Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Peterson Trial News

Oh, boy!

Oh, how I'd like to wipe that smirk off his face...
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 The Drew Peterson trial has just started and already the defense is calling the late wife Kathleen....

"Bonkers" & "Crazy"!

Looks like we can expect the same antics from the lawyers that we'd typically expect out of Drew. I reckon those lawyers just might burn in hell for talking about someone and them not being able to defend them self.

So you're telling me she drowned herself? Come on. Puh-lease. This defense team clearly got some pointers from Jose Baez! Open with something that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual case at hand. Think about this... what does crazy have to do with anything?! She's not here! That's the point- There are plenty of crazies out there, and they're still breathing air and having a chance for a long life. Period.

The defense is also playing the card of Kathleen being jealous over Drew's younger, new love Stacy 4.0 (who also just happens to be MIA to this very day). If this were the case and I was Kathleen, I'd be plotting every miserable thing I could to ruin my exes life for one, and his new relationship for two. But killing myself wouldn't be one of them. Has everyone forgotten she was found dry in a bathtub?! On the floor maybe. But I wouldn't put myself in a bathtub unfilled of all the places to die. Some thing's not adding up. You know what they say... if it smells like crap, looks like crap and tastes like crap, it probably is. I hope these poor families get some justice.


here's a couple of sites you can go to get revenge against your crazy exes:

Or, maybe you've got a problem neighbor whose dog likes to leave you "presents" in your yard.

And nothing says "Go to Hell" to your boss like a fresh pile of dung being delivered to his/ her desk! Enjoy. The possibilities are endless. Did I mention it's anonymous?

Sure, I've thought about sending one... but I guess I'm a scaredy-poop! LOL.


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