Monday, August 13, 2012

What the heck is... Primer?!

So, J.- what the heck is primer, why should I wear it, and which ones are any good?

A makeup primer is kind of like a moisturizer that you put on before foundations and eye shadows usually. Primer helps adhere the makeup to your face, therefore making whatever you put on top of it more long wearing. Primers also help eliminate the need for several touch ups throughout the day. There are also ingredients in primers to help fill in the look of fine lines and enlarged pores so that the makeup can glide over it, thereby allowing the makeup to not sit and or cake in your pores. Primers overall help skin retain moisture and create a barrier between you and the free radicals floating around our universe, lurking and waiting to damage our delicate dermis.

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Primers can come in all kinds of formulations and tints. The most popular being oil-free, tinted to address hyperpigmentation and/or rosacea, vitamin-infused, and the newest out are primers that actually correct dark spots. If interested in this primer revolution, try this Smashbox PhotoFinish More Than Primer featured to the right.

Over the years, however, I have been sensitive to certain types so be aware that not all primers are made with the same ingredients, so some may sting your face while some may not. I've also seen sensitivity on customers that couldn't handle the dimethicone in it, resulting in what looked like a small pimply heat rash. Dimethicone is the ingredient commonly found in smoothing hair serums and glosses. Your best way to go to ensure your safety, is to get an oil-free primer and take a gander to see on the label if it has dimethicone. Finding which one works for you can be achieved through trial and error. Most primer bottles have a lot of product in it so I say don't buy one until you've sampled it on for a couple of days with no irritation. Most counters would be happy to give you a couple different samples. Don't, however, mix up your primers. Try one at a time for a couple days in a row so you know what specific product created such results. This is also a good rule of thumb when trying anything new in your skin care/ makeup routine. Also, here is a pointer if you don't want to be sold/ harassed when at the counter. Tell them you have sensitive skin and have to try it before buying. Then they should leave you alone. The last thing a makeup artist wants to do is break you out by smearing lotions and potions on your skin after you've specifically told me you could have an allergic reaction. (Most times water is not readily available at the counter to rinse your face.)

Primers are ideal for oily skin or for someone who sweats a lot. If you've got melting makeup face by lunch time, you may be a perfect candidate to use one.

Also, as always, whether you're rocking primer or not... exfoliated skin wears makeup the best. Exfoliating helps to create an even and smooth surface. Let's take wood for example. Why do you sand it usually before you paint it?!
Well, the same applies here... err, sort of.

But, many these days are ditching primer & replacing it with an alternative...

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Now onto the newest rage from Asia, welcome BB Cream. What, you ask, is BB Cream?

BB Cream stands for beauty balm cream, blending many products into one, delivering many results. Think of it as a makeup-skincare hybrid. Beauty balm is moisturizer, tint, primer, anti-aging & SPF all in one.

BB cream can be worn alone, over moisturizer for dry skin types, and under foundation as a primer.

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