Friday, August 31, 2012

Go Ahead, Make My #RNC2012

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 <= Politicians, please read this!

I'm not one to shove my political views down another's throat. It remains unclear as to whether I will ever, ever tell my political association. Should you ever feel the need to discuss politics amongst adults, like adults, then fine. Can't we all just get along?! It's possible, just maybe, that other countries dislike America so much because our leaders disagree publicly, all the time, just waiting to prey on each other's weaknesses. I just plain love America. God bless our right to free speech. Now let's all hold hands. Kum-bay-ahh.
  • Yes, the national debt is serious. It needs to be addressed.

  • Yes, we need more jobs created. It needs to be addressed.

  • But don't get me started on government ran health care for all. J. is also a life, health & annuities insurance agent. (Ya, jack of all trades. Master of none.)

  • Also, civil liberties need to be awarded to the LGBT population. So, some of you disagree religiously? That's not the point. We all deserve human and civil liberties. It's discrimination on a huge level that Bob and Tom who have been together for 30 years can't be put on the same insurance policy because they're not deemed the word "spouses". Getting your policy from a place of employment is best because of group, unisex rates. On an individual basis, rates are through the roof and many pre-existing conditions are excluded. On group policies, pre-existing conditions don't matter. You're insured regardless. (FYI.)

Anyway, allow me to put on my reporter hat and tell you what you missed at the Republican National Convention...
Eastwood Talking to Imaginary Obama
"We own this country."
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Last night there seemed to be more excitement in the air. Maybe because they all knew it was about to end and they wanted to sleep in their own beds. Tampa shall miss the convention being in town. I am, however, a little upset Clint Eastwood didn't hire me to do makeup on one of his movie sets while he was in town. Boo Hoo.

Marco Rubio's speech was great when he talked about his dad being from Cuba. He concluded that people in America often forget how great this country really is. His dad never let him forget it and would tell him growing up he could do anything because he was in America. His dad couldn't in Cuba.

Clint Eastwood gave a humorous speech that was very relatable. He said that attorneys shouldn't be president. Too funny. Clint also spoke to Obama through an imaginary chair, asking him questions. The audience laughed when Obama didn't respond. Dead silence? I think that was the point. Possibly the best part of the evening was when "No-bama" asked Clint to deliver a message to Romney. Clint responded by telling "No-bama" that Romney couldn't do that to himself! Later, Clint also revealed that he couldn't do that to himself either.

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Finally, Mitt Romney gave an inspiring speech that had me believing in America again by the end. He mentioned that women are starting businesses more so than men, and they need a president who recognizes that. Thanks again, Mitt, for disagreeing with Akin's "legitimate rape" antics. I give you mad women's lib points. Now I'm off topic again! Mitt also talked about how we all should be able to enjoy our families more, volunteering more, coaching little league games, not having to work a second job. Mitt also told Paul Ryan that he still likes the play list on his iPod better. Finally, mothers everywhere smiled when Romney said he realized without question that her job (as a mom) was more important than his.

Any who, whether we vote Republican, Democrat, or Independent...we all are the children of earlier generations who simply wanted a better life. To dream big. To get rewarded big. To be able to say what you want. To live in freedom. Amen.

Now show us Paul Ryan shirtless. (Search my blog for all the shirtless goodness, or lack thereof of Paul Ryan.)



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