Thursday, June 27, 2013

Giveaway Numero Cinco
Horses and Bayonets totally loves the General!

With that being said, Dos Equis should give me a lifetime supply of this ballistic, bayonet-supporting beverage. Just so you know, a bayonet could technically be thrown or launched into what one would call a ballistic missile...

As long as you la la la la la la la love Q-tips, read on my darlings!

Q-tips Precision Tips, $3.29
Get them here from Walgreens.
The first person to comment below this blog post or tweet to @makeupthebay with #qtips gets a pack of Precision Tips as well as a purse pack of Q-tips. 

Q-tips Purse Pack around $.99
Mostly found in-store @ major retailers

Precision Tips are awesome for manicures because they're more precise & less cottony at the tip. The purse packs are awesome for traveling, purses in general and especially on-location makeup artists.

If I said your smokey makeup look could look better by way of Q-tips, would you hold it against me?
(I think not.)

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