Monday, October 22, 2012

Binders Full of Men

Who watched the presidential debate last week?

Who knew debates could be so exciting?! 

In corner one we've got leading contender Mr. President Barack Obama who spoke of #gangbangers. In corner two we've got Mitt Romney who created a national frenzy with his #bindersfullofwomen comments. Of course both of them strayed off topic several times when asked point blank questions which deserved a direct response, so we can give them a tie in this area of the competition. We all could use a little coaching sometimes in the "how to sugarcoat things" department, so thanks guys for the public showing of how to do that. Furthermore, we all get asked questions we really don't want to answer directly or honestly, so again thanks for the coaching. Diversion and bringing up other unrelated topics clearly work. I thought tutorials were only on YouTube these days.

Click here and READ THIS ARTICLE, which accurately explains the birth of Binders Full of Women relating to how Romney was involved, and verbatim what he said at the debate. (It also gives Binders Full of Men a Shout Out... YAY!)

Since both candidates want you to know they care about women and their issues at stake, let's lay them out for you again:
  1. Women vs. Men Pay Inequality for Equal Work a.k.a. "The Glass Ceiling"
  2. The right of Choice to have an Abortion or not
  3. Making Gay Marriage Legal- you mean some women are those people called "lesbians"?! Ya' don't say...
  4. Health Care- private or government-provided, the access to obtain health care, insurance rates, & the ability to pay the premiums.
  5. Businesses & government creating more jobs for America, in America. Women work, too... believe it or not... crazy, I know...
  6. The Right to Bear Breasts- breastfeeding in public places and/or at work
  7. Women's Equality in general, man...
Hence, the birth of "Binders Full Of Men". 

Someone had to say it. 

If men can have their #bindersfullofwomen, then we can have our #bindersfullofmen, too. Women everywhere are screaming "equal rights"!

@BindersFulloMen wants you to follow them on Twitter. 

Mr. Acqua Di Gio Guy is in the #bindersfullofmen...
While some would think it's a place where male humans can find gainful employment, it's not. You will be sadly mistaken. Unfortunately, Binders Full of Men's mission is to tweet hot guy pics and wants every male on Twitter to tweet at them their pic for submission into the clearly neat and organized binder. After all, women manage it. Expect it to smell good when placed inside and some of you will be color coordinated. If you're a favorite because you're either really cute or really useful at something a woman can't do, you may be starred, highlighted, glittered or rhinestoned for easy access. At least you're forewarned. Like Taylor Lautner or Mike the Situation, shirts are optional (to be worn in said binder). Paul Ryan, did you hear that? The world is dying to see what P90X can do for a body.

Could the Binders Full of Men Twitter account serve as a way to promote you getting hired or getting a date? That remains to be seen. Who knows. The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, here is what's trending as far as #bindersfullofmen goes on Twitter. Enjoy.

Or, follow Binders Full of Women here on Tumblr.

Furthermore, you've gotta' read the binder reviews on Amazon > Click here.
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I need these eloquent reviewers to write for me. Seriously. 

Enjoy your day (more when you follow @bindersfullomen).

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