Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gator Boots, Gucci Suits & the Billboard Music Awards

Gator boots with the pimped out Gucci suits
Ain't got no job, but I stay sharp
Can't pay my rent, cause all my money's spent
But that's okay, cause I'm Still Fly...

Got a quarter tank of gas - in my new E class
But that's alright, cause I'm gon' ride
Got everythang - in my momma name
But I'm Hood Rich - dadah-dadah da-dah da-dah da-dah

Yes, while the above words are oddly reminiscent of senior year spring break, they still occasionally play in my head today. For all my friends that thought back then I was either mildly crazy or a little ghetto for loving Lil' Wayne, eat your heart out!
Weezy, errr... I mean Lil' Wayne took home 4 awards at the Billboard Music Awards 2012. Yay! His awards included Top Male Artist (and beat out Justin Bieber- Can you believe it?!), Top Rap Artist, Top Rap Album (The Carter IV), and an award for being on Kelly Rowland's "Motivation".

Anyway, for those of you that missed the Awards show, allow me to break it down to what I consider to be the most important...

Justin Bieber got Most Social Artist, which is really no surprise at all.
Bieber also won "Best Billboard Performance", with votes weighing in at over 41%.
Bieb's Performing "Boyfriend", Click!

Also, Justin surprised one of his fans, Cady Eimer with a date to the awards show after she started the website onelesslonelyprom.com asking Justin Bieber to be her date to prom. Only the poor thing probably thought she was totally getting dissed by JB until the DJ played this video for her:
Watch her expression here, Click! (so cute!)
Anyway, congrats!

Getty Images

Adele stole the show with 12 wins including Top Artist. She looked so happy and grateful at the show. This chick deserves nothing but good.

For all you party rockers out there, LMFAO won Song of the Year for "Party Rock Anthem" while Lady Gaga got Top Dance Artist & Dance Album. Rihanna won Top Streaming Artist while Nicki Minaj (her name is Onika, but you can call her Nikki...heehee) won Top Streaming Video with "Super Bass". Jordin Sparks gave tribute to Whitney Houston singing "I will always love you".

Finally, Katy Perry got the Spotlight Award. For Perry having 5 songs from an album going #1, she ties Michael Jackson who had the record last.
Katy's "Wide Awake" Performance, Click!

Katy, who tweeted about her "smokin hot date" who came with her to the show was none other than Grandma! On her acceptance speech, she gave love to Grams and let the crowd know she couldn't wait to do shots with her at the after party. Lol. How adorable.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners at the Billboard Music Awards!
ATTN: Artists... I am still for hire should you need a makeup artist for next year :O)  ...
LMAO, not to be confused with LMFAO...

TTYL, XOX! (Thanks Bella Thorne & Zendaya for another song that likes to stay in my head...Click for Mash Up Video! )
P.S.- LMHO stands for laughing my head off, in case you were wondering... I was!


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