Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Limited Edition Makeup News

You had me at contouring and bacon! (Not Hello.)

Oooh! This is exciting...

Back for a limited time, it's Smashbox's Contour Kit. Yay! 
Smashbox's Contour Kit, $45
Get it here.

The contour kit has some pretty rave reviews and it seriously takes the guess work out of highlighting and contouring your precious face. Like I've stated previously, "hac-ing" is so in trend right now.

Ummm, would I like to look chiseled and more skeleton like? Abso-stinking-lutely. Personally, I think this is like a diet pill in a palette for your face. Contouring can give your face the illusion you just lost five pounds, even though Fallout Boy's songs knew you were trying out the newly flavored deluxe quarter pounders at McDonald's yesterday.

The Smashbox Contour Kit comes with three powders for all your highlighting and contouring needs. Included right on the packaging is easy, printed instructions that you can never lose. Fantastic! You also get the angled brush featured. Done and dunnerer. Did I mention Smashbox is offering free shipping & samples?!

When picking palettes in general, always try to get creative with the colors. The more dual purpose the palette is, the more likely I am to use it on a regular basis. Right off the bat you could use the lightest shade as an all-over eye color. Simply stated, there are days I don't have enough time or energy to always wear a three or four color eye shadow look. I'm a human female in the mom-form. Now take a gander at the middle color in the palette. It would be great for pretty much most women living on Planet Earth for filling in their eyebrows. Heed this eyebrow rule, friends: When in doubt, always go lighter & go taupe. Take the palette one step further & with an angled eyeliner brush, use the darkest eye shadow as an eyeliner.
Wam! Bam! You look glam!

Smashbox's Camera Ready CC Cream, $42
with SPF 30!
Get it here.
While you're snagging up this palette, another notable is Smashbox's dark spot correcting CC cream.

For a great, easy way to wear your summer face use this CC cream first, then the Contour Kit & you're good to go...

Waaayyy before McDonald's starts their insanely long lunch line.

Again, you had me at bacon. Word.

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