Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School

This one's for my teacher friends out there...
As we welcome in the new school year, I've gotta' ask...

where did the summer go?!

Children, you will be missed. Now go learn something and teach these Pre-K4 detainees something.

Awesomely funny EPIC Back-To-School FAILS....
Clik abuv. Skool rulz.

Any who, George Bush surfed the Internets again and found some pretty cool back to school supplies. Enjoy.

Spelling Bee King Vocabulary Book, $8.50
Get It Here...
Dan Quayle could of used one of these!

Watch the epic fail here.

Complete with a crown on the front, this vocab book rules for anyone who hates flash cards! This unique book even offers 2 plastic study cut-outs to help with self-study. 5 colors for subject organization to boot!
Front Cover

No girls' pencil case would be complete without this gem of an eraser.
Us girls, we likey the lipstick!

Jeweled Lipstick Erasers, $3.75
Get Them Here...

Sweet Life Stationary Set, $8.45
Yummy, Get it Here...

Now this one's for mommies with a sweet tooth.
With no extra calories.

I want each one of these!
Sugary Sweet Charm Pencil, $2.15
Get One or All Here!

Colorholic Pencil Case, $12.85
Get It Here!

These are perfect pencil cases for makeup artists and color enthusiasts everywhere.

Pencil Easel, $23.99
Buy It Here...

Travel Pencil Easel, $12.99
Get It Here...
The pencil easel & travel pencil easel are perfect for makeup! Great for small brushes & liners.

A must for those who like to visually organize their makeup.

The bottom one even has a detachable pouch I say doubles great for a daily makeup pouch to pop in & out of purses.

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