Sunday, August 26, 2012

RNC 2012: Make it Rain, Literally

Fairy Dust Party Favors, $5.99
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With the Republican National Convention in Tampa this year, strippers are here in droves, y'all!

They've spoken to God and asked for an all natural way to make more money while in town. You know God disapproves of casually bumpin' uglies. So, on the eighth day God created Hurricane Isaac. Rest assured knowing that most strip clubs in Tampa offer three things:
  1. Shelter from the Storm
  2. Food such as Fillet Mignon's
  3. and finally, an Entertaining Good Time.
I could think of worse ways to spend weathering the storm out. Men everywhere are R.S.V.P.-ing to this particular Hurricane Party. This puts my 12 pack of beer, case of water, chips, dip and battery operated FM radio to shame. Alas, I should incorporate this gem:

Peekaboo Spinning Dance Pole Kit, $149.99
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A Spinning Dance Pole Kit!

What I found most intriguing from this article was that Republicans spend more on average at strip clubs compared to their liberal buddy Democrats!

Republicans: $150
Democrats: $50

I thought for sure this statistic would be opposite. I guess those Republicans  really do "party like a liberal" behind closed doors, lol.

Click for CNN article.

Any who, welcome to Tampa... where the "poles stay open all night!"

So, you want to know if those party favors pictured above are made with cosmetic grade glitter? For that, I do not know. Whether or not you can put this on your face I have no idea. Friends, there is a difference between glitters: regular and cosmetic grade. Cosmetic grade glitters are ground up way, way, way finer! They are less likely to cause eye discomfort. Remember, the bigger the glitter is... the more dangerous it is to put on your face. Search my blog for cosmetic grade glitters.

Make it rain glitter!


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