Monday, June 10, 2013

Radioactive Mondays

This song is so amazing. It inspires my radioactiveness. I shall listen to it probably another 50 times today alone. I'll elaborate on the radioactiveness since some of you, like me, have a complete and total case of the Mondays.

What makes you radioactive? It's that one special thing that we're all capable of. It's also the culmination of our entire existence, mixed with our dreams and then brought forth into reality. Watching Draw My Life by some of my idols makes me feel not so bad about my life. By the way, Draw My Life is on YouTube for the computerly challenged. These guys I watched today are living their YouTube dreams. Michelle Phan even has an entire lifestyle network she'll be launching soon called "FAWN". How amazeballs is that?! You can read more here about it & be sure to watch the "My Next Chapter" You Tube video. Anyway, my point is that no matter where you live or what circumstances may have brought you to this point, you yourself can recognize your talent. So let me ask you a question...

Even though it's Monday, are you going to waste your talent? What if today was your last day on this precious planet? How do you want to be remembered? Did you make your dreams a reality? Did you live to the fullest? Did you act as a contributor or as a detriment to the general good of all humankind?

Hopefully, humankind can recognize I've got a knack for makeup. I am here to tell all the young girls that a healthy dose of sense of self is important. If makeup happens to be your self-esteem catalyst to make you feel better about yourself, then so be it! Rock on with that woman power.

If Michelle Phan would of let her problems bring her down, do you think we'd be sitting here right now talking about her YouTube channel? Or the FAWN network she's creating? I doubt it. What Michelle has done is amazing and highly admirable. Where a lot of people get caught up is in the "how are they going to achieve their dreams", she probably just believes.

Like so many people that grow up, their lives aren't perfect, girls and boys both included. But it's important to visualize your end dream. You don't need to know every step you take toward that goal. This is called faith. But you do need to take the next step even though you may not be able to see the stair in the air. Maybe it's simply wearing some camouflage, or maybe God wants you to take a small detour to get there. The truth of the matter is that most billionaires didn't know they would become so stinking rich. They simply visualized their end goal & kept working toward it. Any person in any profession can do this. It's called your outlook on life. I know I could personally be a lot more toward my end goal of financial comfortableness if I didn't dwell on my case of the Mondays. So what if it's just one article? It's one step closer and that's all that really matters. However, since it is a Monday, I'd totally be down for watching muppets beat up some more dog and cock fighting ring leaders, like all day long. Those animals did nothing to deserve this inhumane behavior. They just want to be loved! If you can't be nice to all God's creatures, then we should be able to send you somewhere where eye for an eye justice is delivered. Any who, tangent averted.

Back to the point, I don't have it all down, but I do know I'm working toward a greater goal. For me the goal is being able to live comfortably with my kids. So many marriages and relationships are ruined by financial problems & I can't stand it. I don't need to be a millionaire, although it would be nice. Let's be honest. All I want is to not have to worry about going in debt over going to the gas station for daily coffees. Notice I didn't even say Starbucks. Surely that's like a $150 a month habit, which I know I can't afford! I'll be the first to admit I'm on a budget. It would feel so nice being able to let my kids throw a few unnecessary items into the grocery cart every once in a while. Word up. Yo.

Any who, even though I feel extremely uninspired today, I shall indeed press the "Publish" button. On a total case of the mundane Mondays, you too can make your own civilization. Hopefully somewhere between a little bit of humble and a little bit of cautious. Perception is reality, peeps. Start the flag raising...

Furthermore, lemme' get a living room on wheels for Mondays, yo! That couch in the video plus me on my laptop equals Monday awesomeness!

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