Thursday, July 26, 2012

Competitive Eating, Hooters Style

if you live in the Tampa Bay area, your men may have a legitimate reason to go to Hooters tonight other than to oogle at boobies... 

It's the Hooters Wing-Eating World Championship!

Thursday, July 26, 2012 @ The Original Hooters Clearwater
2800 Gulf-To-Bay Blvd.
             Clearwater, FL 33755               
  The Pre-Contest entertainment begins @ 6PM, event @ 7PM.

Watch the Nathan's 2012 July 4th Competition... Click!
Joey "Jaws" Chestnut & Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas will meet again for another epic battle of the bulge.

Can someone get me the Black Widow's autograph?! This chick is 5'5" & 100 lbs. soaking wet! Does anyone really know the use of having a really stretchable stomach and why exactly is this considered a "competitive sport"? Don't get me wrong. I love to stuff my face & I love chicken wings...
Click for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympic Schedule...
But the sound of it actually being a competitive sport resonates somewhere near my dislike of rhythmic gymnastics being in the Olympics. That's right- There's an American competing. Watching the news the morning, I sneezed and almost missed the announcement. Now, with that being said, J. used to be a gymnast. It takes a lot of skill and power to flip around your own being and I'm just not sure a twirling of ribbon qualifies. Once the competitors in the "Olympic Sport" actually start flipping through the circly twirls they're creating with wind, only then can the Olympics get back to me and maybe I will re-classify the sport. Heh Heh. To me, it's competitive dancing. Very pretty, competitive dancing with accessories. But the costumes are pretty awesome, I must admit.

Does saying "Jazz Hands" or "Spirit Fingers" apply here?

Chicken Wing Soap, AJ's Sweet Soap, $8.75
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Anyway, did you know one can bathe in hot wing sauce, chicken wings, celery sticks & bleu cheese dressing? AJ's will make your soap to your own scent preferences!

Pink Fried Chicken Wing Necklace, Onch Movement, $100
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Or, for those of you who like jewelry, you can show everyone your undying love for chicken wings by rocking one of these pieces just like Nicki Minaj. I wonder if she knows about the chicken wing soap... Hmmm...

Have a great day.


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