Sunday, September 2, 2012

Warhol Madness: Campbell's & NARS

Limited Edition Warhol Campbell's Soup
$.75 each / set of 4 in collection
Make Them Cheaper...Click Here for Coupons!
Run to Target ASAP to get the limited edition 4-can set celebrating Warhol's 50th Anniversary of "32 Campbell's Soup Cans".

Read more here.
Cans go on sale today!

I am definitely collecting these. It didn't say anywhere how many were being produced. A couple things could happen in the future with these cans, say 50 years from now: they could collect dust, you could be called a crazy can collecting lady, they could become cool antiques, they could be sold to the highest bidder erstwhile making you loaded, or the TV show Fear Factor will contact you and feed the 50 year old "goodness" to a willing contestant. Even if you don't collect the whole can, save the labels. Then bring them to a frame shop and you've got your own, little matted Warhol masterpiece.

A little side note: Make sure to check out the can for dents and the label with no rips or imperfections if you want to collect them. The pink cans at my Target must have been delivered a hot mess. It took me a little time to pick out the best ones.

Now for those of you who have an artist and/or makeup lover on your Holiday Gift List, add some NARS with the above soup cans and you've got yourself a completely coordinated, well thought out Christmas gift.

Below are the pics of the Holiday Warhol Collection by NARS going on sale October 1st & November 1st at Sephora. No hyperlinks below since you can't buy them yet. You can, however, Click Here and sign yourself up at NARS to be the first to know when it's available for purchase.

NARS Debbie Harry Warhol Palette, $65
2 Blushes, 4 Shadows

NARS Walk on the Wild Side Gift Set, $39
NARS "Flowers" & "Self-Portrait" Palettes, $55 each

NARS Warhol Kiss Larger Than Life Lip Set, $55
Comes in a Collectible Can! (Cute brush holder, maybe?)

Now stop what you're doing and go play with this genius app! Turn pictures into pop art. Click Here for App. Pictures must be uploaded into Facebook, FYI. Also, let's say that maybe you don't want to share or tweet the pic... that is a-okay. Just right click on pic and "save pic as". I figured I'd be nice to my Facebook friends, not sharing with them every pic I turned into Pop Art. There were too many to count! I am now sending them online to Walgreens to get printed as I am proudly going to display them as family portraits in my house. What can I say?! I am a slave to color. Plus, it's a cool idea for wall art to boot.
 Your Pop Art Princess,

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