Friday, May 11, 2012

Moms in Review

* This one's dedicated to one "special" lady today. *

So, yesterday there I was...
slacking off in between sets at the gym minding my own business. I look up at the TV and BAM! There you are giving fake eyelashes everywhere a bad name! (They made such a big deal about it on Bay News 9 that she still had on her fake eyelashes.)

I still heart you eyelashes, though. Just not the ones below.

I turn tricks to shower, Rhonda Perry said in my head.
Where do I begin on this one?

This is Rhonda Perry, who apparently strips at Mons Venus but yet can't seem to pay her basic necessity bills. Rhonda was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail yesterday for leaving her 2 year old home alone while she went to work at Mons Venus. Classy.

Joe Redner also took up for the girl and said he wouldn't fire her over this incident and if she wants her kid back she'll need to work. Puh-lease. You disgrace me. Seriously.
police told reporters that the neighbors heard a lengthy cry of a baby and called cops. When they got there, they found the toddler alone in a soiled shirt, no pants OR diaper on, and the bathtub filled with black water and feces on the walls. Sick.
I just have to ask...
Woman, if you're stripping to pay the bills...
how come you can't afford the $50 bucks a night to hire a sitter and $50 bucks a week for a maid,
then what in the heck are you doing with your money? 
 You apparently are able to post bail of $2,000... Hmmm.

I know, reading this one is like staring at a car wreck. You pass the wreck and you know you don't really want to see anything sick, but you gotta look anyway.

Happy early Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms I know who don't do this. Thanks, Rhonda, for ensuring me about my parenting skills. haaa. haa. ha.

I really hope that a pair of my line of eyelashes never gets into your hands on accident. I simply cannot endorse that hot mess.



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