Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grumpy Cat's Choice for Makeup


Gotta' love social media, right?!

Seriously, where else do you find out via news feeds that Grumpy Cat got a movie role? Hopefully it's in Star Wars. He looks so cute in that Darth Vader helmet. He makes me want to go around to people and pick up that catch phrase like the bird flu.

The next time I talk to you, expect me to answer,

"Luke, I don't care..."

I'd also like to point out that Grumpy Cat does indeed do a better harlem shake than I do.

Look what I found on Facebook, lovelies...

Want to know how to apply to get into the Pro MUA discount program through Norcostco?
Click here. Did I mention it's free? No annual fees to be a member is fantastic in my book.

"Horses and Bayonets totally approve!"-just screamed Mr. Ed at the top of his horse lungs!

The fact that no money has to go toward the membership just means I have more money to spend on makeup and stuff from their online store. Whoever at Norcostco that picked up on this is pure genius.

Enjoy your day.


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