Thursday, June 20, 2013

Giveaway Numero Dos

Cuz all around the world...
people want to wear Glowbys in their hair!

Now's your chance. On the giveaway block today are five sets of these wonderful fiber-optic hair extensions.

Comment below this post or tweet me to enter. 
Yoda says your chances of winning are strong with the force!

I mean, even Taylor Swift loves them. Read about it here. Heck, we even used them to light up Battle of the Strands at the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show! (We totally rocked it, by the way. Also, stay tuned about the Battle of the Strands Finals in Vegas. Either we're the favorite of the 1st runners up or you can help vote us to go. Did I mention I love my readers lately?!)

Battle of the Strands Orlando 2013
Model: Karina
Image by: Paul Wedlake Photography

What happened when the lights went off at the show was ahhhh-mazing!

Hopefully it'll lock us in to keeping what happens in Vegas in October, in, well... Vegas!

Mama could use a vacay  ;o)

Kill the lights & let's get this party started, babes!
Prices start at $3.99 for these babies.
Get them here.

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