Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cannibals Amongst Us

As much as I'd like to write a tutorial or make up review, I just can't help but share this with you all.

Aaaaargh. With stories like these popping up all the time, I hate to admit I live in Florida, errr I mean HannibalLectorVille. It's something about our location to the equator that keeps bringing weirdos to reside amongst us I swear. Watch your cheeks, people. Guard them with your life. Sleep with one eye open and a fork in your hand ready for battle because zombies are for real, yo!
In some countries your cheeks are considered a delicacy. Call me names and beat me up, but please don't eat my already depleting collagen reserves in my cheeks...
Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo

From Miami Dade County, we bring you this whack job Rudy Eugene (featured in the far left pic) who was shot to death earlier after snarling at officers when ordered to stop eating a homeless guy's face. That's right. I couldn't make this crap up if I tried. Rudy was believed to be under the influence of "bath salts", which are not really the bath salts you put in your bath for relaxation purposes.

For some reason, parents, the code name is bath salts because they look like salt in a jar and if you're over the age of 18, you can buy these over the counter mainly at smoke shops. It's unclear what makes up this dangerous drug, but Dr. Drew said it resembles methamphetamine (a stimulant) mixed with ecstasy and can create irritability mixed with hallucinations lasting a couple of days. I just have to ask, what makes that kind of high so enticing to people? Regulators in the U.S. need to get on the banning bandwagon stat. Dr. Drew also had a guest call in whose husband abused the salts and the now ex-wife said that even though her ex is not taking them anymore, his entire demeanor is forever altered. His brain changed.

Ronald Poppo, the homeless guy, last I knew couldn't speak and was in critical condition needing several surgeries with only his goatee remaining intact. Did I also mention that Rudy was naked? It is unclear what made Rudy come into contact with Poppo in the first place. Rudy was from North Miami Beach and liked to go to South Beach for Memorial Day and Poppo frequented the bridge near where the attack happened. I guess he was the victim of not only cannibalism but also of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rudy's friends are also sticking up for him saying that he was a really nice guy and this incident was totally out of character. Toxicology reports won't be back for a couple of weeks, so the reason for the attack is a little vague as of right now. Parents, be careful because there is no test out yet that can detect the "bath salt" or spice (the fake marijuana) drug.
Knowledge is power. Increase awareness, decrease zombies.

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