Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cut Your Teeth

My neon radar is honing in on this video...

Neon bright and cutting your teeth is such a trend right now.

Pantone Chip Drive, 8G, $21.99
In Radiant Orchid
Get it here.
Paris Hilton thinks that's hot. Radiant Orchid is the Pantone color of the year, y'all. Now where did my teeth cutters go? Any one want to fill me in on what this means, Lorde & Kyla? As far as I understand, the only thing that could actually cut your teeth is maybe a diamond. One ponders. But not for too long because it would hurt and probably feels gross like licking a wooden spoon. Well, I'll have none of that in my household.

I will, however, brighten my day up with some neon lipstick. Shout outs to Ellis Faas Hot Lips & Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids!

Oh, you're boarding the neon glittery bus to awesome sauce town? Fill a sister in on where I get a ticket. 

Any who...

Here is a relaxing remix of this song that I <3...

Status: I just subscribed to Airwave Music's YouTube channel. You should, too!  ;o)

Also, have you seen this? My cutie niece and nephew showed me this! They're quite tech savvy, ehh? Kids discover awesome much more quickly than adults. Obviously...

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