Friday, August 17, 2012

Water Board Yourself, Dr. Crazy!

What is wrong with capital punishment???

I'm serious...
If you disagree with me on this one, clearly you've not met Dr. Melvin Morse.

This story is not for the faint of heart.

Dr. Melvin & Pauline Morse
Mistaking himself for God, this doctor is accused of water boarding his stepdaughter and practicing "near death experience" research on her, in which he's written several titles that quite frankly I'm not sure anyone really wants to read about.

Who, please tell me... is lining up to read about several near death experiences in children? Adults. Fine. Knock yourself out and do some research, if said participant is willing... I guess. But the thought of going through the death experience with kids several times in a row must be heartbreaking. I wouldn't want to watch a kid go through that even once.

Someone, somewhere needs to get Dexter to give this guy a few near death experiences of his own to write about. What a sicko.

Watch the King Burger Classic!
Let's pause a second and think of a good way to handle this mother of the year, too. Where is her maternal instinct to protect, then harm the piece of crap trying to inflict pain on her own children?! That's her own flesh and blood. Like Bon Qui Qui, I will cut a B if they get too close to my kids! Don't even harm a hair on their head or I will go medieval.

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