Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finding Your Right Makeup Artist

So, J.- What are your tips for finding me my right artist?

(Why thank you & now that you mention it ;o) ...

Below are my tips for finding your right Makeup Artist anywhere you go to buy makeup.

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1.) Make sure your artist doesn't take you out of your comfort zone. This is a HUGE one. There's nothing I hate more than hearing from women is this one. "The artist made me look like Ru-Paul, and I barely wear mascara every day!" I think...."Wow. That artist is gonna' have a lot of returns." Returns get minused off our sales goals and if I'm in a commissionable store, the money gets taken out of my paycheck. A good artist knows that. Plus, I want to know that when you go home you will be happy and be able to repeat what I taught you. Whether you wear one or two makeup products on your face or a hundred, every woman deserves to look beautiful and feel like they're working in their comfort zone with their own makeup routine.

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2.) Also, if you have an artist who doesn't stay in touch, they're not doing their jobs. What? At least I'm honest! Here's my advice if you think you're not getting paid enough attention to. You're probably not. Leave them now. It's also our job to create a client card on you from day one, so we get to know you. We will write down things about your skin, you,  & the colors we used to create a look. That way... if I'm doing my job and inviting you back in later for more makeup sessions or an event we're pushing... I can sell you again. Now, with that being said, I won't make a client card if I know you don't have a lot of time or are looking for something specific. But, I will give you my business card at the very least.

3.) Look for an artist whose makeup you like or would like to try. I'm not stupid. I know I have to look good on the days I work. I know you may ask me what I'm wearing AND you may buy it.
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4.) Makeup artists have more time to spend with you on weekdays rather than weekends. As illustrated above, the weekdays are CLEARLY longer, Duh! Hee.Hee.He. In fact, some stores have a $50 minimum purchase in product to even book an appointment for a makeover on weekends.

5.) Be honest with your artist. If you're only planning on buying one thing, holler at a sister. Let me know that. I will be more inclined to not suggest a lot of stuff you don't want. Also, this may differ from artist to artist- but personally I'd rather make you up even knowing you won't buy because I don't like to sit around and twiddle my thumbs. Plus, I like to educate everyone I meet. You never know when someone will come back to buy when they liked your advice and techniques.

Good luck! It may take a couple trial makeovers to tell if you like the way that particular artist did your makeup, but you'll find a good one. Get picky and don't get discouraged! After all, it's just makeup!


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