Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear "Past",

Days like this I want to drive away. Pack my bags and watch your shadow fade. In order to move into my future, we must part ways. Harboring resentments is literally making me sick to my stomach. I dwell on you until I throw up and this is no way to live. You are like the devil. Wait, you are the devil. While I thoroughly believe that you- the "devil past"- deserves everything I can currently throw your way (the bombs, the blows), I must look out for Numero Uno and kick you to the curb like my bad attitude (today).
Like Katy Perry said, you're NOT gonna break my soul.

Last Thursday's American Idol Performance...

Dwelling on you only creates fear, loathing and panic attacks in Las Vegas. OH, how do I learn to forgive? If I forgive I feel like I am bending over and taking it up the "you know what"! But why? Is it that I don't feel heard, respected, or what?!
I guess the real lesson here is to be more like my man upstairs, J.C. How he did it I have no idea. Especially today.
So, instead of running and packing, I will remember this:

Rihanna's Tat: Never a Failure. Always a Lesson.

I also really like that it's written so she can read it when
looking into the mirror.

Oh, past- you will suffer the wrath of J today.
But, not in an unproductive way.

In a She-Hulk workin' it out kind of way. You better run because I just may blow up the Cybex Cardio Machine until all levels of toxicity have officially sweated out of my system.

If I learned one thing from watching Super Hero Sunday on FX yesterday, it's that I really want to see the new Avengers' movie.
Errr, I mean.... fight for the good in the world.

Furthermore, I believe there is some good left in me.

So, past- Goodbye and Good Riddance. I am SOOOOO above you! You're not worth one more sentence.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Mom's- Use Your Baby's Products! #2

Did you know (again) that baby products are great for adult cosmetic uses?!

Awww, kids- you gotta love 'em!

Baby Powder, while we love it for the anti chafing of our baby's butts, can be used as a dry shampoo on the days you are too lazy to wash your hair. YAY!

Simply pour a little into your hand and work into your dry hair near the roots. Blow dry upside down to smooth, then brush your hair and walk out your door.

Oil eliminated! Volume created!

Wam, bam and thank you, mam!

Other notably great baby powder items if you love the scent:
Demeter's Baby Powder Cologne Spray

Fabuloso's Baby Powder Scented Floor Cleaner

Yankee Candle in Baby Powder


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Justin Bieber Wedding Surprise

The cat's out of the bag...

Now y'all know I'm a bonafide "Belieber". This video below was so sweet it made me cry. How cute. I can't help but wish that happened to me at my wedding! Yes, I'm nerdy and I know it. Imagine that little cat above actually singing I'm sexy and I know

Dear Justin,

Thanks for your upbeat music that always puts me in a better mood. I can only hope that my son grows up to be as well rounded of a "MAJOR ROCKSTAR" as you... in whatever career path he chooses of course. Heehee.

 Snazzy "Boyfriend" Audio-




Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trend Alert Spring 2012- Brights!

Everywhere I walk lately I see bright people...

Below are some ways to incorporate this trend into your style fashionista wardrobe.

Pair with neutrals-

Jessica Simpson Scilla

On Sale $64.95
(27% off - was $89.00)

Think grey, khaki, stone, white & black. The same rule can be applied to skirts, pants & shorts.

Kelly Ripa's HOTT legs sporting the look. I suddenly feel the urge to run a triathlon!

Pick one item- and rock it.
 Like that bright blue dress you've been eyeing? 
Photo Courtesy of ShopBop

Remember, let the item do the speaking for you. If you're gonna wear bright clothing, be sure to keep everything else clean looking.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Women's Lib Cake Toppers

"A Happy Wife = A Happy Life"


Dear Men, don't you know by now this is all you're supposed to do on your wedding day?!
Just make Mrs. Happy.

Why don't men understand that the sooner they realize this, the more receptive we'll be to actually helping them. Am I Confucious or what?!


Monday, April 9, 2012

What the heck is....retinol?

 Cosmetic and Skin Care Ingredients De-Mystified...

I'm King Leo & you're Xerxes, skin! HI-YAH!

What the heck is retinol and why should you care?

I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and wanted to kick my own face's butt. I see hyperpigmentation from my last pregnancy, sun exposure and a couple areas that could use big time purification. I won't say they're pimples yet...but soon. All you face issues need to be dumped into a deep hole, never to return. But how will I ever accomplish this?

With retinol, of course. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. You can find it called Retinol, Retin-A or Tretinoin (the generic name). It usually comes in a gel or cream form and was originally made for acne problems. It is also being realized for cosmetic uses. Its anti-aging, hyperpigmentation eliminating and wrinkle zapping properties make it an ideal choice for most skin concerns. That's why a lot of insurances won't cover it anymore because need is becoming a want and doctors are writing a lot more prescriptions for it. For me personally, I have to show medical necessity since I'm over 25 in order to get it covered. Technically, my doctor says I have cystic acne. While I use it mainly for the cosmetic uses, my insurance doesn't need to know that. I know... I'm a rebel without a cause. Depending on your age, a skin cell will regenerate itself anywhere from 14-30 days on average. Retinols work by actually speeding up the skin's cell renewal process, making skin cell regeneration work on hyper-drive. So, exactly how fast you ask? For that answer ask someone who is a chemist for Retin-A. I've not been able to track one down. But much, much faster for sure.

Here's an example. You pick your face, which is a HUGE no no and damage that skin cell sitting on the top of your epidermis (skin). Arrgh. It'll scar or discolor, becoming hyper pigmented and then you twiddle your thumbs until it heals. Not so fast. Use a retinol.

Retinols can be considered a chemical exfoliator because they slough off all that crap, err cellular debris, leaving the new skin layer looking as soft and undiscolored as a baby's butt. Then, with time the picking, sun exposure and air pollutants magically happen. Waa. Waaa. Waaaa.

Retin-A-Micro, which is my fave- is the newest out. The Retin-A comes micro-encapsulated making it smaller (for better absorption) and time released.

Other notables are below:

Philosophy's "Help Me", $49
Shop Ulta here.

ZO Skin Health's  1% "Ossential Night Repair", $170
Shop it here.

Philosophy's Help Me gets notable mention for the price point & it contains Vitamin E. ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi, MD is the strongest on the market without it being a prescription. He's a doctor so he knows exactly what percentages of retinol can fly by the FDA. Both are available at Nordstrom.

Back to point- use retinols at night right after washing your face in warm water (warm to open your pores for better absorption). Towel and/or air dry, then apply all over your face, minus your eyelids and lips. If you'd like to prevent or lessen crows feet, apply carefully under the eye. I personally never put a moisturizer on over it. I don't want to decrease the effectiveness, plus you never know what interaction your skin could have from applying both. You should start out by trying only a few times a week and then work your way up to tolerating it. I've heard that some people use it daily. I use it every other day. Also, if you're trying to save a buck or two just don't use it in the summertime. It's pointless.

Skin burns more easily when on this medication (like the baby's butt we spoke of earlier) and the sun will create blemishes and discoloration. The next day following treatment, wake up and wash your face as usual and apply a moisturizer with sun screen. I almost forgot that when you're on retinols, anything you put on your face will work more effectively (say your day cream) because there is less layers of dermis for the product to go through. Awesome, right?! I know.

Twinmedix Pro:Essentials A15, $90
Shop OSMUA here.

You'll also find a lot of dryness, which is temporary and will go away, in the beginning. Because you're chemically exfoliating your face, don't go crazy with physically exfoliating the dryness off. Simply use a wet wash cloth to exfoliate vs. a scrub. You could use a scrub, but I find I love the feeling so much I overdo it and press too hard. Oh! I almost forgot- I love instant gratification. But be patient. Before you stop using it, take a before pic & about 8 weeks later take an after pic. You're sure to see a difference.

DERMAdoctor 1% Retinol, $75
Shop it here.

Below are some before and after pics I found (time lapse unknown). Take a gander.

Knowledge is power. This is SPAAAARTAAA...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fortune Cookies from Above...

Happy Easter, friends!
This is Fortune Cookies from Above, Easter edition. May your day be blessed and your jellybeans bountiful.
The sure way to predict the future is to invent it.

Dear God,
I've always known that you talk to me in roundabout ways. I just want to say thank you for giving us your son to take away our sins. Without forgiveness from Him, I don't know what I'd do. So today out of any day especially, thank you for good memories and lots of grub.


The eggs make a snazzy back drop, ehh?!! My son's favorite color this year was the lime green. Furthermore, I'm about as tired as the Easter bunny from driving all around the neighborhood trying to put little Mini-Me back to sleep. Yep, I'm fairly certain I saw the Easter Bunny out and about around 4am.

Anyway, I've managed to round up some pics from the internets. [Insert George Bush here...heehee]
They pretty much explain themselves. Enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bon Qui Qui, the Biebs & Snakes on a Plane

Welcome to  a posting I like to call "This Week in Review".

It's truly amazing what you learn from children. With the kids wrapping up their first week back at school from Spring Break, let me show you what my little sister (She's in high school...) introduced me to last week while she was enjoying her last few days of freedom:
Bon Qui Qui on YouTube. My faves are her at King Burger and (Anjelah Johnson) at the Nail Salon. You must click below.

Also, Justin Bieber won favorite male singer on the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, just in case you haven't heard. I just love him and his new song "Boyfriend" is getting rave reviews. On it says he's now teaming up with Usher and the new boy band One Direction for his album "Believe". I don't know about you, but "Boyfriend" is snazzy. It makes me want to bust a move, but most importantly it reminds me that every woman deserves respect, admiration and a hot guy to sing to them. This song brings me back to the courting days when having and obtaining a boyfriend was a game, a challenge, and butterflies swirl around your stomach to think about the possibility of a new love.

Awwww, he is a good boyfriend.

There they are above on a recent lunch date to the park with Subway in tow. Now I just wish he could wait 18 years and then date my daughter. Is that horrible to say?!

Anyway, word also broke this week about there being an actual snake on a plane, people. Could you imagine if you were that pilot? I'd be running on auto pilot straight for the lavatory to clean my pants. I, for one, am NOT going anywhere near Australia anytime soon.
Watch this "Bunnies- Snakes on a plane" edition just in time for Easter...Hillarious.

Finally, a pic for my peeps:
A dress I saw online made of peeps. Wow.
I thought I had time on MY hands. I wonder what happens to your skin if you sweat? Hey, at least you're lickable.

Things could be worse. Like having snakes on your plane or dealing with Bon Qui Qui at the drive thru window.

Happy Good Friday.


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