Nicki Minaj and LL Cool J clearly are friends. The proof is this pudding right here.

LL Cool J released "Ratchet" on YouTube, "the official lyric video behind the trend". 

Click here to watch. It's delicious! 

Click here for all things Twittery regarding #ratchethalloweencostumes.

Click here for the feed on #horsesandbayonets 

* or *

here for Horses and Bayonets, the Rap Video.

Screenshot via NBC4

Click here for all things Horse Mask Face Guy.

Twitter Instagram Picture by @TheAdamRead
's first punkin! @ Adam and Rachel's house "
Happy Halloween!

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