Thursday, August 30, 2012

What the heck is... Lanolin?!

I used to have an Australian Shepherd just like this!
Err, well... not JUST like this...
Don't drink the water in Hollywood, people. That is, of course, unless you're trying to conceive. Everyone wants their own mini doppelganger!
Snooki & Kourtney Kardashian just had their babies. Giuliana & Bill Rancic just became parents, too. Now Holly Madison is confirming her pregnancy. Congrats to all!
Any who, today we're talking Lanolin for cosmetic use. Yesterday I tweeted how I love to use it as lip gloss for both Mom and New Baby...
So, J.-
What the heck is lanolin, why use it, and in what products can I find it?
Lanolin is an oil used in the cosmetic industry that's been used for years. Produced by the sebaceous glands of sheep, it's an all natural emollient that will surely moisturize any dry skin issues you may have going on. Lanolin will also help protect your skin against severe temperatures, wind & water.

Most use lanolin as a breast feeding/ nursing protectant and honestly, it helps make the awkward process of milking the mammaries a little more comfortable.

Personally, you can find me using lanolin after a serious case of "dish pan hands." Ahh, the relief you feel from it is indescribable. I hate dry, dish pan hands about as much as I hate licking wooden spoons. Viva La Resistance!

Any who, don't ask me about how I came to find that lanolin makes a perfect lip gloss. I must of been bored, nursing & away from my makeup drawer. Babies lips' aren't used to all that sucking and they get chapped, just like New Mommy nipples.

Try lanolin if you're easily allergic since it's an all natural choice. In addition, try a little lanolin on eczema or minor cuts & scrapes.

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