Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moms in Review

This week's Moms in Review is soooo exciting!

Word just broke on that Demi Lovato is joining Britney Spears as a judge on X Factor. That's cute, Simon. And very smart. Recruit all the Mouse Ears you can and you're guaranteed (at least for me) to watch this season's X Factor!  I personally cannot wait to enjoy every second of my Brit Brit lighting up the TV.
I just had to show you this cute pic I found from the internets. This is a makeup blog after all, y'all! Now with the cool $50 million Brit's reportedly getting paid to judge, she can finally hire me to do her makeup instead of her boys, lol.

Beyonce, People Mag's 2012 Most Beautiful Person, shows off her post baby bod in St. Bart's in April. New moms everywhere can finally relax knowing that it took her 4 mos. at 5 days a week working out to lose that 40 lbs she put on. So, Mommies if it takes you a little longer, don't be so hard on yourselves. In this economy I'd rather my kid have shoes to wear than me have a trainer, too.

Moving on, Jessica Simpson had her baby FINALLY. Congrats and welcome to the new Mommy Club, where we don't care what you name your baby as long as you love her. Simpson got flack about naming her baby Maxwell Drew Johnson. Whatever floats your boat, Jess. I'm on your side. Does she have ten fingers and ten toes and is breathing air? Ok then. And Snooki, shame on you for talking about you taking a "healthier" stance about your preggo food eating habits than Jess. Jess enjoyed herself and her "one time" it was acceptable in society to eat what you want. SO what. Last time I checked jellies had sugar in them. Unless you're just guilty of feeding your babe man-made chemicals. But, I won't rip too much since you haven't yet joined the club. I know I had all kinds of pre-conceived notions. Then after I had kids, I threw them out the window...

However, if it's one thing we can agree on Snooks is this: WHO takes their kid tanning with them? Yup, Patricia Krentcil is not only guilty of child endangerment, but also of wearing a strange color of skin. And, in this mugshot apparently black lipliner just on the lower lip. Hmmm. Makes me wonder. Her skin changes color in almost every media I've seen her in this far. You let me know if I'm crazy or if you agree with me, would ya'?!


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