Saturday, June 29, 2013

Angelina Jolie Makeup Looks

Here are a few of my favorite Angelina Jolie makeup looks, gangnam YouTube style!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Giveaway Numero Seis

Ooh, la la... baby don't be shy.
Baby come with me & I can help take you on vacay!
I can take you up. I can take you home.
Girl, where you wanna go with these travel size beauties?!

Comment below the post or tweet to @makeupthebay with #TravelSizesRock to enter the giveaway.

Simple, right? I know!

Giveaway Numero Cinco
Horses and Bayonets totally loves the General!

With that being said, Dos Equis should give me a lifetime supply of this ballistic, bayonet-supporting beverage. Just so you know, a bayonet could technically be thrown or launched into what one would call a ballistic missile...

As long as you la la la la la la la love Q-tips, read on my darlings!

Q-tips Precision Tips, $3.29
Get them here from Walgreens.
The first person to comment below this blog post or tweet to @makeupthebay with #qtips gets a pack of Precision Tips as well as a purse pack of Q-tips. 

Q-tips Purse Pack around $.99
Mostly found in-store @ major retailers

Precision Tips are awesome for manicures because they're more precise & less cottony at the tip. The purse packs are awesome for traveling, purses in general and especially on-location makeup artists.

If I said your smokey makeup look could look better by way of Q-tips, would you hold it against me?
(I think not.)

Giveaway Numero Cuatro

And I was like...

Baby, baby, baby, oooh! NOOOO, you didn't!

The Makeup Guard Card, $8.95
Get it here.

It's fairly easy to mess up a cat eye winged eyeliner look. It's also really hard when working with dark eye shadows to ensure that you don't end up looking like a raccoon by the end of the application.

Today's giveaway is for The Makeup Guard Card! YES!

The first person to comment right below this post or tweet to @makeupthebay with #makeupguardcard gets it.

Hit me up, baby... just one time!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Giveaway Numero Tres

If this nail art was your boyfriend, he'd never let you go!

Amika teamed up with Dashing Diva to make this awesomeness you're soon to call your fingernails! This pattern is Amika's Obliphica design.This is a hot print I got at the Premiere Beauty Show that are fairly hard to find. You can purchase them here through Amika, but you have to buy the entire kit for $39.95... but it's quite fabulous for $39.95, might I add.

Any who, comment below or tweet me with #amika to enter the giveaway for this awesome nail art.

Amika Ceramic Styler, $135
Get it here.

If you like blingy and colorful hairdryers, straighteners, or etc you go get you some Amika. For real. I've got dibs on the giraffe print. They also have a popular Cynthia Rowley that's really hot right now.

Pieces of Amika art all over my bathroom,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Giveaway Numero Dos

Cuz all around the world...
people want to wear Glowbys in their hair!

Now's your chance. On the giveaway block today are five sets of these wonderful fiber-optic hair extensions.

Comment below this post or tweet me to enter. 
Yoda says your chances of winning are strong with the force!

I mean, even Taylor Swift loves them. Read about it here. Heck, we even used them to light up Battle of the Strands at the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show! (We totally rocked it, by the way. Also, stay tuned about the Battle of the Strands Finals in Vegas. Either we're the favorite of the 1st runners up or you can help vote us to go. Did I mention I love my readers lately?!)

Battle of the Strands Orlando 2013
Model: Karina
Image by: Paul Wedlake Photography

What happened when the lights went off at the show was ahhhh-mazing!

Hopefully it'll lock us in to keeping what happens in Vegas in October, in, well... Vegas!

Mama could use a vacay  ;o)

Kill the lights & let's get this party started, babes!
Prices start at $3.99 for these babies.
Get them here.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Giveaway Numero Uno!

Giveaway Numero Uno on Britney Spears & Justin Week is Extrashade!

We can't say enough good things about this product. Not only is it capable of shielding SPF 30 rays, this company also supports cancer awareness & support initiatives.

We were lucky enough to speak to the owner & score some Extrashade swag that even Justin Bieber would be proud of.

What's nice about Extrashade is that it works for all ethnicities, but keeps the multicultural shades in mind with all it's non-ashy & good for hyperpigmention qualities in tow. 


The Sensitive Skin Complected

Comment below or tweet to @makeupthebay for your chance to win a bottle. We love the comments! Keep them coming!

The general public knows that the sun's toxic...

Avoid the hyperpigmentation on your face. You'll spend months to years correcting it...
Trust me.


Limited Edition Makeup News

You had me at contouring and bacon! (Not Hello.)

Oooh! This is exciting...

Back for a limited time, it's Smashbox's Contour Kit. Yay! 
Smashbox's Contour Kit, $45
Get it here.

The contour kit has some pretty rave reviews and it seriously takes the guess work out of highlighting and contouring your precious face. Like I've stated previously, "hac-ing" is so in trend right now.

Ummm, would I like to look chiseled and more skeleton like? Abso-stinking-lutely. Personally, I think this is like a diet pill in a palette for your face. Contouring can give your face the illusion you just lost five pounds, even though Fallout Boy's songs knew you were trying out the newly flavored deluxe quarter pounders at McDonald's yesterday.

The Smashbox Contour Kit comes with three powders for all your highlighting and contouring needs. Included right on the packaging is easy, printed instructions that you can never lose. Fantastic! You also get the angled brush featured. Done and dunnerer. Did I mention Smashbox is offering free shipping & samples?!

When picking palettes in general, always try to get creative with the colors. The more dual purpose the palette is, the more likely I am to use it on a regular basis. Right off the bat you could use the lightest shade as an all-over eye color. Simply stated, there are days I don't have enough time or energy to always wear a three or four color eye shadow look. I'm a human female in the mom-form. Now take a gander at the middle color in the palette. It would be great for pretty much most women living on Planet Earth for filling in their eyebrows. Heed this eyebrow rule, friends: When in doubt, always go lighter & go taupe. Take the palette one step further & with an angled eyeliner brush, use the darkest eye shadow as an eyeliner.
Wam! Bam! You look glam!

Smashbox's Camera Ready CC Cream, $42
with SPF 30!
Get it here.
While you're snagging up this palette, another notable is Smashbox's dark spot correcting CC cream.

For a great, easy way to wear your summer face use this CC cream first, then the Contour Kit & you're good to go...

Waaayyy before McDonald's starts their insanely long lunch line.

Again, you had me at bacon. Word.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Giveaway Madness Week

Starting on Hump Day, we're blaring Britney Spears and Justin Bieber for an entire week of giveaways! Be sure to check out the blog.

So, you want in on the giveaway action?
Each post's giveaway period will be valid for an entire week, or until someone comments or tweets to me. Enter! Enter! Enter!

All you have to do to enter is:

comment below the product's blog post 
tweet to @makeupthebay 

about what product you'd like to win. Enter one giveaway or enter them all! I'm just happy to spread the beauty swag love!

Look.... even Justin Bieber approves of this swag, yo! I mean, like, if I ever talked to him & he recognized my existence, he would!
Fo' sure...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Addicted to women or what?

Oddly, when I see this video...

I think of this one here...

& this one here...

Urban Decay's Naked 1 Palette, $50
Get it here.

Ummm, HELLO men in suits and women in all the same color!

Any who, if you love Robert Palmer's chicas' makeup try these beauty palettes right here.

Another good one to try would be the Naked 2 Palette, $50
Get it here.

Some call Urban Decay's Naked palettes beauty blogger favorites. Others call them cult obsessions.

Addicted to love?
Nope, addicted to naked palettes!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Brotox, the Men's Botox
Watching Chelsea Lately last night was pretty funny. First off, we had Ross Mathews hosting, which was amazeballs.

Follow Mr. Ross here. Chelsea Lately is also on the BoobTube, errr... I mean YouTube. Subscribe to her show here. We likey it a lot.

However, I can't help but say via my Grumpy Cat voice, "Luke, I don't care about your Brotox!"

Wait! You mean Grumpy Cat can't talk? He didn't make his own captions on all those pics?! My life is eternally ruined...

You tell me if your man has put getting Botox on the top of his Father's Day wish list. Ummm, aren't you supposed to get your gift on that specific day, which is a Sunday?! You tell me what derm spas are open on such a day.

Oneal Ron Morris / Miami Gardens Police Dept.
Read more here.

So, is this a new phenomenon? Sure, I'm all for manscaping and metrosexualism. But Botox? Really? Turn into Burt Reynolds, but be sure not to fruit your beer!
Also, while we're at it, be sure this tranny pictured above doesn't do your injections. Oh, you don't remember the article? Click on the "read more" below the picture. Not only did this chick put weird stuff into other's derrieres and faces, just take a look at her own Gigantour behind. It was stated that they thought she got butt injections or implants that continuously grow. Me thinks this chick looks waaayyy scary now that this picture alone was taken over two years ago. Someone cue in Big Sean or Sir Mix-A-Lot ASAP. Then, sing to her.

Any who, weigh in on if your man wants Botox, has ever had Botox, or dabbles in the manscara department. Inquiring minds want to know. Comment below the post...

Happy early Father's Day, friends!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Radioactive Mondays

This song is so amazing. It inspires my radioactiveness. I shall listen to it probably another 50 times today alone. I'll elaborate on the radioactiveness since some of you, like me, have a complete and total case of the Mondays.

What makes you radioactive? It's that one special thing that we're all capable of. It's also the culmination of our entire existence, mixed with our dreams and then brought forth into reality. Watching Draw My Life by some of my idols makes me feel not so bad about my life. By the way, Draw My Life is on YouTube for the computerly challenged. These guys I watched today are living their YouTube dreams. Michelle Phan even has an entire lifestyle network she'll be launching soon called "FAWN". How amazeballs is that?! You can read more here about it & be sure to watch the "My Next Chapter" You Tube video. Anyway, my point is that no matter where you live or what circumstances may have brought you to this point, you yourself can recognize your talent. So let me ask you a question...

Even though it's Monday, are you going to waste your talent? What if today was your last day on this precious planet? How do you want to be remembered? Did you make your dreams a reality? Did you live to the fullest? Did you act as a contributor or as a detriment to the general good of all humankind?

Hopefully, humankind can recognize I've got a knack for makeup. I am here to tell all the young girls that a healthy dose of sense of self is important. If makeup happens to be your self-esteem catalyst to make you feel better about yourself, then so be it! Rock on with that woman power.

If Michelle Phan would of let her problems bring her down, do you think we'd be sitting here right now talking about her YouTube channel? Or the FAWN network she's creating? I doubt it. What Michelle has done is amazing and highly admirable. Where a lot of people get caught up is in the "how are they going to achieve their dreams", she probably just believes.

Like so many people that grow up, their lives aren't perfect, girls and boys both included. But it's important to visualize your end dream. You don't need to know every step you take toward that goal. This is called faith. But you do need to take the next step even though you may not be able to see the stair in the air. Maybe it's simply wearing some camouflage, or maybe God wants you to take a small detour to get there. The truth of the matter is that most billionaires didn't know they would become so stinking rich. They simply visualized their end goal & kept working toward it. Any person in any profession can do this. It's called your outlook on life. I know I could personally be a lot more toward my end goal of financial comfortableness if I didn't dwell on my case of the Mondays. So what if it's just one article? It's one step closer and that's all that really matters. However, since it is a Monday, I'd totally be down for watching muppets beat up some more dog and cock fighting ring leaders, like all day long. Those animals did nothing to deserve this inhumane behavior. They just want to be loved! If you can't be nice to all God's creatures, then we should be able to send you somewhere where eye for an eye justice is delivered. Any who, tangent averted.

Back to the point, I don't have it all down, but I do know I'm working toward a greater goal. For me the goal is being able to live comfortably with my kids. So many marriages and relationships are ruined by financial problems & I can't stand it. I don't need to be a millionaire, although it would be nice. Let's be honest. All I want is to not have to worry about going in debt over going to the gas station for daily coffees. Notice I didn't even say Starbucks. Surely that's like a $150 a month habit, which I know I can't afford! I'll be the first to admit I'm on a budget. It would feel so nice being able to let my kids throw a few unnecessary items into the grocery cart every once in a while. Word up. Yo.

Any who, even though I feel extremely uninspired today, I shall indeed press the "Publish" button. On a total case of the mundane Mondays, you too can make your own civilization. Hopefully somewhere between a little bit of humble and a little bit of cautious. Perception is reality, peeps. Start the flag raising...

Furthermore, lemme' get a living room on wheels for Mondays, yo! That couch in the video plus me on my laptop equals Monday awesomeness!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Face Charting Basics

So, how do you turn a 1-D picture of a face into a beautiful 3-D masterpiece?

The first essential step to face charting is adding depth.

Typically I turn my paper upside down & go to town. I don't know why but sometimes it's easier to carve out the cheek bones that way.

Now, if you take a gander to your right you'll see that nothing is done on it but adding depth, and well, obviously eye color.

I can't remember where I got these face charts from, but my favorites are MAC Cosmetics, which are really hard to get your hands on if you don't work there or have the in's with someone who works there.

However, with that being said, I have seen them frequently on E-Bay or Amazon.

You can also google it & some will come up & you can print them. However, most are printed on special paper that will take better to the vibrancy of the makeup colors & application versus using plain old white computer paper. It's my experience that they call this special paper "resume paper". Linenish, maybe?

A tip for starting face charts is to keep in mind that your client, errr paper, is white as a ghost. Don't go cray cray with the colors you'd typically use simply because they'll look a heck of a lot darker on this paper Casper the Ghost.
MAC Face Charts... Click!
Tip #2 is to have a special set of brushes you use for face charting only. A lot of them will end up being more precise & less fluffy than your regular set of makeup brushes. Me loves me some concealer brushes for face charting purposes. Concealer brushes allow you to be more precise, allowing you to "push" the color into the paper. The fluffier the brush, the more the pigment will spread all over your paper client.

Tip #3 is to have a box of tissues handy. That way you can cover up the edges around the face & keep the background white. This ain't kindergarten, friends. The purpose is to make your creation look professional, not like you handed it to your kindergartner to scribble on right after he smudged the edges all up with chocolate ice cream hands. Erasers can sometimes work to clean up edges, but you have to get the art type of erasers, not the pink ones which more than likely already have pencil smudge dirtiness on them. If you've ever erased pencil with your bad boy eraser du jour, don't use it. Hey now. I'm just trying to save you some time and not-needed aggravation. There's nothing worse than creating a masterpiece only to be forced to throw it away. Also be sure to cover your masterpiece with tissue, parchment paper, or tissue paper to store it. Business supply stores sell clear sleeves you can carefully place your face charts in, given that they fit the dimensions of the face chart. The type I'm talking about are the kind you'll most likely see your car mechanic use. They're clear and for work orders.

Tip #4 is to invest in a set of colored pencils. Simply stated, some makeup doesn't transfer well to paper. Take lip glosses for example. You'll use the colored pencils for eye color & liners tons of times.

Tip #5 is to get yourself a whitish, matte white or sparkly white cream blush (which MAC has) or paint pot. You'll definitely want to put some on the eyelids to not only lock the powders in place, but also to add vibrancy. You can even put it on the cheeks if you want the color or highlight to really stand out.

Enjoy, lovelies!
Want to spread the tip love?
Comment & leave your fave face chart tips. xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Battle of the Strands 2013 Orlando Qualifier

The Fabulous Hair by Egla Team

Image by Frederico Beauty Institute
Click here.
Salon DeCordova takes home 1st place in the #BattleoftheStrands Orlando Qualifier! 
Art of Hair by DeCordova's
Orlando Winners
Photo by Battle of the Strands
Congratulations, friends!

Battle of the Strands Facebook
They're the ones with what resembles a Gasparilla pirate ship for the hair. Getting to speak with the genius behind their theme, they took a clue from the Marie Antoinette era, when big hair & big fashion was born.

Ben DeCordova states, "The key to winning this competition is in the wording extreme. The judges want to see extreme hair, extreme makeup & extreme fashion. Think Big."

The DeCordovas not only do hair. They teach classes to make hairdressers ambidextrous in their craft. Around Tampa Bay, they're available for shear sharpening as well as regular salon appointments. Nationally, they'll be teaching classes with both of their hands, spurring a right and left brain phenomena in the salon industry. The Aflac duck wants to say thank you to them for lowering disability insurance payouts. Come to think about it, we find the ambidextrousness exhilarating. What if your favorite hairdresser broke her hand, rendering her unable to do your hair for six months?! Instead of crawling into bed and dying for what would seem like an entire bear's hibernation season, how about just ask her if she cuts with both hands. If not, introduce her to the DeCordova's! They've got mad skills.

This year's Battle of the Strands theme is 
"Couture Meets Avant Garde".

About the Reality TV Show... Fashionista's Battle of the Strands Article...
Wall Street Journal's Article on the NYC Qualifier... Click here.

Photo by Jovita Acute
What am I doing in this photo with my face?!
Probably trying to listen to my idol & not look
like a moron in the process... I hate my teeth.  :o(
(apparently my tactics didn't work! Lols.)

Pink the Beauty Boutique
Battle of the Strands

Photo by Behind the Chair

Team HALO on stage
Battle of the Strands

Mod Style Lab
Photo by Battle of the Strands Facebook

American Salon, Facebook 

Grumpy Cat's Choice for Makeup


Gotta' love social media, right?!

Seriously, where else do you find out via news feeds that Grumpy Cat got a movie role? Hopefully it's in Star Wars. He looks so cute in that Darth Vader helmet. He makes me want to go around to people and pick up that catch phrase like the bird flu.

The next time I talk to you, expect me to answer,

"Luke, I don't care..."

I'd also like to point out that Grumpy Cat does indeed do a better harlem shake than I do.

Look what I found on Facebook, lovelies...

Want to know how to apply to get into the Pro MUA discount program through Norcostco?
Click here. Did I mention it's free? No annual fees to be a member is fantastic in my book.

"Horses and Bayonets totally approve!"-just screamed Mr. Ed at the top of his horse lungs!

The fact that no money has to go toward the membership just means I have more money to spend on makeup and stuff from their online store. Whoever at Norcostco that picked up on this is pure genius.

Enjoy your day.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Thee Premiere Beauty Show Giveaway

In honor of the Premiere Beauty Show Orlando wrapping up,
I feel extremely generous.
Giveaway Time!

Did I mention our team placed in the Battle of the Strands Orlando qualifier?! The Fabulous Hair Team is sooo excited that we're still in contention for Vegas. All of the first runners up from all the cities are now competing in an online vote to be announced.

Personally, we'd like to go gangbusters on the Internets, just stated George Bush.

Help us get there, baby! Keep your eye out & we'll let you know when you can vote for us to get the final seat.

Anyway, if you don't vote for us, we are soo going to sick Michelle Obama's Arms on you. The butt whooping you'll receive by her left and right army combined bench press will indeed be covered up by her now lengthy, yet still inanimate bangs.

Let's not forget that Lady Obama also rolls with cabinets full of men who are protected by her binders full of men.

We've also got some cavalry kickin' in the form of horses and bayonets, but her husband would like to point out that the state of the military has in fact changed in nature.

We have these things called aircraft carriers...

... and ships that go underwater and stuff...

Forgive my camera insolence which my cell phone can't apologize for, since it's also inanimate.

Even though these are quite possibly the worst resolution pics known to man, included in the giveaway is:

1- Bottle of SPF30 ExtraShade, dries clear &
     moisturizes all at once. Great for darker skin
     tones, which are also susceptible to melanoma.
1- Life's A Beach Sign, to remind you of Florida &
    The Premiere Beauty Show 2013
1- Collapsible Kid's Water Bottle, with a hook you
    can attach anywhere (great for theme parks)
3- Elemis Samples including Shower Cream, Lime
    & Ginger Body Lotion as well as
    Visible Brilliance (great for traveling)
2- Samples of Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer / Self Tanner
1- St. Ive's deluxe sample Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

Want to enter? Simply comment below to this post on my blog & we will announce the winner tomorrow at 12:00 noon PST. By the way, the contest ends at noon, also...

Enjoy, my lovelies!
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