Thursday, July 26, 2012

Competitive Eating, Hooters Style

if you live in the Tampa Bay area, your men may have a legitimate reason to go to Hooters tonight other than to oogle at boobies... 

It's the Hooters Wing-Eating World Championship!

Thursday, July 26, 2012 @ The Original Hooters Clearwater
2800 Gulf-To-Bay Blvd.
             Clearwater, FL 33755               
  The Pre-Contest entertainment begins @ 6PM, event @ 7PM.

Watch the Nathan's 2012 July 4th Competition... Click!
Joey "Jaws" Chestnut & Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas will meet again for another epic battle of the bulge.

Can someone get me the Black Widow's autograph?! This chick is 5'5" & 100 lbs. soaking wet! Does anyone really know the use of having a really stretchable stomach and why exactly is this considered a "competitive sport"? Don't get me wrong. I love to stuff my face & I love chicken wings...
Click for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympic Schedule...
But the sound of it actually being a competitive sport resonates somewhere near my dislike of rhythmic gymnastics being in the Olympics. That's right- There's an American competing. Watching the news the morning, I sneezed and almost missed the announcement. Now, with that being said, J. used to be a gymnast. It takes a lot of skill and power to flip around your own being and I'm just not sure a twirling of ribbon qualifies. Once the competitors in the "Olympic Sport" actually start flipping through the circly twirls they're creating with wind, only then can the Olympics get back to me and maybe I will re-classify the sport. Heh Heh. To me, it's competitive dancing. Very pretty, competitive dancing with accessories. But the costumes are pretty awesome, I must admit.

Does saying "Jazz Hands" or "Spirit Fingers" apply here?

Chicken Wing Soap, AJ's Sweet Soap, $8.75
Get it Here!

Anyway, did you know one can bathe in hot wing sauce, chicken wings, celery sticks & bleu cheese dressing? AJ's will make your soap to your own scent preferences!

Pink Fried Chicken Wing Necklace, Onch Movement, $100
Get it Here!
Or, for those of you who like jewelry, you can show everyone your undying love for chicken wings by rocking one of these pieces just like Nicki Minaj. I wonder if she knows about the chicken wing soap... Hmmm...

Have a great day.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random News

This picture I found rocks! Bobby rocks. Ice rocks. Bling it up...

Bobby Bowden now the Winningest Coach after Paterno's vacated wins.

My husband is a genius as it was him who called this move as soon as the Sandusky victims started coming forward. Mad props, love!

Bobby, the former FSU Coach, said that he couldn't be happy with the title because it was such an unfortunate incident to have happened who were the kids, now victims of abuse.

Bobby, I say you deserve it.

 Thanks for running a non-pedophile football program. I reckon you'd of gotten the team to give this perv a rough-housing of his life, then reported it.

Read more here...

Even here Rob looks so cute!

Kristen Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson!

What in the H- E- Double- Hockey sticks were you thinking, K Stew?!

Not only does R Patz sparkle in movies, he's also got an accent to boot. Not only is he a major hottie, he seems really nice.

It's funny how K Stew previously goes on magazine saying she doesn't understand cheaters and why they do it. Hmmm... I guess she can answer that one now.
(Isn't that the home wrecker callin' the whore a slut...)
Rupert's no spring chicken, just saying.

Now I'll never land a gig on one of his movie

Read more deliciousness about the scandal...


Random News

Random News You Might Want to Know About:

Again, the Biebster rocks.

Justin Bieber won a ton of surfboards at the Teen Choice Awards over the past weekend. Congrats, Justin! Justin was very excited this year as he tweeted that a couple of years ago, he wasn't even invited. I guess he showed them! Rock on with your bad self.

Twilight & Hunger Games won big, too!

For a full list of winners, Click Here.

Twilight got so many that R Patz (a.k.a. the love of my life, I heart boys who sparkle) made some one's life by giving a board to the crowd. One can only hold so many surfboards...

Snoop Dogg is releasing his 1st reggae album y'all.

You know he got the idea to do it while he was blazin'... hey, he's more creative and he knows it :O)

Anyway, Snoop can now be called "Snoop Lion" in the reggae world. Here's the new song "La La La"...
Click here to listen!
Personally, I could see myself listening to it on the beach in Fiji, on vacation, with a pina colada in my hand...

Cows eating chocolate, need I say more? There's a dairy farmer in Kansas who consistently feeds his cows chocolate? Why? For energy. And, no, it doesn't make their milk chocolate, hee, hee.

Can I speak for the entire female population by saying, "I wish I were those cows!" That's simply amazing!

Watch this Video ASAP!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

What the heck is... Shea Butter?!

Cosmetic Ingredients De-Mystified...

So, J.- What is Shea butter, why should I use it, and in what products can I find it?

First & Foremost,
Shea Butter a.k.a Karite Butter is a butter that comes from the nut of the karite tree, whose home resides in Central in West Africa. Often used in the cosmetics industry and for dermalogic reasons, Shea butter proves effective for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and hyperpigmentation (the darkening of skin caused by blemishes, sun spots, age & pregnancy). You can also cook with it and it's an excellent all natural SPF to boot! This butter is high in vitamins A & E. You can find it with certified, organic, refined, un-refined, fair trade, bulk, pure & African in the names of most Shea products.

Shea is also an underground beauty treatment for new moms as it clears up stretch marks, pregnancy spots on the face, diaper rash and any minor skin irritations baby may get.

Also, often more times than not, you'll find it mixed in the U.S. as it has a high melting temp. It needs to be mixed with other ingredients to not go back to its solid butter state.

But, I say buy it pure.
Especially if you're using it as a treatment rather than a humectant, give me the highest concentration pronto, STAT, ASAP, a hora, whatever you call it in my opinion. Call me maybe? Call me for sure!

Melting it is fairly easy as your own hand's body temp will cause it to melt. I've also been known to melt it in the microwave in a glass measuring cup. Purchasing one with a lid is the best idea for easy storage.

Pure, Unrefined Shea Butter, $6.95/lb
Buy it Here

Calling all choco-holics, if you've never tried virgin cocoa butter you haven't fully lived...
$5.95/lb... Get it Here

Dudu Osun African Black Soap, $3.95/bar
Buy it Here,,, It smells delish!
This soap is fantabulous on dry skin.

Fekkai Essential Shea Collection, $25 - $35
Buy it Here
This scent is unbelievable & works like a dream on even the unruliest of hair types.



Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Appear (More) Skinny

Dieting sucks. Period.

Makeup is visual, so of course leave it up to a makeup artist to show you how to visually appear skinnier.
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor am I pretending to be. I’m not some fat guy in a little coat (depending on who you talk to). Some of these suggestions may not be the healthiest. Younger girls, please don’t take me serious. I enjoy humor and some find me funny (again depending on who you talk to).
Watch the Movie Clip...

Here are a few pointers from my makeup artist perspective to help you along your way to perfectness that you'll probably never achieve... why? Because as women we are way too hard on ourselves. Think about it- everywhere we walk there is media telling us to buy their crap from beautiful, gorgeous bombshells who may only take up say 10% of this planet's population. You mean I could look like Adriana Lima if I put this on?! Say it isn't so. Buy it? Done and dunnerer. But, that's not my main point I'm trying to throw down for you to pick up. I was in the grocery store, for example, just yesterday. Walking in to the store, there was this perfectly looking woman who looked like she had it all together in her business suit and perfect hair in curls. Then, on aisle 4 I got a glimpse of what was in her cart... there was wine, water, sugar free candy, a heck of a lot of greens for one person to digest in the next millennium, pure protein bars, a gossip magazine, lip gloss and mascara. What I realized was this woman is way too hard on herself, too. For no apparent reason. I'll even go as far as to say that she probably is having man problems based on what I could see. Once in the bread aisle, she seemed a little sad. Whenever I'm mad at the world you will surely find me buying new lip glosses (simply because they make me happy), mascara (so I can get prettier lashes to flaunt in your general direction and because I love trying to find the next best thing) ..... and hair dye (if I'm depressed about a boy- because I want to change myself so dramatically you'll regret pissing me off, and you won't know I'm stalking you for my hair is different.)

Please feel free to feast your eyes on several different ways to appear skinnier. Straight from the mind of a madwoman I tell ya'.

  1. Contour the crap out of your body, or what I like to call “paint on abs”. Chisel your abs by adding only self tanner or bronzer to your obliques & down the vertical line above your bellybutton. Add some goldish sparkle to highlight your "six pack". Heck, go crazy and put some on your decollete or cleavage, too. Ask any one of my college roommates- it works, wink, wink! Just look above on how to contrast your abs.

  2. Use some preparation H Ointment. (If you haven't read "The Beach Beauty & The Preparation H Beast" post, you can search my blog for it.)
  3. Claim you’ve had a baby. Nobody, and I mean nobody, needs to know exactly when and how long ago you actually delivered. And, if you’ve never had a baby…people that don’t know you too well don’t know the truth. True friends never second guess what you say to strangers… this rings especially true for bars and night clubs. Girl Code 101.
  4. Eat in secret. You have no idea how many of my girlfriends do this… even the ones who live with their significant others.
  5. Drink, until you don’t care. For some it’s a few, for others a few too many. ;o)
  6. Buy a couple “light” or “fat free” items to store in your fridge. Nothing says I’m healthy like some (bland, watered down, tastes like crappy nothing) skim milk. If you can’t stomach it, try Silk’s Very Vanilla Soy Milk. Guys who look in your fridge will surely think you’re a health nut. When was the last time you saw soy milk in a guy’s fridge? Never. If you had, he’s a keeper for the pure fact that he’ll probably be really supportive in your dieting efforts. 
  7. Opt for a Wii. You could get a fit board, the weights, and if all else fails you could play Super Mario Brothers until you’ve realized you’ve missed a meal. Hey, at least you’re moving some fingers around. Then, move onto the Xbox 360 Kinect and you too can burn some calories running around your room just like the cute little tiger you’re pretending to be on TV.
  8. Exfoliate with a scrub, then oil up. Moisturized skin looks more dewy, because it is. We can’t control the weather drying up our skin nor God making our skin cells constantly flake off, only to regenerate again. But we can control the oily luxeness we slap on. Did I mention that light (or shine or luminescence) conceals the look of cellulite?
  9. Post only old photos of yourself to your respective social media outlets. If you're a Photoshop whiz, you're extra lucky because you could superimpose yourself anywhere in the world you want! I once had a photographer friend that took one of my pictures and literally shaved off some of my stomach and readjusted my bellybutton. Surely he's working for Mariah Carey now. He's amazing. Hey, Twitter's got #throwbackthursdays for a reason. Twit pic. Lol, smiley face...
  10. You could also buy some fantastic foody scented bath & body products as opposed to eating them. I love you Demeter and Philosophy!

In the end,
Exercise and/or diet. I hate to say it, but this is the only surefire way to actually get skinnier. And aaaargh…some persistence with some will power sprinkled on top.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Earth Angel" Makeup Inspiration

We all have our earth angels, people who were put on this earth that we thank our lucky stars for… and to some, YOU are their Earth Angel… This is for YOU!

"Earth Angel" is naturally chic, deriving her color inspiration from nature.
Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. ~Rachel Carson
If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere. ~Vincent Van Gogh

YSL Golden Gloss, $30  #7 Golden Amber... Get Golden Gloss

La Femme Sparkle Dust, $4.25 #14 Champagne Gold
La Femme Sparkle Dust, $4.25 # 19 Lime... Buy from MakeupMania

Revlon Matte Blush, $9.79, “Perfectly Peach”...  Get this blush

Mac Shadow in “Kid”, $15
Mac Shadow in "Charcoal Brown"...  Buy the shadows

Mac FLuidline in “Rich Ground”, $15... Get it Here

Mac Lip Pencil, $14 “Spice”... Buy the Liner

Mac Lipstick, $14.50, Myth... Get the Lipstick


Britney on X Factor- Not So Nice?

Oooh! We get an early look into this season's X-Factor premiering Sept. 12th. YAY!

However, reports are surfacing that Britney might not be as nice to the contestants as we thought she'd be....

 I am going to go out on a limb and say that it's probably her multi-million dollar contract that has her saying those things. What do you think? I know I'd do worse to have that kind of money padding my bank account! What?! I'm just sayin'. Geez.

Watch & Read the Deliciousness...

Dear Britney,

Should we ever meet, please be nice to me or I may go jump off a cliff and end whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing on this earth. I just don't think I could handle the rejection from one of my favorite celebs! Oh, and you should hire me. If you hate it, we can wipe it off... It's just makeup...


Friday, July 6, 2012

Golden Bronzed Eyes Tutorial

Howdy, friends!

Above is a tutorial on how to get a golden bronzy eye look.

However, my camera sucks so I apologize about the quality...
So, should anyone want to gift me a new camera, lol, wink wink....
My laptop sound sucks too so I couldn't talk... Hope you enjoy the music. Who really wants to listen to me talk when they could jam out anyway?!
I know some of you may think it's a snoozefest (it's the whole face after all), but I wanted you to see my brush strokes and placement of color.


P.S- I'd much rather film me doing makeup on someone else, so if you'd like to be featured, please shoot me an e-mail @ and we can arrange something.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

#Hashtags That Didn't Quite Make It- Vlogged

Okay, okay...
I know some of you may have read this as a blog entry already, but here's the vlog version anyway. Enjoy.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#Hashtags That Didn't Quite Make It

Geez, I love keeping in touch with my friends... as they are a funny, crazy bunch who constantly inspire me to write such nonsense as this article.

Someone had to say it!

I was on Facebook, particularly speaking, when I stumbled across this gem of a status update:
"So... the wife and kids are out of town. What am I doing?? Sitting on the couch watching The Bachelorette... #superlame "
                                        - my friend's update, lol!

Dogs do rock!
This CAN'T be serious!

Which, of course, got me to thinking...
What are some other hashtags that didn't quite make it?

  1. #superlame
  2. #mya$$
  3.  #nogirlfriend
  4. #mycolonoscopysucked
  5. #charliesheensoberquotes
  6. #kimyematchesatbetawards
  7. #whatwouldsnookido
  8. #moviespoileralert
  9. #revengeissweet
  10. #whipyourhair
  11. #anythingriellehunter
  12. #crimeconfessions
  13. #obamaforromney
  14. #idonthavefactstobackthisup
  15. #nobodycares
  16. #booger
  17. #soembarrassing
  18. #fale
  19. #thingsidowhenhomealone
  20. #whyiamsingle

    Enjoy your day, or #enjoyyourday...


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