Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear "Past",

Days like this I want to drive away. Pack my bags and watch your shadow fade. In order to move into my future, we must part ways. Harboring resentments is literally making me sick to my stomach. I dwell on you until I throw up and this is no way to live. You are like the devil. Wait, you are the devil. While I thoroughly believe that you- the "devil past"- deserves everything I can currently throw your way (the bombs, the blows), I must look out for Numero Uno and kick you to the curb like my bad attitude (today).
Like Katy Perry said, you're NOT gonna break my soul.

Last Thursday's American Idol Performance...

Dwelling on you only creates fear, loathing and panic attacks in Las Vegas. OH, how do I learn to forgive? If I forgive I feel like I am bending over and taking it up the "you know what"! But why? Is it that I don't feel heard, respected, or what?!
I guess the real lesson here is to be more like my man upstairs, J.C. How he did it I have no idea. Especially today.
So, instead of running and packing, I will remember this:

Rihanna's Tat: Never a Failure. Always a Lesson.

I also really like that it's written so she can read it when
looking into the mirror.

Oh, past- you will suffer the wrath of J today.
But, not in an unproductive way.

In a She-Hulk workin' it out kind of way. You better run because I just may blow up the Cybex Cardio Machine until all levels of toxicity have officially sweated out of my system.

If I learned one thing from watching Super Hero Sunday on FX yesterday, it's that I really want to see the new Avengers' movie.
Errr, I mean.... fight for the good in the world.

Furthermore, I believe there is some good left in me.

So, past- Goodbye and Good Riddance. I am SOOOOO above you! You're not worth one more sentence.


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