Friday, August 24, 2012

Caution: Rocking Out May Bite

Doesn't Prince Harry know about the West Nile Virus spreading across the U.S.?!

47 States Now Affected.

Several mockeries of the Prince's pose are circulating around the Internet. The Sun UK, Rupert Murdoch's news house published this funny one a couple days ago. However, now going against a request from St. James Palace, The Sun publishes the goods!
Published Today in The Sun...
Click Here for Actual Prince Harry Photos.
 The mockingbirds pose for a photo making them "front page nudes"!

Dear Prince Harry,
I am all for your nakedness. What's the point of being a wealthy prince if you can't enjoy some fun with the ladies?! It's a shame someone sold you out. Watch out for those triflin' hoes. Next time your security guards should check everyone's phones at the door. What happened to those "old fashioned" groupies who only did it for the bragging rights?


Any hoots,
Please protect yourself before you wreck yourself! I don't want to see anyone dying that I know.

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