Thursday, June 6, 2013

Face Charting Basics

So, how do you turn a 1-D picture of a face into a beautiful 3-D masterpiece?

The first essential step to face charting is adding depth.

Typically I turn my paper upside down & go to town. I don't know why but sometimes it's easier to carve out the cheek bones that way.

Now, if you take a gander to your right you'll see that nothing is done on it but adding depth, and well, obviously eye color.

I can't remember where I got these face charts from, but my favorites are MAC Cosmetics, which are really hard to get your hands on if you don't work there or have the in's with someone who works there.

However, with that being said, I have seen them frequently on E-Bay or Amazon.

You can also google it & some will come up & you can print them. However, most are printed on special paper that will take better to the vibrancy of the makeup colors & application versus using plain old white computer paper. It's my experience that they call this special paper "resume paper". Linenish, maybe?

A tip for starting face charts is to keep in mind that your client, errr paper, is white as a ghost. Don't go cray cray with the colors you'd typically use simply because they'll look a heck of a lot darker on this paper Casper the Ghost.
MAC Face Charts... Click!
Tip #2 is to have a special set of brushes you use for face charting only. A lot of them will end up being more precise & less fluffy than your regular set of makeup brushes. Me loves me some concealer brushes for face charting purposes. Concealer brushes allow you to be more precise, allowing you to "push" the color into the paper. The fluffier the brush, the more the pigment will spread all over your paper client.

Tip #3 is to have a box of tissues handy. That way you can cover up the edges around the face & keep the background white. This ain't kindergarten, friends. The purpose is to make your creation look professional, not like you handed it to your kindergartner to scribble on right after he smudged the edges all up with chocolate ice cream hands. Erasers can sometimes work to clean up edges, but you have to get the art type of erasers, not the pink ones which more than likely already have pencil smudge dirtiness on them. If you've ever erased pencil with your bad boy eraser du jour, don't use it. Hey now. I'm just trying to save you some time and not-needed aggravation. There's nothing worse than creating a masterpiece only to be forced to throw it away. Also be sure to cover your masterpiece with tissue, parchment paper, or tissue paper to store it. Business supply stores sell clear sleeves you can carefully place your face charts in, given that they fit the dimensions of the face chart. The type I'm talking about are the kind you'll most likely see your car mechanic use. They're clear and for work orders.

Tip #4 is to invest in a set of colored pencils. Simply stated, some makeup doesn't transfer well to paper. Take lip glosses for example. You'll use the colored pencils for eye color & liners tons of times.

Tip #5 is to get yourself a whitish, matte white or sparkly white cream blush (which MAC has) or paint pot. You'll definitely want to put some on the eyelids to not only lock the powders in place, but also to add vibrancy. You can even put it on the cheeks if you want the color or highlight to really stand out.

Enjoy, lovelies!
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