Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Grandma's Jail Time in Review

Again, another story that's like googling at a car accident scene:

Today we're skipping generations and starting "Grandmas is Review". Where do I begin? First off, my stomach is churning as I'm blogging this, but...
This is Sandra Layne, who is sitting in jail with no bond for open murder charges somewhere near Detroit. Below is Jonathan Hoffman, her grandson, who she shot eight times. Apparently he got shot, then called 911 for help, then she shot some more, some more bullets hitting him & two other bullets missing him for a grand total of ten shots.

It's being reported like this:
Jonathan apparently was starting to get into drugs as well as sell them. Then, this other kid goes crazy off of that fake marijuana called spice and shoots up his family. Sandra watches this unfold on the news. Later (No, I don't know exactly how much later...) cops get called to her house when grandson is making a scene in the street cussing. Sandra tells cops she is scared of her grandson and she can't control him. Now, Sandra buys a gun and a couple of months later the two get into an argument. Now her grandson is dead.

Jonathan, who may I remind you is 17. Like most kids I'm sure he rebelled and got into trouble. But shooting your own flesh and blood? Why, Sandra, did you continue to let this kid live with you if you were scared of him?

Dear Parents of Jonathan Hoffman:

You guys are total tool bags for putting your own selfish needs before your son's. Who "settles" into their new place in a new state halfway across the country from Detroit without their kids during their senior year?! Furthermore, most parents aren't that cruel to move during their senior year. So, the both of you had to move? I don't get it. When you get a divorce, don't you try to move away from each other, not near each other?! Obviously your lack of teaching your kid to respect his elders and not mouth off made Grandma go nuts. What? Just saying. I am in no way endorsing this Grandma, just being honest.

It's unfortunate what happens to kids during a divorce and apparently Jonathan got the short end of the stick, ending up at an alternative high school where drugs and disinterested kids go who are not graduating high school on their own, with their own will to succeed. It seems to me that this poor kid just needed some guidance and parental attention. Ever seen that good dad commercial where at the end they say "just being there is enough"? Well, it's kind of like that. Kids ultimately just want their parents approval and guidance. Now, if I were 17 you'd never ever hear me utter those words, though.

Hey news channels, why don't you report on the effects of breaking up a marriage as much as you're reporting on Obama being for gay marriage? It's my opinion that if you can vote, live in this country and die for your country, you should have some civil rights to enjoy the many benefits of being married on paper (such as health insurance). It's not like I'm setting up a spy cam and being forced to watch what goes on in between your sheets. Do what you want!

It's also my opinion that the older we get, the less the emphasis is on staying together. Seriously. Poor kid above. Pray for these people.

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