Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome to YouTube

Friends! I am so excited about this new adventure in 2014. Welcome to my YouTube channel & please subscribe here so you don't miss a second of my weirdness.

We'll be talking all things makeup, hair, beauty, style, pop culture, music, politics & all things ridonk-ulously entertaining. Kinda' just like my blog...

GoPro Hero3+ Camera, $399.99
Get it here.

Shout outs to GoPro as the Hero3+ will be the camera I'll be using exclusively. Probably for the rest of my life. That's how much I love it. For a beauty blogging makeup artist, this camera is ideal because it's extremely small, HD quality, mountable & takes still pics! You may not know this, but when you purchase the camera you also get a free editing software so you can be pro in a matter of minutes with their quality templates. 

You can even take the Hero3+ in the water since the clear casing is waterproof! Mind = Blown. So, basically I have the ability to makeup mermaids & narwhals. Score! Actually, forget the narwhals because I don't want to be in the arctic anytime soon. Even from Florida, we felt the effects of the polar vortex. I found it extremely comfortable to gaze upon all the icy pics of Chicago from afar while on George Bush's Internets.

So... which accessories am I hoping to add to my camera, you ask? First, there's the head strap mount so that way you can see my hands in motion during a client makeover. Second, GoPro makes a LCD Touch BacPac that allows you to preview and play back the videos you're recording. It snaps on to the back of your camera with ease. Read on below to see some cool ways to use their mounts and things...

Isn't this footage cinematically amazing?! Thank you again, GoPro! You rock.

Now just one question remains...
Which of you would like to be featured on thee YouTube channel?
Free Makeovers R Us! Holler back and we'll make it happen.

Enjoy your day, friends.

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