Friday, January 31, 2014

Fairly Confident In My Midnight Memories

One Direction & Justin Bieber premieres! 
Enjoy, my fan girls...

One question remains, though. Actually two...

1- Why is Justin Bieber sporting a mustache?

          * AND *

2- Why is he licking his lips so much?

(Observation alert: How very Miley Cyrus of him. Would he like to borrow some of my dear lip balm? Clearly his lips are waayyy too dry to be kissing girls in a soft manner. Then, when he gives it back to me... I can ebay it... for one million dollars! Bwa. Ha. Haa.)


Lip balm: THEE lipstick for men...

The minor snark shark with laser beams is asking horses and bayonets for pointers... again...

New Video Premieres

I can't describe the way I feel about how I'm still the same girl!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dark Horse Delish

Mr. Worldwide is getting in on the remix action of Dark Horse with Katy Perry. Listen to it below...

Below is Katy's Grammys performance of the song...

Now, here's an awesome choreography to the song...

Finally, please vote for my girl Sunn in Ryan Seacrest's Best Dark Horse Cover Competition. She is just sooo uber talented & she plays the piano! I'd love to meet her one day. Sunn, when you turn famous one day, call your makeup artist fan girl up!

The link is right here to cast your vote, friends.

Cut Your Teeth

My neon radar is honing in on this video...

Neon bright and cutting your teeth is such a trend right now.

Pantone Chip Drive, 8G, $21.99
In Radiant Orchid
Get it here.
Paris Hilton thinks that's hot. Radiant Orchid is the Pantone color of the year, y'all. Now where did my teeth cutters go? Any one want to fill me in on what this means, Lorde & Kyla? As far as I understand, the only thing that could actually cut your teeth is maybe a diamond. One ponders. But not for too long because it would hurt and probably feels gross like licking a wooden spoon. Well, I'll have none of that in my household.

I will, however, brighten my day up with some neon lipstick. Shout outs to Ellis Faas Hot Lips & Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids!

Oh, you're boarding the neon glittery bus to awesome sauce town? Fill a sister in on where I get a ticket. 

Any who...

Here is a relaxing remix of this song that I <3...

Status: I just subscribed to Airwave Music's YouTube channel. You should, too!  ;o)

Also, have you seen this? My cutie niece and nephew showed me this! They're quite tech savvy, ehh? Kids discover awesome much more quickly than adults. Obviously...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lana Del Rey & Maleficent

Lana Del Rey's remake song of "Once Upon a Dream" for the Disney movie Maleficent is free on Google Play for this week only! It actually debuted during the Grammys. Check it out here.

Keep up with the movie here.

Stylish Dance Moves: Grammys Style

All the stars came out to the Grammys last night only to wow us with their stylish dance moves. 

I'm really digging Taylor Swift's in particular. It's so white girl gangster! Let's also clear the air by saying that we really enjoy how Taylor's always dancing at these shows. Heck. It's a once in a lifetime type of event to be able to attend. You had better believe I'd be enjoying myself if I ever got invited. One can dream. Of either going to watch from the audience or doing celebrity makeup. Hey, celebrities! I am for hire, by the way! Shameless Plugs 'R Us. 

You can just totally tell Taylor still looks up to her peers. She's a chick whom I wouldn't mind sitting next to either. Then, after we're done fan girling with her, we'd ask her for her hand in marriage for later in the evening. Hubs wouldn't mind at all. Who knew you could get married at such a memorable event?! Madonna must of missed my memo for her to sing amidst my nuptials. That would of been some splendid spaghetti with a side of smokin' hot awesome sauce

Oh, what did you say? You hate the catch phrase splendid spaghetti?! Sigh. Sadly, I already knew this. But when someone says the word "swaggy" is out, what's a girl to do? One can't just go out creating cool dance moves instead. Or can they? I mean, these celebs make it look easy. 

My signature dance move would probably be a move like the shopping cart or automatic sprinkler with a splash of the ever entertaining cranking your lawn mower move that's sure to make all the hearts melt. Even Grumpy Cat's. Now, let's add on some Night at the Roxbury mixed with Running Man followed up by Gangnam Style & Jazz Hands and let's get this party started like Pink on aerial trapeze ribbon stuff. Party on, Wayne. Garth is jealous because Party Spock is in the house tonight... again...


Friday, January 24, 2014

Take Me Home To Your Shower

Oh yeah, baby! 
I totally took you home over the holidays.
These 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel & bubble baths are ahh-mazing!
For a limited time, they're still available...

Philosophy Spiced Gingerbread Cookie, $17
Take me home.

Philosophy Homemade Honey Buns, $17
NOW $13.20
Take me home.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

February Beauty Loves

Do you like the February Beauty Love Forecast? 

We're willing to bet that you'd like these picks about as much as you'd probably enjoy this guy walking up to you to ask you out on a Valentine's Day date...

Trying to find the right Valentine's Day gift? Try one of these or combine a few for your own little Love Potion #9. Girls love organizational containers (or makeup train cases) with things in them. For real. Dr. Evil is totally raising his pinky to his lip regarding your diabolical love plan. Rock on. For one million dollars, that is...

Learn more and shop the list by clicking on the bullets. They're also all available in store at Ulta Beauty.
Enjoy.  ;o)

Try This: Fantabulash

Fantabulash Tape, 30 day supply, $18
Comes with lashes
Get it here.
Fantabulash is... well... fantabulous!

This new eyelash tape has me excited. It's actually a clear adhesive strip that you simply attach the false eyelash strip to and then voila! Effortlessly put that baby on your eye!

A common problem for women is getting their eyelashes on with the appropriate amount of glue. Most glues also smell like chemical death. Some women are even allergic to it. Do you really want to worry about all that getting near or in your eye?

Well, never again will you glue your lashes together or even worse make your eye water so bad that now all your makeup hard work is dripping down your face. Finally! A hypoallergenic, formaldehyde and latex free glue alternative band wagon that I'm not scared in the least to hop into! Giddy up, Fantabulash. This is how I roll. In a band wagon, being led by unicorns, wearing false lashes, looking & feeling fantabulous... it's a glorious new day, friends!

Check out Gina's story here about how the tape was developed. There are so many unique ways these lashes can help women with certain medical conditions & there's no better medicine sometimes than feeling good about yourself.

Amen. This company is awesome.

Monday, January 20, 2014

FabKids has a new mom blog!

Back Zip Love Dress by FabKids, $24.95
NOW  just $10 on your 1st dress!
Get it here.
Sometimes I am such a fan girl! 

Other times, I'm just a girly girl. I like cute stuff. And I also like mom awesome stuff. I enjoy keeping up with the Internet and I'll even pin hopeful projects on Pinterest that I'll never have the time to fit in my mom schedule.

But fear not. Moms, we have hope! Stay in the fabulous fashion mama inner circle with the new FabKids Blog! Score one for mommy womankind.

This blog looks like it will give us a behind-the scenes look at FabKids photo shoots, the company, current promotions, mommy style tips, awesomely adorable lunch box recipes, children style tips, trendy kid fashion looks and finally overall cute mom awesome stuff.

Check it out here!

As with any fangirling goes, let me show you my favorite looks from FabKids right now... because trust me I'm an up-to-date cyber stalking fan girl! Bwa. Haa. Haaa. (evil witchy laugh)

Cosmic Court 8-pc. Wardrobe, $99.95
Get it here.

My son loves bright clothing. He also loves glow in the dark, so this collection is for him! The top left shirt is so soft. Little man loves the hood and the bright neon green parts. The pants that came with it in the 2-pc. set were denim and had an adjustable waist. Score.

With Love 9-pc. Wardrobe, $99.95
Get it here.

Mini-Me loves makeup, particularly lipstick, so this collection just screamed her name!

How cute is that dress with the kiss marks?! It's also perfect for Valentine's Day. You can also mix and match the leggings, which is a plus. The love shirt was really luxe in feel and very well made. It will also look so cute paired with the zebra leggings.

They're having two awesome promotions right now that you absolutely must know about. Get your first dress for $10! Also, their two-piece outfits are Buy 1 Get 1 Free and only $29.95. Score another one for Team You.

Who doesn't love this door to door service?

Shopping in your pajama pants is quite the added bonus!

Ridiculously Cute Videos

Also, if you love this above Happy video...
all you happy aficionados can click here to watch the 24 hour music video! Wow! Mind = Blown

MLK Motivational Mondays

Happy MLK Jr. Day!


If there's one thing we all should be doing on this Motivational Monday, it's to reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's wise words. What a humanitarian. What an eloquent man. 

I can currently say that I'm quite happy living in the reality of dreams that have come true for equality and humanity alike.

Let's bring back some good morals like being a good human being with actual character in this country. They're not dead values simply living in the days of horses and bayonets in 1917, ya' know.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us of that.

Live long and prosper.

Maleficent Trailer Love

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Please stop giving us new peeks into the upcoming Disney movie Maleficent!

"Dream" Trailer - Maleficent on Disney Video

As I've said before, I can't wait to see it! I'm dying inside until then. Thanks for again pointing out that it's not coming out until May 30th. Aargh.

I also can't wait for the YouTube beauty vlogger swarm of Maleficent tutorials that will be made from the looks in this movie. Maleficent is sure to be a makeup artist dream movie to watch if you need inspiration!

"I am not afraid" Scene
Angelina Jolie in Maleficent
Disney Movies

First, there's all these highlighted, contoured and angular looks to feast your eyes upon. Next, look at how deep and bright that red lip is on Maleficent. Finally, look how magical and jewel tone the setting of the movie is! I believe my bling and glitter radar is honing in on this movie's visual deliciousness.

Never have I ever wanted to be more evil, Mr. Bigglesworth. Maybe I should do a cool red lip today as well as channel my inner skeleton self with highlighting and contouring techniques. Only then will I be able to find the Hulk so I can steal his green eyeballs. Bwa! Ha! Haaa! (evil witchy laugh, then raises pinky finger to lip like Dr. Evil...)

Enjoy your day, friends.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Marketing: Branding Vs. Sales

As a former advertising and marketing consultant, I find it really hard to differentiate and keep all my topics on beauty and the ridonkulous. Eventually you'll see this blog categorized so if you want to just see one topic, all you'll have to do is click on that page's tab.

Anyway, keep reading if you'd like to dig into my mush brain of a head on the topics of marketing, social media, branding and sales.

It burns me when someone asks me how much money I'm making from my online adventures. To put it lightly, not much. You've got to start somewhere. Geez. Allow me to add that there are other perks, though, to blogging that some could attach a dollar amount to. Eventually I'll divulge the info so you can reproduce what I'm doing in half the time. Learners unite! I love teaching people. Anyway, I am quite thankful to my hubs that I am able to do what I do right now as well. Not everyone can. I just so happened to be at a juncture in my life where I was at home anyway taking care of my baby. And guess what?

I wasn't just sitting around twiddling my thumbs eating bon bons. I want to grow up one day and have a really successful career. Sure, there's always more laundry to do and bathrooms to clean. Writing & social media takes hours sometimes, people. Women these days need to work, not just sit around being barefoot and pregnant, the perfect model of a 1920's housewife.

Obviously there are some who can just sit around. These ladies are well off and I give them props. I'm also not trying to diminish a housewife's worth. Taking care of kids is hard, no matter if you're dirt poor or rolling in the enviable dough. Blogging has been a total sacrifice, but at the same time I now have peeps to market to if I so wish to do so. I now know why mommy bloggers take up a huge population of the entire blogger network. Currently my main bread & butter part time job is occasional nights and every weekend. It would take a hefty full time salary to change that once you factor in daycare, gas & lunch expenses. Plus, the economy stinks worse than smelly gym socks after a marathon practice run. It's changed every one's typical work schedules. Thanks, economy, thanks. Anyway... moving on to marketing efforts.

There is a HUGE difference in branding yourself vs. converting your social media efforts into sales numbers. Sure, I know I could be doing more things online to make money. Yet, there's still only one of me and so far only a cloned sheep in existence. As far as I know.

So, let me ask you this...
do you now know I do makeup as well as write about makeup? Well, aaaallllllllrightythen! I think I made my point, even though I possibly should of named my blog something other than makeupbyj since it's all over the place. My first goal was to market me and my knowledge of the beauty industry from a professional's perspective. Then, after a while... I goaled myself toward total media world domination. Just kidding. I don't foresee me pimping out my main blog with different writers and such in order to do so. I personally don't want to lose the integrity of it just being me speaking to my main audience, which is you. Yes, you! Again, thank you for reading! Actually, who knows waaayyy far in the future.
Justin Bieber says "Never say never!"

Anyway, branding comes by different advertising platforms (print, digital) and social media channels. The more you have, the better your efforts in the quest for people seeing you. You also brand yourself by number of impressions. For my case in point, it's tweeting that takes the cake along with blog posts.

Now I ask you this... do you think it's good practice to always be selling stuff? I think not. Most would probably deem you as annoyingly spammy with no fun involved.

Marketing statistics show Twitter readers stay on the site an average of 20 minutes, give or take. So, hypothetically it would probably be good practice to tweet 3 times an hour, maybe 6 tweets an hour so each person can see a tweet of yours twice in their news feed. Then, they might actually begin to remember you.

How many people do you think would unfollow me if I started selling things with every tweet? Get out of town with your not thought-through ideas. Thanks. Bye.

Like GIF's? Check out the GIF master, Giphy.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Motivational Mondays, Spock Style
Don't even ask me why Spock popped into my mind to assist with Motivational Mondays. He does, however, want you to live long and prosper.

Friends: Live long and prosper.
Haters: Live long enough to see me prosper, and then let
Spock's death grip take care of you.

Trek Yourself T-Shirt, $14.99
Get it here.

It might be highly logical to conclude that we all will die one day. But, what type of mark will you make on our planet before that time?

There is no time space continuum, peeps.

We all have relatively the same amount of time, generally and illogically speaking. Thank you, statistics. There are 24 hours in a day. This is logical, sir. I want you to live long and prosper within that time.

The choice to work toward a goal is within you, and one never knows how much time they will have until they meet their demise.

So, let me ask you a question...
Are you sucking the life force out of you or someone else by your negative attitude death grip? If so, you are not invited to Party Spock's house tonight. Karma is a Klingon for sure. Good vibes are Godly and statistically speaking, people with positive attitudes reach their goals much more quickly.

What I want you to do right now is give yourself a hug and a high five. Everyone has adverse circumstances. It's okay. But trust me. You can overcome it. Fight with your significant other? Get over it. People talking or treating you badly? God bless them to live long and prosper. Broke as a joke? Do something proactive to change it. It doesn't have to be that large leap. A step in the right direction is fine. Also, allow me to note that it's important to envision the end goal and tell you it's not your place to try to control all the ways your steps toward that goal will play out. Believe. For the love of Spock. And all things logical and illogical. Cheese and rice.

I may not go around voicing my beefs about who does me wrong and such. Friends and family alike. There's both actually. They know who they are and the guilt is way more killing them than me. You have no idea what kind of extenuating circumstances I live with currently. Really. It's surprising I'm not totally crazy yet. Again, this all depends on who exactly you talk to. Of course. Yet, you also rarely hear about how I have major stomach problems daily. It's really embarrassing, so we won't get into exactly what condition it is. Let's just say that spicy foods, greasy foods, anxiety & worrying make it way worse. But Kandee Johnson makes a great point in her recent video. I'd rather take my problems than someone else's because more than likely they're worse than mine. Me even mentioning mine is so petty compared to someone who is homeless or on their deathbed. Anyway, the point is that no one should be judged.

The other point is to live long and prosper.
Enjoy your day   ;o)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Dancy Tech Updates

So, yeah. While perusing around my email inbox today, I came across this Gmail tech update...

Then I thought, "How can I make this more exciting?"

I give you now my nerdiest accomplishment. Ever.

What do you think?!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome to YouTube

Friends! I am so excited about this new adventure in 2014. Welcome to my YouTube channel & please subscribe here so you don't miss a second of my weirdness.

We'll be talking all things makeup, hair, beauty, style, pop culture, music, politics & all things ridonk-ulously entertaining. Kinda' just like my blog...

GoPro Hero3+ Camera, $399.99
Get it here.

Shout outs to GoPro as the Hero3+ will be the camera I'll be using exclusively. Probably for the rest of my life. That's how much I love it. For a beauty blogging makeup artist, this camera is ideal because it's extremely small, HD quality, mountable & takes still pics! You may not know this, but when you purchase the camera you also get a free editing software so you can be pro in a matter of minutes with their quality templates. 

You can even take the Hero3+ in the water since the clear casing is waterproof! Mind = Blown. So, basically I have the ability to makeup mermaids & narwhals. Score! Actually, forget the narwhals because I don't want to be in the arctic anytime soon. Even from Florida, we felt the effects of the polar vortex. I found it extremely comfortable to gaze upon all the icy pics of Chicago from afar while on George Bush's Internets.

So... which accessories am I hoping to add to my camera, you ask? First, there's the head strap mount so that way you can see my hands in motion during a client makeover. Second, GoPro makes a LCD Touch BacPac that allows you to preview and play back the videos you're recording. It snaps on to the back of your camera with ease. Read on below to see some cool ways to use their mounts and things...

Isn't this footage cinematically amazing?! Thank you again, GoPro! You rock.

Now just one question remains...
Which of you would like to be featured on thee YouTube channel?
Free Makeovers R Us! Holler back and we'll make it happen.

Enjoy your day, friends.

JustFab's Iconic Bag Collection

Have you seen JustFab's Iconic Bag Collection?

I'm not very iconic, but with one of these I think I totally could be!
$39.95 is a steal. Now, which one to pick...
How about all of them?!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Electric Music & Makeup

Hello, neon electric music! We are loving these colorful forms of expression. If I could communicate without words, I'd totally speak to you in color. Furthermore, sit down in my makeup chair one day & I'll show you what color can do for a face!

If you want to spruce up your look, rock a bright lip. The brighter the lip, the less the need for crazy dramatic eye makeup. People always ask me when is a good time to wear a dark or bright lip. The answer is always! Makeup is an art. It's a form of expression. It's also personal preference, which is why I love it.

Ellis Faas Hot Lips, $35
Shade L403
Get it here.

Allow me to introduce you to my little friend, Ellis Faas Hot Lips. 

This lip color is divinely pigmented as well as smooth on the lips. I'd even go as far as saying that it's genius. I love you, Ellis!

Favorites from the Hot Lips Collection include:
L402- Bright Orange
L403- Bright Fuchsia
L404- Fluo Pink
L405- Bright Coral

Get your own Hot Lips here. Retailing for $35, you too can have your own bayonet of awesomeness!

Ellis also make clips so you can carry more than one. Now calling all makeup Rambo's!

Want to learn more about Ellis & her Hot Lips Collection? 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex Dry Skin Essentials

Don't forget to bring your horses and bayonets in from the stable for the #polarvortex, friends. Those bayonets attached to Mister Ed's head like sharks with laser beams become extremely tiresome when icicles decide to nest up there. LOOK! The bayonets have their own bayonets!

So, are you breathing fire through your extremely dry nostrils yet? Probably your face feels the intense dryness as well. Here are some good-for-your-skin products to try, even if you've got the raunchiest of sensitively dry, frost bitten dermis damage going on.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $5.99
Get it here.
* Also comes in a gigantour tub *
Aquaphor ointment is the bomb dizzle for shizzle. Are your hands cracking? Lips need a little love? Apply this stuff lavishly. For extra amazing feet, put a layer on, top it off with socks and hibernate by sleeping in bed until the vortex is gone. Your bed = a black whole suitable for dreaming about Justin Bieber's abs. Who heard he's back with Selena?!

Oh yay yurrrs!

MAC Cleanse Off Oil, $30
Get it here.
MAC Cosmetics Cleanse Off Oil is the best non-drying facial cleanser in the world. Apply to dry skin, then splash water on it and voila! It becomes a milk. Are you obsessed with waterproof makeup? Then meet your new best friend. Oil takes off oil, friends. Remember, water and oil are arch enemies, kind of like Marvel & DC Comics.

MAC also makes this available in travel size ($10) for when you'd like to travel lightly to the arctic for your polar bear and narwhal sighting excursions. Narwhals are sooo cute, by the way...

Narwhal Print Art on Etsy, $15
Get it here.

Pur Minerals CC Cream with SPF 40, $38
Get it here.
Pur Minerals makes two nice products perfect for dry skin. The Intense Hydrating Moisturizer is gel-like in consistency and absorbs well. Also, just because it's cold out doesn't mean the sun isn't out. Try their CC Cream so you can protect & correct your skin erstwhile looking fantabulous.
Pur Minerals Soak It Up Moisturizer, $34
Get it here.

Neutrogena Body Oil, $9.99
Get it here.
See, this one time at band camp... what I had heard was the Body Oil by Neutrogena is awesome for shaving. Men and women alike simply love it. Or, slather it on right when you're done showering and right before you jump out, before you dry off.

It's available in two formulations, one with fragrance and one without. Oh yay yurrrs...

Naploeon Perdis Auto Pilot Lip Service, $25
Get it here.
If you've got some derelict dry lips, then Napoleon Perdis is your man with a plan. For luxe lips, splurge on this wonder Auto Pilot Lip Service infused with Vitamin E and menthol.

It's a little on the pricier side, but trust me when I tell you it's worth it!

Lanolin is like the best for cracked skin, lips and dish pan hands. Give it a whirl. If you're a new mom, surely you've got some laying around for other, more titillating reasons. Read this post here dubbed "What the heck is lanolin".

Kett Cosmetics Creme Blush Palette, $105
Get it here.
Kett Cosmetics makes an amazing cream blush palette. If your skin is dry, a cream blush is ideal. It will make you look more radiant as well as not powdery. A little goes a long way, friends. The creme blush is also available in singles at $15 each.

Selfie-tarians unite around this HD quality makeup line.

Instagram video yourself erryday, friends.

Pure shea butter is also great all over the body and face, but the polar vortex might be over by the time you can get the good, pure stuff shipped in from Africa. By the pound, it's super cheap. However, it's in a solid state until your hands warm it up. You can also microwave it in a Pyrex glass measuring cup for speedier application. Why Africa? Most in the US is not pure due to its solidity. They're always mixed with other oils and not as potent. Wa. Wahh. Wahhh.... Want to know more about shea butter? Clicky your mousey here.

Real Techniques Foundation Brush, $7.99
Get it here.
Another cool thing you can do is apply your moisturizer with a foundation brush to apply a thicker coat. Ooh! It's like a five minute, mini spa treatment I tell ya'.

This Real Techniques slanted foundation brush is budget friendly as well as synthetic, which means it can't harbor bacteria. YAY! Another foundation brush comes in the "Core Collection" Set (4 brushes) for only $17.99 as well.

Any who, comment back on what you recommend & I'll be sure to publish it. We're all in this moisture game. And we're in it to win it. With our icicle bayonets, of course.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Eminem lays it out

Time to pick up what Eminem's puttin' down!
Oh, yay yurrr...

Motivational Mondays

I believe that you're great, that there's something magnificent about you. Regardless of what has happened to you in your life. Regardless of how young or old you think you might be. The moment you begin to "think properly", this something that's within you, this power within you that's greater than the world, it will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you. It will clothe you. It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence. If you let it. Now that is what I know, for sure.

~ Michael Bernard Beckwith ~

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